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I’m so ancient now that I still think of diesel engines as slow, noisy, dirty and horrible to drive. And the new engines Mercedes has announced for its C Class BlueEfficiency are quite remarkable. Also joining these two super-frugal diesels is the petrol engined 1.8 litre C250 CGi BlueEfficiency that produces 204bhp and averages almost 40mpg. Mine was delivered on March 19 and packed up as a result of duff injectors last weekend, having managed 8,800 miles. To add to Dave Grant’s views on the BlueEfficiency tag (above), I’d concluded that it was a reference to my language whilst I waited the 2 hours for retrieval on Saturday night!
Interestingly, I’m told mine was supposedly built after the the problem was identified and sorted!!
I am currently in a dispute with my dealer selling me a car with a KNOWN issues in December so your dealer has no excuse whatsoever!
Sasha, I maintained I had been sold a known faulty car by Mercedes, if not by the sales people but by people much further up the food chain in Germany. If this problem only happens with Diesel engines only (C220 and C250 CDI), then I would presume that it does not happen in CGI engines (C250 and C300 cgi). Our Mercedes C220 Blue Efficiency sport broke down on Good Friday it is 6 months old with only 3000 miles on the clock. I suggested to Mercedes that they could take the vehicle back as they knowingly sold me a vehicle with a fault (late October 2010) and they denied that to be the case.
My wife bought the 250CDI BE Sport last September with the assurance from Mercedes Aberdeen that it was a safe and reliable vehicle for commuting. Please, please, please if you are a women who usually drives on her own seriously look into these problems if you are considering one of these cars. I too have experienced this problem – whilst on the fast lane of the m25 during rush hour. I owned a 3 series between 2003-2006 and a 5 series between 2006-2009 and not a so much as a blink out of either of them. I had a 22ocdi blue motion on order for delivery in jan 2010 but was told that it would be delayed till march.
My C250 is 5 months old with just over 7000 miles now, I experienced the same problem as described here, engine management light came on (its had the engine management recall completed that came out in Dec) and lost all power, halfway up a hill on a dual carriageway in the outside lane! No, the fault is with the OM651 engine which is fitted to 220CDI and 250CDI versions of the E Class and C Class. I have had my C250CDI since November on Monday it broke down I have been told its the engine injector fault the dealership is telling me they have a backlog so it will be several weeks before I get my car back.

Hi Paul, after an injector issue with 5 month old C Class 220 CDI Sport I asked the dealer to take the car back with a prompt refusal from Mercedes UK…how did you return yours? Less than 4 months old C250 CDI estate injector failure today. I would be interested to know why the car was supplied with a demonstrably known fault.
I have had the car only 16 weeks & it has now broken down twice due to injector problems.
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Already available in the new Mercedes E-Class, they offer remarkable economy whilst still producing a very drivable car. But it’s no quicker than the C220 CDi so, taking in to account the extra savings on fuel, I think even I would opt for the diesel.
The only bit of good luck was that I was on a rural road, going uphill in a short crocodile, doing about 40 mph when it died and I only had van behind me.
My breakdown was embaressing as I had 4 guys in the car with me all wanting to see what the car was like, 15 minutes up the dual carriageway and I was sitting with a red face. I would suggest if you bought that car in March then there can be no denying they knew the problem existed, if it was me I would be wanting a serious enhancement to what I have otherwise tell them to shove the car. Also got confirmation today from dealer that I will be getting a monthly payment back which is great. Thankfully it ran out just outside my Office but a couple of miles later and I would have been doing 70 on the A90. I work International so knowing that my wife is safe in a reliable vehicle is very important to me as I am not always there to give her asistance. Now 4 months into ownership I’m waiting for Mobilo to take it away following loss of power on dual carriageway and warning light.
A recall would be much better PR than the bad word-of-mouth from owners (and employees!) who have had this problem and know that Mercedes have known of this for ages and haven’t acted. Received phone call yesterday confirming it is an injector fault with one injector but that “they will be replacing all of them” and it will take 3-4 weeks! There are no reports that these faulty injectors are used anywhere else in the Mercedes range.
It has broken down 3 times in as many weeks with fuel injector problems and also now sits with Mercedes while they rectify what is obviously a serious design fault.

Latest update is that the car is now impounded by Mercedes pending resolution with an ETA on January 2010 before I am likely to have back.
But car makers are getting better and better at producing economical, good performing diesel engines. But as we proved in our 500 mile road test on the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic, the headline figures can be achieved if you don’t mind driving like an old fart! Could have been worse as I was doing probably 70-75 only seconds earlier and had slowed down into traffic when it happened. If what is mentioned here is correct and confirmed, I’ll go for C180 unless it also has the same injectors problem.
Having the power fail on you whilst driving can lead to a serious accident so they really should do something immediately. I am going to aked them to take the car back as they sold the car knowing about this fault??
Engines so good that they make a nonsense of the whole push towards Hybrid and Electric cars.
Read other articles and you’ll see people in similar situation negotiating better cars although I doubt for the same price.
I also received a letter regarding a recall last Friday – so it seems that MB are finally facing up to their responsibilities. Because of the dangerous location in which she had broken down the traffic police had to be called to assist her. It’s not real bad but very irritating as it often takes a second or so for the engine to kick in. I had been made aware of the problems with the injectors but had been reassured mine was a new one that did not have the problem!!!! With 5 in the family and a dog we need a larger car which Enterprise do not have except an M Class but Mercedes will not authorise them to release one to us. Even when my wife described her exact location near to a well known supermarket chain she said she couldn’t help!

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