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Mercedes has a long history of building amazing 2-door cars, some of which came with groundbreaking technology. The S-Class Coupe is based on the sedan and has been designed as a direct replacement for the old CL. This is a fast exotic car that's been conceived in a totally different way than a Lamborghini, with a clearer focus on refinement. They decided not to dill dally around this time with diesels and hybrids, and went straight to the top. The S500, or Brabus B50 as they call it, gets a boost from 450hp standard to 520 horsepower.

For example, the SLK 55 AMG brought cylinder deactivation in order to make its V8 more efficient, while the SL-Class pretty much wrote the book on how to make the driver feel comfortable while the top is down. Both 2-door and 4-door have similar design, but the coupe has a longer bonnet, sloped roof and a spoiler integrated into the boot.
The cabin is said to be the quietest in the whole Mercedes range (but not with the AMG V8, obviously), while the headlight daytime running lights and indicators may be ordered with Swarovski crystals that help produce a clearer light. It's fallen into the hands of American wheel specialists Forgiato, who fitted it with a set of their aluminum alloy Fondare-ECL wheels. They are always the first to modify Mercedes-Benz products, and they always do the best job, too.

They offer power packages for the S500 and the S63 AMG, as well as a neat aerodynamic body kit, typical of Brabus. First we have the Brabus B63 boasting 650 horsepower and 1,000 Nm of toque, and second, the Brabus B73 with a mahoosive 730 horsepower and 1,065 Nm of torque.

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