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Much like the original League of Angels, players assemble a team of heroes, one of whom may be a special Angel type hero, and then will engage in combat and quests. The League of Angels games have been very well received and it’s exciting to see LoA2 finally arrive here in Europe! Amanda Dunn lives in the Netherlands, and has been an avid gamer most of her life, from tabletop wargaming and RPGs in the early 80s to Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, and old school Dungeons & Dragons (the tabletop sort) today. To make it easier for new PlayStation 4 players to step into the shoes of the explorer and adventurer, Perfect World Entertainment has teamed up with MMOGames to bring you this Neverwinter PS4 Gelatinous Cube Giveaway! We got the chance to sit down with Pete Ju and William Cook from the Atlas Reactor development team.

Will Legion finally be the World of Warcraft expansion that breaks the 'Curse' of social media criticism? League of Angels II is the sequel to their very popular League of Angels, and follows the same browser based, free to play model.
LoA2 has also seen several content additions and updates in the short period it has been online, and promises many more to come.
We’re excited to see what players think of it, and we’re really eager to see what the name of the server will eventually be! Hobbies include drawing and painting, learning new languages (Currently studying Russian) and sleeping, which she can simply not get enough of.

League of Angels II has been live in Asia since April, and has also already gone live in North America and Oceania. Players who would like to know more about League of Angels II should visit the game’s official website.

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