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The old Nissan X-Trail was a big family 4x4 with blocky styling that looked like it had been hewn from a mixture of Lego and concrete. Now it’s regenerated into the all-new third-generation X-Trail, it’s taken on a different character.
That’s because the new X-Trail isn’t just a replacement for the previous-generation model – it also plugs a gap in Nissan’s range left by the old seven-seater Qashqai +2.
Based on the Qashqai’s underpinnings but 20cm longer overall, interior space is the X-Trail’s main advantage.
Five-seat versions get similar luggage dividers and movable platforms in the boot to the Qashqai, to separate muddy items and keep shopping bags unspilled.
The middle row of seats can slide forwards and backwards in a 60:40 split and the rear doors have a wide 80-degree opening angle to help access child seats. Up front, the dashboard and driver’s environment are more or less identical to the 2014 Nissan Qashqai. There are still has a few cheap plastics knocking about but the new interior is streets ahead of the old one and encouragingly it looks like it should stand up reasonably well to the rigours of family use. Nissan calls it ‘X-Tronic’ and it’s a CVT, which means it doesn’t have stepped gears like a conventional gearbox. It does still have a tendency to send the revs skywards if you put your foot down but the diesel engine is otherwise refined.
We’re testing the car in top Tekna trim, which Nissan expects to be the most popular of the four equipment grades.
We’d suggest most buyers would be happy enough with the next-level-down n-tec model which is cheaper but still gets big wheels, keyless entry, powered tailgate, DAB radio, automatic headlights and all-round parking cameras.

If you’re planning on downsizing from a big 4x4 or upgrading from a mid-sized hatch or crossover, you’re exactly the sort of person Nissan would like to kick the tyres of an X-Trail in a dealership.
It’s not an exciting or memorable car and it’s arguably lost a little of the old X-Trail’s no-nonsense charm (although Nissan claims it’s still just as capable off-road), but it’s a fine family car that’s a worthy rival to the likes of the Toyota RAV4 and Hyundai Santa Fe. If you’re happy to splash the cash the Tekna certainly comes with plenty of kit but we’d avoid the auto gearbox unless you particularly need or want it. Model for model the X-Trail costs ?2,400 more than the Qashqai and ?1,755 more than the old Qashqai +2 at the time of writing. Bauer Consumer Media Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. In fact, the best way to look at the 2014 X-Trail is as a bigger, roomier version of the new Qashqai – because that’s exactly what it is. The two rear pews easily fold flat into the boot floor when not in use and they’re surprisingly heavy to lift into place. The middle section of the rear seat backs folds down to help load long items, reach into the boot from inside the car or simply make use of extra built-in cup holders.
That’s no bad thing – innovative it isn’t, but this Nissan’s centre console is a great example of a buttons and touchscreen combination done well. There’s only one engine choice for now, a 1.6-litre 128bhp diesel available with either two- or four-wheel drive and a manual or automatic gearbox.
Nissan has made it feel a bit more normal by creating artificial stepped changes and a ‘manual’ mode where you can nudge the lever up and down between pre-set ratios. If you’re planning on dragging anything behind your X-Trail, do bear in mind that the auto has a lower towing capacity of 1,500kg versus the manual’s 2,000kg.

It’s the most expensive by some margin but adds heated leather seats, a self-parking system, blind spot warning and all-round parking sensors to the standard kit list. If you want seven seats it’ll cost you an extra ?700 while four-wheel-drive versions have a ?1,700 price premium.
Wil dat dan zeggen dat het een auto zal zijn met de facelift features zoals in dit topic aan bod komt? Like most seven-seat cars, travelling with seven adults would be a squashed experience and the rearmost seats are best suited to kids, not least because they’ll have the agility to scramble into them. What it lacks in visual excitement it makes up for in sheer ease of use and a logical layout that won’t distract you from the road. A 1.6 petrol will join the range early in 2015 but Nissan still expects 90 percent of UK buyers to go for the diesel. That can help the revs getting too high when accelerating, a characteristic of this type of transmission. Once you’ve managed to clamber in, the rear seats do have a bit more space around them than some other seven-seaters we’ve tested and don’t feel like a complete afterthought.

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