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Setup of our electronic lowering module can be adjusted at a lowering rate between 10-60mm. In the cruise mode the flaps stay close, unless the back pressure is overload by accelarating hard. Experience AMG AMG Driving Academy Unforgettable driving experiences with the AMG Driving Academy.
Take your place in the AMG Private Lounge, an online community for drivers who revel in the performance, efficiency, precision, craftsmanship, luxury, and safety that is AMG. Use of cookiesDaimler uses cookies to optimize the design of its website and make continuous improvements. Photos of the Mercedes GLE Coupe, the coupe version of the ML (which will become the GLE), revealed December 2014 ahead of a debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.
One of the more confusing questions car reviewers get--other than, "why so much bacon?"--is innocent enough, on the surface. A few cars claim a space in that dream garage, and they're not all McLarens and Lamborghinis. You'd have to be a true cynic to find fault with the Mercedes-Benz S Class' passenger comforts. It's fully realized with the First Class Rear Suite option, which is just that--as close as you'll come to the front of the plane while you're riding in the back of the car. Sport mode opens the flaps at a program-able point of rpm and in race mode the flaps are permanentely opened to provide a tremendous sound orgy.
Here, you’ll access unique AMG insider news, connect with other AMG owners, and explore exclusive in-depth information. The 7-Series is one, along with the A8, the Jaguar XJ and Range Rover, the Flying Spur and Mulsanne. The sheetmetal's now entirely aluminum outside, and it's less a full 180-degree turn than the past three generations of S-Class shapes have been. The 2014 S550 has spacious accommodations, superb front seats, easy access for those in back, and a fillip of first-class accoutrements to go with occasionally fiddly ergonomics. It's fitted with reclining rear seats, airline-style work trays, dual TFT screens for the driver and the car's infotainment systems, and it's enabled for mobile-app connectivity.

The tiny knobs that control its round vents aren't as sensually pleasing as the chrome pulls on a Bentley, but the quilted leather dash and silver-toned trim are as glamorous as anything Mercedes has ever made.
All exhaustsystems are crafted in Germany by hand and will be delivered with a detailed manual for installation. For decades it's been one of the benchmarks of the car world--so much so, whole luxury brands have been aimed at it--and this year it's mounting some fresh hardware to back up the sweeping statement with more hard evidence than ever. It's intimate now, connected with its owner in dozens of little ways, from the lingering scent it perfumes its cabin with, to the mobile tether it links up with in the driver's smartphone. From leaden, to graceful, to highly surfaced, the S-Class has finally settled on a strong but balanced look that hones down the fussy intersections and surfaces of the previous car into clear, focused themes.
The seats have a warm-stone massage mode; Burmester sound systems are a pricey but achingly gorgeous upgrade. The S-Class even has its own scent, one of four perfumes designed for it is atomized into the cabin from a hidden glovebox compartment, on a schedule that doesn't desensitize the nose or permanently odor the cabin. Take your place in the AMG Private Lounge,an online community for drivers who revel in the performance that is AMG.Experience the AMG Private Lounge today! Are we talking about the most value you can extract from a $20,000 bill--or the most indulgent, athletic, outrageous and exclusive piece of auto erotica ever assembled?
It's paired with the kind of cabin that's far removed from the clinical German stereotype: the new S-Class cockpit rewards the eyes and fingertips along with the brain, with some achingly gorgeous details at work. They can be used to determine whether there has been any contact between us and your end device in the past.
Our favorite: the landau bars cut into the grilles of the Burmester speakers, and the wash of ambient LED lighting both in and outside of the S-Class. Personal data can only be saved in cookies if you have given your consent or if it is essential for technical reasons, e.g.
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