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Procedure may or may not be planned, affecting client’s preparation and understanding of procedure.
Assess location, nature, and duration of pain, Indicates the appropriate choice of treatment. Administer sedative, narcotics, or preoperative Promotes comfort by blocking pain impulses.
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Despite of its fatalities, death and the irreversible damage it caused, anaphylaxis is not always recognized thus, studies may underestimate the incidence (Soar et al, 2008). I believe that you can perform with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is great blog.
The principal reason for anaphylactic shock is the over-activity of the immune system resulting in a systemic inability to thrive.An allergyis a hypersensitivity to a particular foreign antigen, called an allergen.
So if your employer adds your title when you complete it and he pays you more due to this, go for it. When the immune system over-reacts to the allergen, it causes hypersensitivity producing tissue damage.

The antigen is a chemical marker that identify cells whether “self” or “non-self” (foreign body).
These chemicals contribute to the process of inflammation by increasing the permeability of capillaries and venules. Mast cells will release chemicals and binds with antibodies IgE leading to an inflammatory reaction.
Anaphylactic shock occurs when overresponding of allergy mediators occur, causing systemic vasodilatation and increase capillary permeability resulting to poor tissue perfusion. Assessment toolscardiac monitorpulse oximetry (usually low)end tidal CO2 (usually high)non-invasive blood pressure to monitor hypotension12-lead ECG to monitor cardiac arrestDiagnostic ExaminationThe diagnosis of anaphylaxis is based largely on history and physical findings. Serial total serum or plasma tryptase measurements are more advisable that single measurement. Proven skin tests to allergens and elevated allergen-specific IgE levels in serum are not a reliable diagnostic of anaphylaxis, moreover these tests provides clinical relevance in the prevention of anaphylaxis (Sheikh et al, 2012).
Mast cell tryptase is the laboratory procedure that will confirm a diagnosis of anaphylactic reaction. For food-induced anaphylaxis, force vomiting is not recommended because of the possibility of aspiration due to esophageal edema. Patient with airway and breathing problems may assume fowler’s position for maximal breathing (for early stage), unless not contraindicated, e.g.
Lying flat with or without leg elevation or trendelenburg position is helpful for patients with hypotension and other circulatory problems. Patient with anaphylactic shock should not be placed on sitting and never on standing up, as these can deteriorate patient’s condition leading to cardiac arrest. Victims that are breathing and unconscious should be place on their side, recovery position. Pregnant patients should lie on their left side to prevent caval compression (Soar et al, 2008; NHTA, 1990). Use self-inflating bag for patient with tracheostomy or endotracheal tube (Soar et al, 2008).
Anaphylactic shock and the other types of shock are characterized by generalized cellular hypoxia resulted from poor tissue perfusion and decrease oxygen.

The severity, irreversible damage and mortality after shock are strongly associated with depleted oxygen level in the brain (Cui et al, 2006).Fluid ResuscitationLarge volumes of fluid may leak from the patient’s circulation during anaphylactic reaction because of fluid shift during systemic inflammatory process and increase urinary output resulting to hypovolemia. Be careful with the use of colloids and crystalloids as this may cause anaphylaxis (Soar et al, 2008).Adrenaline (Epinephrine)Adrenaline is widely used as the first-line and main stay treatment of choice for anaphylaxis. Anti-histamines may help counter histamine-mediated bronchoconstriction and vasodilatation, thereby reducing capillary permeability. Respiratory complications may occur, and patient may have tracheostomy or much worst with the support of mechanical ventilator.
Autoimmune disorders following prolonged medications and renal complications may occur after severe hypovolemia and anaphylactic shock. The emergency state of anaphylactic shock remains to be an alarming truth of disability causing financial, physical and emotional burden. The reaction occurs without any warning and can be a frightening experience for those at risk and for their families.The most important requirements in the treatment of anaphylactic shock are early detection, early diagnosis and immediate interventions without any delay of each procedure. The aim of resuscitation is to restore and maintain the vital organ perfusion and prevent complications of irreversible damage.
Thus, the patient and family should be aware of the condition and knowledgeable on immediate first aid measures before the patient reach health care facilities. Health care providers such as physicians, nurses and other anxillary health team should be knowledgeable enough with proper training and expertise in handling emergency situations like anaphylactic shock. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immnunology, 122(6), 1161–1165.National Highway Traffic Administration (1990).
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