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The purpose and scope of this 'Metabolomics Symposium' is to provide a forum for the discussion of the current state of the art in emerging branches of metabolic diseases that includes diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases to develop appropriate biomarkers, therapeutics and devises for better diagnosis and treatment.
The conference should be interesting for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, professors, clinicians from academia and scientists, directors, chief scientific officers and chief executive officers from biopharmaindustry, as well as for anyone interested in studying cardiac and metabolic functions and their associated diseases.
Needless to say that Diabetes, Obesity and Cardio-vascular diseases are the major devastating metabolic syndromes in the westernized and developing world. Host organization, organizer, or scientific committee does not take any kind of responsibility. Please contact if you are interested in speaking in the scientific or Technology workshops of this meeting.

Note: Speakers Names, Titles and venue subjected to change beyond our control for which the company is not responsible.
Dedicated time allowed for presentation of posters, viewing the exhibits, to know the available cutting-edge reagent, devises and services in the field. This is the most important venue to bring together mix of quality presentations by high-caliber speakers and a place to exhibit lucrative medical devises.
Best Western, The Inn at the Longwood Medical located few blocks from the venue is arranged for accommodation for this meeting participants.
In this meeting we will bring latest innovations in the intersection of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Novel genome-wide, proteomics and systems biology approaches will be discussed to understand the molecular signaling events involved in diseased processes, and subsequently develop novel drug targets.

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