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Pustular psoriasis may precede, accompany, or follow the standard form of plaque-type psoriasis.Pustular psoriasis is classified into one of several types, depending on symptoms. For generalized pustular psoriasis, systemic agents such as retinoids may be required from the beginning of treatment. As I was mulling about what the best approach is for a parent to take in these situations and wondered how my friends might handle it, I stumbled upon a Babble article that my friend and local parenting coach, Meghan Leahy, posted on her Facebook page. If you recall, Meghan has made some pretty amazing cameo appearances here on WM with excellent advice for parents, like on raising balanced kids and having some much needed perspective. My “regular mom” reaction is to say, “Stop overreacting!  Kids are kids!  They usually work out their little tussles!”  But we aren’t talking about “little tussles,” are we?  We are talking about little girls and some truly mean behaviors.  Is it bullying?  Not exactly, but the parent coach in me knows that we cannot turn our back on these little girls! Most importantly, helping your young daughter learn how to be a good friend and handle mean behaviors (NOW) will help her in the future.
What I have found is that the girls who have older siblings (especially middle school sisters), are the ones growing up a bit too fast and doing the bullying. You know if you had told me 20 years ago that people would be injecting poison into their facial muscles to reduce wrinkles I’d have thought you were crazy. Most people probably think that this type of cosmetic procedure is mainly for the rich and famous and mostly applies to women, but I recently watched a news report that highlighted how even teens are becoming Botox fans to prevent looking old!
I have a crease of skin between my eyes that has sort of become a trademark look for me, yet I’ve had people suggest I get Botox to make it go away and ‘relax’ the muscles.
But anytime you inject something in your body, especially your face, there’s a potential risk, although obviously if you find a qualified and licensed practitioner you can severely lower your chances of having a bad outcome. I don’t like it when I see a man or woman with the signature Botox raised outer eyebrows (like Nicole Kidman) and a forehead smoother than Frank Sinatra’s voice.
Stacey, March 3, 2012Log in to ReplyI only consider it because I work at a place where I'd get a severely deep discount ($10 bucks a treatment).
Of course, I'd find a licensed professional and I'd err on the side of "lighter" fixes rather than the entire frozen face. Pustular psoriasis appears as clearly defined, raised bumps that are filled with a white, thick fluid composed of white blood cells, commonly called pus. Symptoms may be sudden and severe (acute), long term (chronic), or somewhere in between (subacute). My instinct is – given the young age of these kids – does this same philosophy apply to Mean Girl behavior?

Parents and teachers alike are pretty well equipped to step into the boy fights, but the girl’s meanness?  It appears to be met with a shrug, an eye-roll, and a “girls will girls” kind of attitude.  Sometimes leaving the girls alone is the answer, but not always.  Girls need boundaries, too! Children are not fully “bullies” or “being bullied” quite yet…so stepping in with some tools can help! Rather than telling your child what to do and how to feel, simply listen to her.  Listen and become aware of patterns…is she always talking about a certain friend or situation?  Rather than telling her to just ignore the friend, get quiet and listen.
Obviously, how you are going to speak to a four-year old is going to be very different from how you speak to a six-year-old, but helping to create solutions sounds like role-modeling, pointing out the other friends who are nice your daughter, how to find help in school (counselors and teachers), and finding ways to bring everybody into the play. I really appreciate the book advice, I will certainly be adding it to my next Amazon shopping cart. But as we all know, the Botox industry is now worth billions of dollars a year and a huge number of celebrities over the age of 40 undergo regular treatments. For those of you that don’t know, Botox literally paralyzes the muscle that it’s injected into and essentially smoothes the skin out. I kind of view it like I do exercise supplements – I mean are you going to get Botox for the rest of your life? I believe most of the horror stories you hear are from people who had a procedure done for cheap in some backroom, with supplies that fell off a truck, by someone who wasn’t qualified! Wrinkles on your face are like tree rings and I think they’re a bit distinguishing.  I actually prefer a woman to have a few signs of age. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind. There's actually studies that say starting Botox a little earlier than "needed" can help prevent future wrinkles or the worsening of what you have. Widespread pustular psoriasis (von Zumbusch type) affects large areas of skin and can produce a systemic febrile illness. For milder and chronic forms of pustular psoriasis, topical treatment or light treatment may be tried first. Part of the reason I poke and prod for it is because I have many friends who also have first graders and Kindergarteners and I hear them worrying about mean girl behavior at their daughter’s school. She seemed not surprised when I asked if it seems early to be happening at this age and she quickly relayed a story of me being jerked around in about the first grade, she witnessed it first hand, and I seemed blissfully unaware that I was being jerked around at the time while my mom’s head was ready to blow off her neck. How can parents best guide and respond to our young elementary school age kids when they are facing mean girl like behavior at school?  And more importantly – how do we guide but not helicopter parent and not get too involved???

But I’ve seen the effects of Botox in some of my older friends (mid 40’s–50’s) and can say that in some cases it takes years off a person’s life. I once saw a story about a ‘doctor’ who actually injected caulk, yes caulk as in from the local hardware store, into a woman’s face that nearly killed her! At 38 I’m definitely noticing a few more wrinkles on my face, somewhat tired looking eyes on occasion and the first signs of well…real aging. Personally I think its silly for an under-30 to get Botox because you run the risk of looking like you are trying to look young when you are young. Although pus is often a sign of infection, there is no evidence that infection plays any role in pustular psoriasis. BUT I should warn you, there are potential risks involved that include nerve damage, infection and in extreme circumstances even death!
So if you don’t plan on spending anywhere from $400-$800 two to three times per year, it really makes no sense to even consider it.
Be wary of good deals people – the old saying “if it’s too good to be true” certainly applies here. It is usually subacute or chronic, and people with this type do not usually have symptoms aside from the skin symptoms. Pustules may be localized to the palms and soles (palmoplantar pustulosis) or to the fingertips and nails (acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau). In some procedures either collagen or your own body fat can be injected into deep creases and wrinkles to fill them out and make them softer in appearance. Pustular psoriasis in pregnancy (impetigo herpetiformis) is occasionally life-threatening.Pustular psoriasis is not common. From what I gather, these treatments can last almost twice as long, if not more and are competitively priced. Far more common forms of psoriasis are plaque psoriasis and guttate psoriasis, which account for over 90% of psoriasis.

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