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No wonder the ATF want’s to eliminate these rifles in the hands of law abiding citizens.
Here We Talk About Military Light Weapons From Every Country, From Every Era, From Every Ammunition Type, From Bullets To Rockets.
Barrett designed every part of the weapon personally and soon began to market the weapon out of his own pocket. The first conventional military success was the sale of about 100 M82A1 rifles to the Swedish Army in 1989. Over the years after the first M82 Barrett, the development of the more effective and improved M82A1 rifle was in 1986. There were about 120 Barret Sniper Rifles sold to the United States Marine Corps initially, soon followed by orders from United States Army, along with orders from the Air Force. The main role of the M82 is to disable armoured vehicles, but the M82 could be used in taking out infantry soldiers from stand off positions or against targets situated behind walls.
There are two variants of the M82, the first being the M82A1 (along with the A3), and the bullpup M82A2.
Over the years the Barrett M82 has been bought by many military and law enforcement organisations from over 30 countries, these range from Belgium, China, Norway, the United Kingdom, and many more. Bullet able to reroute itself up to 30 times every second has been put through its paces by the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. FN Herstal are displaying a number of their machine guns, rifles and grenade launchers at DSEI from Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th September at the ExCel in London. The RUAG Swiss P family of rifle cartridges have been specially developed to be used by marksmen and snipers, due to the ammunition's superior accuracy, reliability in extreme conditions. Further development led to the M82A2 bull-pup rifle (1987), which was designed to be fired from the shoulder, but did not succeed, and was soon dropped from production. As a side note I must point out that the Barrett M82A1 rifle was recently(2002) used as a platform for experimental OSW (Objective Sniper Weapon)prototype.
The M82 is a recoil operated, short barrel stroke, semi-automatic firearm.When gun is fired, barrel initially recoils for a short distance (about an inch- 25 mm) being securely locked by the rotating bolt. The receiver is made from two parts (upper and lower), stamped from sheet steel and connected by cross-pins.
The M82A2 differed from M82A1 mostly in that the pistol grip along with trigger had been placed ahead of the magazine, and the buttpad has been placed below the receiver, just after the magazine.
The XM107 was originally intended to be a bolt-action sniper rifle, and it was selected by the U.S. In October 2010, Barrett unofficially reported production of the M107 had ceased; and in January 2011 the company announced its successor, the M107A1 was available for commercial release. Now a days this weapon is being used by Roach and other spec ops units as such this weapon is still being used even in todays military and until a better model of sniper rifle comes it will never be replaced. Well probably because there isn’t any armor available yet that can withstand it, and it can actually penetrate vehicle armor! Have a look at the slideshow photo gallery and at the two cool videos I included in this post, to get the feel of the M107 .50 cal sniper rifle! I just go to a military camp in my country, they have this sniper rifle that can shoot up to 6 KM.

Besides placing advertisers ads on your Blog, you can also make money Blogging by placing Google Adsense into your Blog. Major success followed in 1990, when the United States armed forces purchased significant numbers of the M82A1 during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Kuwait and Iraq.
The company was established for the sole purpose of creating weaponry, which would use the 50.
The real success of the rifle was the selling of around 110 M82A1 rifles to the Swedish Military in 1989. The M82A1 ammunition ranges from the highly effective API or the Raufoss MK 211, with high energy, this allowed very effective operation success for taking out radar stations, vehicles, parked planes and so on. Although the M82A1 is sadly no longer in production, the XM500 has been moulded the spiritual predecessor. As the M82 is an effective weapon for disabling vehicles in high-speed pursuits, the United States Coastguard use the M82 in drug interdictions.
Barrett began his work in early 1980s and first working rifles were available in 1982, hence the designation M82. The M82A2 was obviously designed as a cheap anti-helicopter weapon,suitable for use against highly mobile targets when fired from the shoulder.
The M82A1 rifle was fitted with shorter barrel of 25mm caliber, and fired low-velocity high explosive shells developed for 25mm OCSW automatic grenade launcher.
After the short travel a post on the bolt, engaged in the curved cam track in the receiver, turns bolt to unlock it from the barrel. Heavy barrel is fluted to improve heat dissipation and save weight, and fitted with large and effective reactive muzzlebrake. Additional forward grip was added below the receiver, and the scope mount has been moved forward too. In no case I shall be liable for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts and opinions, placed on this site. In summer 2002, the M82 finally emerged from its Army trial phase and was approved for "full materiel release", meaning it was officially adopted as the Long Range Sniper Rifle, Caliber .50, M107. Like its predecessors the rifle is said to have manageable recoil for a weapon of its size owing to the barrel assembly that itself absorbs force, moving inward toward the receiver against large springs with every shot.
The M107CQ is 9" shorter in overall length (all in the barrel) and 5 pounds lighter than the M107.
There is no significant difference between the M107 designation ant the last upgrade of the M82: M82A1M. In the ’90s the US military ordered a 125 such weapons to be used in Kuwait and the Iraq war. About 125 rifles were initially bought by the United States Marine Corps, and orders from Army and Air Force soon followed.
The M82A1 had massive success around 1990, when the United States Military brought significant numbers for Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Middle East. Barrett continued to develop his rifle through 1980s, and developed improved M82A1 rifle by 1986. The experimental OSW showed an increased effectiveness against various targets but the recoil was beyond the human limitations. As soon as the bolt unlocks, the accelerator arm strikes it back,transferring some part of the recoil energy of the barrel to the bolt to achieve the reliable cycling.

On the earlier models the muzzle brakes were of round cross-section,latter M82 rifles are equipped with two chamber brakes of rectangular cross-section. According to the manufacturer, the M107CQ is suitable for use in helicopters, force protection watercraft, tactical scout land vehicles, and as an urban soldier's combat multiplier for close quarter battles.
After seeing it was a definitive success, they wanted some modifications to it, so the most recent model M82A1M was created, which features some changes like the scope railing being adapted to other types of scopes, less recoil, and the cartridge holder being placed behind the trigger.
I have been doing ALOT of reaserch on eaverything I can know about the Barrett .50 cal-semi auto sniper rifle.
The first real success was the purchase of about 100 M82A1 rifles by the Sweden Army in 1989. This rifle differs from M82A1 in that it have a full length Picatinny rail that allows a hugevariety of scopes and sighting devices to be mounted on the rifle. Various changes were made to the original M82A1 to create the M107, with new features such as a lengthened accessory rail, rear grip, and monopod socket. The first ever-working Barrett rifle was ready for Military use in 1982, hence the weapon name M82. Major success followed in 1990 - 1991, when US Military purchased numbers of the M82A1 during the operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Kuwait and Iraq. Other changes are addition of the rear monopod, slightly lightened mechanism and detachablebipod and muzzle brake.
On its return stroke bolt strips the fresh cartridge from the box magazine and feeds it into the chamber and finally locks itself to the barrel. Barrett has recently been tasked with developing a lightweight version of the M107 under the "Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle Congressional Program", and has already come up with a scheme to build important component parts such as the receiver frame and muzzle brake out of lighter weight materials. About 125 rifles were initially bought by US Marine Corps, orders from US Army and Air Force followed soon.
The Barrett M82 rifles were bought by various military and police countries from at least 30 countries, such as Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece,Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, USA and others.
The M82 also is widely used for civilian .50 caliber long range shooting competitions, being fired accurately out to 1000 yards (911 meters) and evenfurther. Every M82 rifle is equipped with folding carrying handle and with a folding bipod (both are detachable on M82A3). The long effective range along with high energy and availability of highly effective ammunition such as API and Raufoss M213 allows for effective operations against targets like radar cabins, trucks, parked aircrafts and soon. M82 also can be used to defeat enemy snipers or criminals from stand off range or when targets are behind the cover, but the anti-personnel work is not a major application for Barrett M82 (or any other .50BMG rifle, for that matter). M82A1 and M82A3 rifles could be mounted on the M3 or M122 infantry tripods (originally intended for machine guns) or on vehicles using special Barrett soft-mount. M82A1 can be fitted with carry sling but according to those who carried it in the field, M82 is way too uncomfortable to be carried on sling due to excessive length and heavy weight.

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