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Everything about us is rooted in the celebration of Canadian sports, from our all-Canadian menu to the Canadian sports legends adorning our walls to our support of minor hockey teams. Our restaurant opened as Don Cherrya€™s Sports Grill in 1990 but switched over to a€?Made in Canadaa€? in September 2011. Is it a well deserved concern about the safety of our children that causes us to lighten the wallets of motorists who are caught speeding in school zones, or it simply a cash grab? It was less than a year ago that Winnipeg finally went after school zone speeders in a big way, and it has paid off big time. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair speaks to supporters along with candidate Andrew Thomson, left, during a campaign stop in Toronto on Thursday, August 27, 2015. Conservative leader Stephen Harper makes a campaign stop in Drummondville, Que., on Monday, August 24, 2015. Given the importance of federal politics, it’s disappointing to see so much disengagement on the part of voters. Wade Miller, president and CEO of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Jason Smith, president of the 103rd Grey Cup Festival, announce details of the 103rd Grey Cup Festival in Winnipeg Square on Friday, December 5, 2014.
Half a dozen years ago, when I lived in Regina and the Roughriders were a sizzling hot flavour, I could sell my tickets online in less than an hour, sometimes at a profit even. In the 1800s Chicago was a major economic and transportation hub for the country and a gateway to the burgeoning west. Reconstruction following the fire provided an opportunity to rebuild a modern city and there were financial resources available to make those ambitions a reality. The crime happened when we stopped to buy gasoline, and the frustrating part is the totally helpless feeling you have while your pocket is being picked. Having access to high speed Internet levels the playing field between rural and urban Canada.
Conservative Leader Stephen Harper gets instructions on how to operate a machine that puts the finishing touch to a radiator while touring a industrial parts manufacture Monday, August 3, 2015 in Laval, Que. Before the leaders debate, the first week of Canada’s marathon election campaign was pretty boring stuff. While it may be relatively easy to attract physicians to work in large centres, that’s not the case for rural Canada. We recently spent 72 hours in Banff, Alberta, Canada’s original mountain resort town within a national park.
Set against the spectacular backdrop of the Monashee Mountains, Rockford offers traditional dishes with a tasty twist, while at the same time tipping its culinary hat to the West’s Pacific Rim influences by offering a selection of Asian-themed wok-fired dishes. This local favourite serves fresh baked breads and pastries, sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads, specialty brewed coffees, an assortment of teas, fruit smoothies and juices. Renowned for is deep powder and wide variety of terrain – everything from steep, open runs to big cliff areas, tree skiing and long groomed runs, top to bottom – Revelstoke Mountain Resort features 3,121 acres of fall-line runs, wide-open bowls, a variety of glades, flowing groomed trails, and a brand new village-based beginner area and tube park.
Located on the mountain, this stunning post-and-beam eatery features a cafeteria-style restaurant with an expresso bar and deck with a barbeque. Depart from the Sutton Place lobby to catch the shuttle to the Hillcrest Hotel for your heliski day. After fueling up with a full buffet breakfast in the hotel’s dining room, meet tour guide for a backcountry safety briefing, followed by the ultimate alpine adventure in a region world renowned for its amazingly consistent snowfalls of dry powder – up to seven metres per season.

Located in downtown Revelstoke, this cozy, upscale bistro features locally sourced Canadian fare with global twists.
Newly renovated, this cozy eatery was recently voted best breakfast in Revelstoke in a local readers’ poll. Learn about the construction of the transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway and the challenges encountered by the workers who helped build our nation through many fascinating artifacts and exhibits. Owner Jo-ann Rick started out as the kitchen manager at Don Cherrya€™s Sports Grill, and took ownership after her parents retired in 2000. This place is sweet, and while not online yet, their recent opening has seemingly (from our impression) been met with much love from the clientele around them. There I was, stretched out on the couch watching Mayday, The Millionaire Matchmaker and back-to-back episodes of Dateline Mystery when I realized something. Police departments will never admit to the latter, but as municipalities are hammered by the rising cost of policing, they must inevitably find ways to generate more revenue. Total revenue from all speeding tickets in the city in 2014 was more than $14 million, an increase of 25% over the year before.
As a relatively small market, many Manitobans rely on buyers outside our province’s borders to buy and sell goods and services. More and more, it is the fan in the stands who’s prepared to pay full price for a ticket, and endure all kinds of weather. That same year in Edmonton, there were 63,000 fans at Commonwealth for a key game between the Riders and the Eskimos.
In 1893, the city hosted the World’s Columbian Exposition, a world-wide celebration to mark the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World. At the forefront of urban development, Chicago was the site of the world’s first skyscraper, the 10 story Home Insurance Building completed in 1885. Currie and I took a brief motoring vacation to the Kenora area on Lakes of the Woods, one of my former homes.
It’s perhaps not surprising that the Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, chose to bring up the issue of equalization. When Canada’s new constitution was signed by the Queen in Ottawa in 1982, equalization was enshrined therein. Manitoba is in the latter group, and Premier Wall thinks Greg Selinger is getting more than he should.
Most rural Canadian communities are in the same boat, there aren’t enough doctors to meet the community’s health needs. He was born and raised in New Brunswick and still has a home in this country, but his principal residence has been outside Canada for many years. Another iconic Canadian alpine outpost is the historic railway town of Revelstoke in southeastern British Columbia.
Designed by the foremost resort architectural firm in North America, the hotel features a contemporary mountain alpine architectural style where every suite offers outstanding views across the Columbia River to the Monashee Mountains. It also lays claim to being the only place in the world offering lift, cat, and heli-skiing from the same mountain base.

With 500,000 acres spread across the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains to play in, including wide open alpine bowls, chutes and steeps, and plenty of tree skiing through massive old-growth forests, you’ll be the envy of your powderhound friends. Relive your heli-ski adventure over starters like Beef Spanokopita and Lavender Scallops, venison loin and Wild Sablefish entrees and Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee, washed down with a good selection of B.C. See rolling stock, a model railroad layout, kids’ caboose play area, a locomotive simulator and more. As a family business, we truly care about our customers, the quality of food we put on their tables and the atmosphere they can enjoy it in. It was always busy.Loved the Scandinavian-ish themed decor and super-more-than-usual open concept in the lobby of some office building. Ahead of me lay two episodes of 48 Hours, then a Fifth Estate, followed by a biography about a mafia family, and a documentary about the Bermuda Triangle. On this day, we will select the individual we want to bring forward our views and stand up for the issues that matter to us.
For these farmers and manufacturers, trade deals and the value of the Canadian dollar are of vital importance.
Lo and behold, we were victims of crime, along with millions of other Canadians trying to enjoy the summer.
The problem is that, unlike hockey and maple syrup, there are shortages within the health care system that leave many people paying for services they can’t access. Such people are ex-patriates, and more than a million of them have been declared ineligible to vote in October by the Ontario Court of Appeal.
It’s okay to be sceptical, but this laid-back destination for traditional sushi, teriyaki and soups (plus sake) in serene surroundings is Vancouver sushi delicious. A satellite of the museum on the site where the last spike was driven is located at Craigellachie on the Trans-Canada Highway about 40 kilometres west of Revelstoke.
You and your family are free to browse around and find your favourite Canadian Sports Legend on the walls. In our communities, federal dollars help fund infrastructure and other large capital projects. Voter turn out stayed at about 70 per cent until 1900, when 77 per cent of Canadians went to the polls. The city bid on the event in 1882, a little over 10 years after the Great Chicago Fire of 1971 had destroyed much of the city. The food is more on the vegetarian-friendly side but being the carnivores we are, we opted for something with meat in it.
Fifteen years ago, when I lived in Sunset Country, it was quite common to see a price that was 10 cents higher than Winnipeg, but 20 cents? The highest elections for voter turn out were 1958, 1962 and 1963, when 79 per cent of Canadians cast a ballot.

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