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As you may already be aware, the theme for this year's Diabetes Week, as it draws to a close is 'Setting the Record Straight' about 'Diabetes Truths'. Although diabetes is a condition that can be closely linked to food and nutrition, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
Growing up I think that I always thought that rules were rules, made by the government, and that there was no changing or influencing those rules. Although having a chronic condition such as type 1 diabetes can be very difficult to manage, I feel very fortunate that technology can help us treat the condition as much as it does. Well, unless you're a new reader to my blog, you'll know that sport is absolutely something that can be done alongside having diabetes in my opinion. Sometimes with type 1 diabetes you can feel a bit alone, but whether it's online or in the real life, we're not alone really. Yesterday we got to experience one of the main things that our hotel, the El Dorado Royale in Mexico, is famous for- gourmet food. This morning, before breakfast, I had the calming experience of joining a yoga class on the dock jutting out into the ocean of my hotel!

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The supermodel of the 1990s, who is pregnant with her third child, will celebrate her 40th birthday in 2013. So here are some of my own diabetes truths, which are the things that I would like people who aren't aware of the condition to know!
But actually, the way that a democratic society works, is that the laws or rules, to some extent, reflect what the population needs and wants.
It was technology that helped mass produce synthetic insulin, that brought us insulin pens and pumps and now blood-less glucose monitoring.

Yes it takes close blood glucose monitoring and good planning, but the benefits from doing sport are amazing. We're a community that are able to support and encourage each other as we get through managing the condition we all have. As an athlete that lives with type 1 diabetes I want to let you into news, views and all that is important to both of my passions. In fact, the 'diet' for someone with diabetes is a healthy and balanced one, and the same for someone without the condition. Therefore, if we want to influence health policy to in turn help our diabetes, we need to speak to our politicians and communicate what it's like to live with diabetes. But there are so many benefits to eating fruit and vegetables, from the potential for cardio-protective properties, to the way they could help fight free radicals.

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