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Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has recently celebrated the completion of 90 years since the first diabetes patients were treated with the company’s insulin. Ever since, the company has been focused on developing new and better treatments for people with diabetes and is today the world’s largest diabetes care company. The company’s story began in 1921, shortly after a team of scientists in Canada discovered insulin. With the merger of two Danish pioneering foundations (Novo and Nordisk) in 1989, it continues to be at the forefront of developing new insulin delivery systems and advocating for a holistic approach to preventing and managing diabetes. Sweet Life is a South African diabetic community for those who have diabetes, both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Sign up for our newsletter!Get all the latest news and info from the South African diabetes community, delivered to your inbox - for free! The content of this site is intended as information and is not a substitute for seeking advice from a medical professional. Description : Learn the definition of diabetes and understand the differences between Type 1 and Type 2.
Description : An incredibly realistic, life-size, foot replica molded from an actual human foot with hand-painted detail. Description : A hand painted unhealthy foot replica to help teach the importance of proper foot care and nutrition to people with diabetes. Description : Explains the different types of diabetes, its warning signs, and risk factors. To be diagnosed with dementia a patient needs to have both memory impairment (identified in visit one) as well as impairment in at least one other area of cognitive CognitiveSee cognition function.
An error we commonly see, when physicians identify an abnormality, is to simply attribute it to advanced age or to low education. The MMSE has many language items, including naming, repetition, following a sequence of commands and writing a sentence. Metabolic Syndrome, also called Syndrome X, is a serious health hazard worldwide and constitutes a major challenge for healthcare professionals.
Comparisons of published prevalence for different populations are difficult despite attempts to reach agreement on the metabolic syndrome. A very consistent finding is that the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome is highly age-dependent. From a pathophysiological point of view, visceral adipose tissue (abdominal fat close to visceral organs) is particularly incriminated in the genesis of insulin resistance (leading to type 2 diabetes) by its key role in the production of adipocytokines. These effects lead in time to insulin resistance, with as immediate and logical consequence, an anarchic discharge of free fatty acids (FFA) by adipocytes. The presence of the metabolic syndrome carries increased risk for cardiovascular disease[6],[7] and type 2 diabetes [8]. As obesity and weight gain in middle age are positively correlated with blood pressure levels, the therapeutic goal is to reach 10% weight loss on the first year, and thereafter to continue weight loss or to maintain weight.
For high risk patients, treatment with LDL-cholesterol drugs, antihypertensive drugs and hypoglycaemic agents can be necessary to achieve goals of therapy. In all cases, a complement to therapeutic lifestyle changes is recommended, for example in the form of food supplement intake. It is important to first reduce the waist circumference, while maintaining normal HDL and TG levels, and limiting hypertension and blood glucose levels.

Happy 90th birthday to Novo Nordisk, one of South Africa’s favourite insulin manufacturers.
Novo Nordisk provides therapeutic treatments for an estimated 23 million people with diabetes worldwide and produces approximately 50 per cent of all insulin in the world.
Know the symptoms of both types as well as causes, complications, risk factors, and management techniques. Abnormalities include: bunion, callus, corn, inflamed toenail, open sore, and dry, cracked skin. The life-size foot replica is constructed of soft, lifelike material with flexible toes to allow demonstration of washing, drying, or bandaging techniques. Information on testing, complications resulting from diabetes, and disease management is also included.
Nutrition plays a critical role in wound healing, and this kit will help you demonstrate its importance. That chapter helps physicians to understand whether the person with a memory MemoryThe ability to process information that requires attention, storage, and retrieval. Commonly tested areas include language, praxis (defined below), calculation, attention and concentration, psychomotor speed, and higher functions such as problem-solving, abstraction, and judgment. As far as we know, little readily obvious cognitive CognitiveSee cognition_decline, other than the mild degree of slowing seen in the Age-Associated Memory Impairment described above, occurs with aging, so any degree of impairment is abnormal. In addition, language can be observed critically during the course of the interview, as many abnormalities are noticeable in spontaneous conversation (see Table 5.2). Is their speech broken by constant round-about explanations or gestures in the place of words? We ask for all the words they can think of that start with the letter 'f', and for all the four-legged animals they can think of, and give 30 seconds for each set of answers.
Clinicians are confronting a rise in obesity of epidemic proportions as a result of sedentary, affluent lifestyles.
This treatment developed by bioXtract includes use of plant-based actives such as vinyldithiins and allylsulfides.
This pattern is clear in the USA where the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey [NHANES III] [2]) increased from 7% in participants aged 20-29 years to 44% and 42% for those aged 60-69 years and at least 70 years respectively. Going by age groups, subjects aged 60 years and above exhibited the highest prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome (50.0%) by IDF definition compared to other age groups [3].
Adipose tissue increase in obese individuals leads to an imbalance in the production and secretion of anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory factors, in favour of pro-inflammatory factors. These FFA will exert a ?toxic? effect at different levels, in particular hepatic and muscular, leading to a certain number of clinical and metabolic abnormalities, characteristic of the metabolic syndrome [4],[5] (hypertension, lipid and glycemic disorders, muscular toxicity,?). This weight loss will also have an incidence on the glucose levels and dislypidemia if correlated with physical activity (30-60 min of moderate-intensity exercise daily) and atherogenic diet.
Reduction of systemic inflammation is a key factor in the fight against metabolic syndrome. Marie and August Krogh set up a foundation called Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium, and made this the company’s majority shareholder in order to secure its independence.
Posters describe insulin, illustrate its role in the body, and show the steps in glucose metabolism.
Some areas of cognition must be tested formally, other areas can be observed during the course of the interview.

A useful technique to identify that cognitive impairment is important is to confirm that the current state is a change; a patient who used to speak fluently but who now stumbles over words probably has an important neurological NeurologicalRelating to neurology. Because conversation is a social interaction, physicians sometimes fail to recognize subtle language abnormalities in their patients, particularly those whom they know well. Do they make errors in word-production, producing the wrong syllables or using the wrong word? Normal responses must be taken in the context of the person, but should be around 10 words in 30 seconds for either task. The rapid increase in the prevalence of the Metabolic Syndrome portends an equally daunting increase in both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). In the latter group, therapeutic lifestyle modification is first-line therapy, but if 10-year risk is high, drug therapy to modify cardiovascular disease risk factors might be required as well [2].
The foundation was also used as a channel to provide grants for research and humanitarian purposes.
Also learn about hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, long-term health problems, and healthy lifestyle changes.
An important part of knowing whether the person has dementia is whether the patient has problems not just in memory but in other areas such as thinking, attention and calculation. In assessing dementia, it is important to be conscious of your own tendency to fill in words for the patient and to infer meaning from incomplete or vague sentences. A typical set from a patient with dementia would start as, "well, you've got a cat, and a dog," and then trail off.
Recent prospective studies have confirmed that the Metabolic Syndrome predicts the development of type 2 diabetes and an increased CVD risk emphasising the clinical significance of the Metabolic Syndrome.
A similar foundation was established in 1951 by Novo’s founders, Harald Petersen and Thorvald Pedersen, and the foundation-based business model has been maintained since the subsequent merger of the two companies.
Given that language will be used to inquire about all aspects of cognition CognitionThe mental processes associated with knowing and understanding thoughts and perceptions about one's environment. Our aim, in answering the clinical question of whether cognitive impairment Cognitive impairmentDifficulty with mental abilities such as judgment, memory, learning, comprehension and reasoning. If language problems are suspected several simple exercises can help to confirm the suspicion. Again, experience with local norms is invaluable and is gained chiefly through doing many MMSEs. Can they name parts of common objects, such as the band, face, stem (winder) and hands of a wristwatch? It is best to develop familiarity with the range of responses to a few tests, and then expand your repertoire as your comfort level increases and a need is present.
Abnormal answers include blank looks, don't knows, and statements such as "the part that goes around your wrist" or "the part you turn." Patients with early to mid stage dementia are often able to name the object, though not its parts. We do not pretend to be neuropsychologists, and our definition of abnormal is not dependent on strict criteria, but rather on our experience with what is abnormal. This is a feature known as semantic cuing, and large discrepancies between the two often raise the suspicion of other diagnoses, such as frontotemporal dementia Frontotemporal dementiaA type of dementia that mainly affects the frontal lobe causing a problem in executive function tasks..

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