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July 13, 2015 by Mellisa Swigart Leave a Comment I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. The LG G4 has a lot of amazing features but since my favorite is the camera so I wanted to share with you guys what just why I love it so much. This phone is the first smartphone from Sprint that has a total of 24 megapixels. DoSomething.org, one of the largest organizations for young people and social change, and Sprint are taking a unique approach to prevent young people from texting and driving through a campaign called Thumb Wars. All Links that appear on this site may be affiliate links and should be considered as such. Hoje vamos falar sobre um celular que ira lhe impressionar muito, que vai muito alem de nossas tecnologias atuais, algo do futuro disponivel para hoje. A LG do Brasil, informou que o LG G4 esta previso para comecar a ser vendido aqui em nosso territorio no primeiro semestre, o preco ainda nao foi divulgado oficialmente. A primeira coisa que voce pode notar neste dispositivo e a tela ligeiramente curvada, que contribui para uma sensacao muito agradavel.
O LG G4 e composto por um processador extremamente rapido, e um processador hexa-core (dual-core + quad-core) Snapdragon 808 com clock de 1,8Ghz, 3GB de RAM com tecnologia em 64 Bits. A camera do LG G4 e composto por novos sensores um que chama atencao e da camera traseira, que possui abertura de f1.8, uma grande melhoria com relacao ao seu predecessor. Therefore, my recommendation is that, since you are upgrading anyways, you should spend a little bit more on your phone in order to get a good product that won’t drive you mad with slow loading times and such.
Many claim that Samsung becomes the Apple of the Android smartphone market, but the truth is that the manufacturers do manage to deliver some of the best smartphones out there and I am a loyal Samsung follower and supporter. What matters is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo offers an Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53, 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage capacity (with an micro-SD slot available), making it very good for Pokemon Go. Smilies, emoticons or emoji…no matter how you call them, they are essential when trying to add some kind of emotion to text messages. Especially if you come from a Nexus device, having to deal with these weird looking smiley faces on other devices can be annoying. All you need to do here is to download the app on Google Play, launch it and select the emoji you want to use. If you hold down the speak to text button on the Swype keyboard, it’ll pull up the emoji icon trays. Hi my name is Frank and I rooted my HTC one m7 recently and I tried to switch my emojis to the ios one but it doesnt let me do it I tried the app called “emoji switcher” but nothing happened also I tried to do it manually and nothing happened I also installed busybox and nothing any suggestions??
Worked brilliantly on my LG G2 ?? Only thing I think is weird is, the thinking emoji isn’t there on the Marshmallow set. LG has sacrificed this year’s flagship, just to be the first with a Quad HD screen on the market.

Whether I’m running errands around town, going to the park with my kids, or just chatting with my husband on the back porch.
Did you know that 40% of American teens report that they still text and drive.  This is such a scary number! Now in its fifth year, Thumb Wars encourages young people to use the power of their thumbs in a fun and engaging way to prevent their friends from texting and driving. No restante do mundo, o aparelho deve chegar as lojas a partir de junho e o preco internacional sugerido e de 643€ Euros no modelo basico e no modelo de couro ficaria em 699€ Euros.
Outro detalhe interessante e que a frente de cada dispositivo e feito de carbono, que vem a ser um material usado na construcao de veiculos e que oferece um visual extremamente resistente. O dispositivo ainda oferece a possibilidade de expandir a memoria interna com uso do cartao microSD, com suporte para tecnologia Cat. Isso faz com que o LG G4 um dos candidatos mais interessantes para as pessoas que precisam de uma flexibilidade alta, quando o assunto e bateria. And you can still do that without completely breaking the bank – and we’re here to help! These are usually very expensive and, even though the best on the market, they might not be worth it for the regular user. PLEASE NOTE: I am linking to unlocked phones, but once you get to the product pages I recommend, you can switch to carrier plans. It might not take photos that are as crisp as those taken with other models, but its specifications are really good and when it comes to playing Pokemon, you have nothing to complain about. It meets the requirements and delivers a smooth experience and this model remains a solid option that won’t get obsolete too soon.
You also get a big bonus if you choose the Xperia Z3: a 20 megapixel camera that you will surely get to love.
If you want a Samsung model, you will have to go to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo which some would consider two generations behind – even though the previous generation S series smartphone was released before it. Specs-wise, it is a bit behind the LG model, but if you prefer the Samsung brand, this one won’t destroy your budget and leave you with some money to spend on Pokeballs as well. As I said in the intro, we went for good phones with great specifications, but avoided the latest generation phones in order to save you some money. So I putted the new file there, made the changes to that files permissions, and rebooted my device, but nothing happened. I replaced the system emojis .ttf file with the Google one but the emojis just show up as squares. That’s is 16MP Rear-Facing camera and an 8MP Front-Facing camera perfect for taking selfies.

Porem, a versao feita em couro tem como incoveniente o fato de que voce consegue ver facilmente rachaduras e arranhoes na parte do couro, isto pode ser decorrente a mal lubrificacao do couro ou exposicao extrema em temperaturas altas, um detalhe poderia ser o aquecimento alto do aparelho. Depois que a Samsung abriu mao deste recurso na linha principal, a LG deveria reivindicar este recurso como exclusivo em 2015, nao acham? However, I believe that most people will want unlocked phones to use with their current plans. If money is not a problem, simply go for the latest generation models which all have better specs. Thankfully, if you have a rooted device, you can easily change the look to the original Google (or iOS) design. I was wondering if there was a way I could root my phone because I really hate the google ones. Sprint Drive First is a FREE app available on the phones like the Sprint LG G4 which sends calls to voicemail and silences email and text alerts when a vehicle reaches 10mph.
Contudo a custura que vai de cima a baixo da capa traseira leva, inicialmente, um tempo para se acostumar, mas serve para dar uma caracteristica unica ao aparelho. Apesar da LG nao informar sobre motivo que levaram a escolha do Snapdragon 808 em detrito ao 810.
But I take my phone with me because you never know when the perfect photogenic moment is going to happen.
This helps to keep you or your teen from getting distracted and tempted to pick up their phone.
Fora esta grandes carateristicas ele possui algo que chama muito atencao ate mesmo pela tecnologia atual que possuimos. From what I can see the edges of the display are almost totally gone and the back physical buttons have become minimalistic.
With Sprint Lease, the device is $18 per month for 24 months and with a Sprint Family Share Pack plan, a family of 4 can share 20GB of data and get unlimited talk and text for only $100 per month. I have to have a phone that will take crisp, professional looking photos and that’s exactly what I have gotten with the Sprint LG G4.

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