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Marit Bouwmeester hat snein by de medaljerace fan it wraldbekersilen yn it Franske Hyeres noch kans op in poadiumplak. Siler Pieter-Jan Postma fan Terkaple is as earste Nederlanske sporter ofreizge nei it Olympyske doarp yn Rio de Janeiro. In case you have been living under a rock, you should know that the writers of Pretty Little Liars are considering making one of the male characters gay.
It’s no secret that there are two gay females in rosewood Emily(Shay Mitchell) and Paige(Lindsey Shaw), but what about the males. Wren Kingston, Yani Gellman as Officer Garrett Reynolds, Ian Harding as Ezra Fitz, Drew Van Acker as Jason DiLaurentis, Brendan Robinson as Lucas Gottesman, Tyler Blackburn as Caleb Rivers and Brant Daugherty as Noel Khan. Show runner Marlene King says that they have talked about making one of the male characters confused about his sexuality. We know that he and CeCe were once in a relationship and the writers hadn’t developed a reason behind their split that we know of.
We all know that Lucas has a crush on Hannah, maybe Lucas also had a crush on Hannah’s boyfriend Shaun.

The hottie Holden, competing in Karate competitions wasn’t the only secret he could be keeping. Meneer van den Eikhoff was verheugd dat de installatie zo snel geinstalleerd was en stroom leverde.
We know that in the Pretty Little Liars books there was a gay male character by the name of Zach whom has a lot of things in common with Spencer, and he and Spencer become friends and Spencer falls for him but finds out that he is gay. Marlene King says that if they decide to do it, It will one of the characters that are already established.
Since his parent’s began fighting and not speaking to each other Mike had began to act out by, breaking into neighbors houses and stealing, as well as picking fights at school, he even went as far as to mistakenly hurting his mother.
Maybe the reason could be that he fell for a guy, maybe a guy that is in rosewood that we have already met.
Ezra, Of course NOT we would never be the same if Ezra were to start questioning his sexuality, he and Aria has been together since the first episode of the show and their relationship is our favorite.
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There hasn’t been much of a Mike Montgomery story on this show either, no relationship history or secrets, we think he is a great fit for this. There isn’t much of a relationship background behind Jason either, besides the previous one that he had with CeCe that we know nothing about. Caleb, Not a chance Haleb is too strong and beautiful, we cannot let this happen, besides he has fought for Hannah so much. The written content on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Tv Cafe. We claims no credit for any images and or videos posted on this site unless otherwise noted.
There is no relationship story behind Holden so maybe it’s him that will be questioning his sexuality.

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