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The outside bump just above the elbow where the tendons connecting muscles that straighten the fingers and wrist attach.
The inside bump just above the elbow where the tendons connecting muscles that bend the fingers and wrist attach.
The ring-shaped ligament that wraps around the head of the radius and keeps it snugly in place against the ulna. The tendon that attaches the biceps muscle at the front of the upper arm to the radius that allows the elbow to bend and supinate.
The tendon that attaches the triceps muscle at the back of the upper arm to the ulna that allows the elbow to straighten. One of themuscles at the front of the upper arm that allows the elbow to bend and supinate. One of three nerves originating at the shoulder that carry signals from the skin and joints to the brain and back again to the muscles of the upper extremities to coordinate movement and position sense.
The main artery leading from the upper arm down to the front crease of the elbow, where it branches into the ulnar artery and radial artery. The artery branching off the brachial artery below the elbow that brings oxygenated blood down the pinky side of the forearm and into the wrist and hand. The artery branching off the brachial artery below the elbow that brings oxygenated blood down the thumb side of the forearm and into the wrist and hand. Sacs containing lubricating fluid that serve to reduce friction between tendons and bones and skin and bones.
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While lying on your back, hold your knee with your opposite hand and draw your knee up and over towards your opposite shoulder. Sign Up for Our NewsletterYou will receive informative articles, tips & tricks, and general Spine & Sport updates. Trigger point injections are used to reduce pain in areas where the pain is sited such as muscle trigger points. When we explore our back, we realize that there are many areas that are affected by different issues in our body. Pain and soreness in the back are most often a result of inflammation or irritation of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the upper, middle, and lower back.
Practicing various Yoga postures is extremely beneficial for the entire back and for reducing pain and soreness. These poses will help people who are suffering from back pain by stretching and strengthening our back, core, and hips.

Forward folding poses stretch the back and improve blood circulation in the spine without putting any pressure on the spinal column.
Triangle Pose strengthens the upper and lower back while removing stress rom the hips, hamstrings, neck, and shoulders. Triangle Pose strengthens muscles at the hip, developing muscular support for better posture.
Cobra Pose tones the upper back muscles with the extension of the spine and improves flexibility in the lower back, relieving pain in both the upper and lower back.
Plough Pose stretches the neck and shoulders as it strengthens the spine, back muscles, and vertebral bones. The spine becomes more flexible in this pose as a result of the twist that happens from the tail bone to the neck. In this posture, clasp one hand behind the back and lean forward, so that the shoulders can be stretched individually, improving posture. A consistent Yoga practice will strengthen the body and make the muscles less prone to injury while it promotes stretching and core strength to balance the body in our everyday functions.
The radial nerve begins from the inside of the upper arm, travels diagonally across to the outer elbow and then again crosses to the thumb side of the forearm and into the back of the thumb, index and half of the middle finger. The median nerve begins from the outside of the upper arm and travels down the inner side of the upper arm before moving to the center of the forearm and into the palmar side of the thumb, index, middle and half of the ring finger and distal segment of the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. The ulnar nerve begins from the inside of the upper arm and travels down the inside of the forearm and into the palmar and dorsal sides of the pinky and half of the ring finger.
Next, hold your unaffected thigh and pull it up towards your chest until a stretch is felt in the buttock. Our upper back is comprised of the shoulder blades, the thoracic spine, nerves, ligaments, muscles, and tendons that expand across the upper back. This pain can be caused by lifting excess weight and by causing excessive strain on the lower back.
The connective tissue that covers the muscles of the upper back become inflamed, possibly from poor posture, overstretching, or repetitive contraction from work, sports, or any movement that contracts the muscles. Pain in the middle back is usually caused by intervertebral disc problems, muscle tension, or muscle stress caused by improper posture. Remember to always seek a doctor’s advice before performing any of these exercises for any condition. Forward Bends relaxe the entire body from neck to feet, relieving stress and the stress that causes back pain.
Softening the spot between the shoulder blades will allow the shoulders to relax down the back even more. Practicing a seated twist regularly will improve circulation to the spinal muscles and will hydrate the intervertebral discs.

Sitting in a grounded posture allows the breath to move with more freedom, moving the body into stillness and relief. The whole upper back benefits from Crane Pose; when practiced regularly, you will be less likely to have tension and pain in your upper back and the region of your neck and shoulders. Yoga releases muscle tension throughout the body and relieves stress, anxiety, and depression that may cause back pain. Pruzansky, MD can help you experience less pain and recover quicker from hand, wrist and elbow surgery through minimally invasive surgery techniques. Muscles controlled by the Ulnar Nerve include the wrist and finger flexors, as well as the small muscles in the hand that coordinate fine movements.
Symptoms of sciatica include shooting pain down the back of the leg or buttocks, numbness, and tingling throughout the leg. Aging, lack of exercise, improper posture, injury, degeneration of the bones, and problems in the internal organs associated with the area of pain are all common causes of back pain. Bow pose is best for stretching the middle back as well as the shoulders and the neck, allowing the upper back to relax. Practicing Plough pose improves blood circulation in the nerves, back muscles, and spinal cord. In Child’s Pose, slide the hands along side the body, palms facing up so that the shoulders can find a deep release.
Seated twists will relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and mild depression, all of which may lead to upper and lower back pain. After grounding, you can fold over the legs and feel the stretch up and down the spinal column; with the stretch, a sense of surrender and release through the upper back will follow.
Start with short holds, and move into the poses as they become available to you, where you are in your body.
Practice Child’s Pose after your back bends as a counter pose to stabilize the spine with an opposing movement. Plough Pose should always be followed with Fish Pose to release the neck and throat region. A consistent practice will open the door for a deeper practice, resulting in deeper stretches, strengthening poses, and pain relief.

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