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But many people with Diabetes are not aware that uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to problems relating to their oral health.
There’s a correlation between high blood glucose levels and an increased risk of gum disease.
In addition, the areas around the teeth become populated with bacteria (and subsequent infections) and this in turn leads to an increase in blood sugar.
Fact: Diabetics are more susceptible to bacterial infections and a decreased ability to fight bacteria that enter the gums. This all comes back to our overall Wellness and how we all need to work on every aspect of ourselves…our mind, body and soul. Si bien, no esta establecido cuando es el momento de realizar un chequeo medico, ya que es la unica manera de detectar los puntos que pueden estar afectados en nuestro sistema nervioso, hay que prestar seria atencion a los sintomas  como dolores de cabeza, mareos constantes, y debilidad generalizada en el organismo, o dificultar para recordar las cosas (olvidos). Por eso para mantener saludable el sistema nervioso, es recomendable que tratemos de mantener nuestras neuronas activas, la mejor forma de hacerlo es pensando, leyendo y realizando actividades como juegos, crucigramas, palabras cruzadas etc. Como en todos los casos, es aconsejable llevar una dieta equilibrada donde no le falten nutrientes al organismo, sobre todo consumiendo alimentos que posean vitaminas C y E que ayudan a prevenir la enfermedad de Alzheimer, entre muchas otras relacionadas con el sistema nervioso. Este es un problema mas habitual de lo que se piensa y puede ser causado por muchos factores.
Existen muchos factores que incurren en el buen dormir de una persona, los trastornos del sueno se encuentran a la orden del dia.

More positively, bananas contain a whole host of good stuff: vitamin C, potassium, protein, magnesium and dietary fibre.
Cranberries, everyone’s favourite fruit of Christmas, are one of the least sugary fruits. Triple Zero Stevia: a 100 per cent natural, zero-calorie alternative to sugar, Triple Zero Stevia ranks 0 on the glycemic index.
CONTOUR NEXT blood glucose test strips: Keep an eye on your how different foods affect your blood glucose levels with these test strips.
If your blood sugar levels are not controlled, then this can lead to such systemic disorders as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
And not only do the gums become infected, but we also tend to lose the bone that is holding onto the roots of the teeth. Infections lead to an increase in blood sugar and this makes the diabetes harder to control…again…a vicious circle. Los mismos si no estan relacionados con otro tipo de enfermedades, pueden ser motivo de una consulta neurologica. Algunos especialistas recomiendan beber una vez al dia una copa de vino tinto, ya que su alto contenido de fenoles, es ideal para prevenir el riesgo de sufrir problemas como embolias cerebrales o problemas cardiovasculares. He was born in Coventry and enjoys novels in which nothing much happens and comfortable pyjamas (because he's young and exciting).

100g of pomegranates also contains 7g of fibre, 3g of protein, and 30 per cent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Technologically innovative and  simple to use, CONTOUR NEXT strips provide exceptionally accurate results. The average banana weighs roughly 120g, so people with diabetes probably shouldn’t eat more than one a day.
Despite their health benefits, people with diabetes should only consume a few dates in one go. Those who aren’t confident in their blood glucose control might want to avoid them altogether. Cranberries are linked to lower risk of urinary tract infections, preventions of certain types of cancer and lower blood pressure.

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