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In other articles I have written about strep, I have had readers think I am an ignorant parent for daring to treat something as serious as Strep at home. With a more serious illness like Strep, you must administer remedies more often as I’ve mentioned above. I used to get strep throat 3-4 times a year as a child even up through my teen years and into my 20s. I love that book, but this actually based on the success of Dr Christopher treating hundreds of patients as I have described. Our family had strep for the first time last winter (first time for our children–I had it a lot as a child, and always took antibiotics for it), and we treated it naturally, without antibiotics.
We did pretty similar things that you described: elderberry, raw garlic, colloidal silver, Vitamin C. Hitting an illness hard and working with the natural immune system has saved us scores of doctors visits and hundreds of dollars, but I agree – I never, ever hesitate in the least in getting medical help when needed. One week into a strep infection in my poor three year old and we just started antibiotics (and one hit of steroids!
I just found out that when my mom had Pneumonia real bad when I was a kid after a while she finally bought garlic powder in pill form and it helped her a lot. Great post- but I do want to stress the importance, particularly in children, in paying attention if the illness worsens. I successfully treated myself for strep using grapefruit seed extract and a hot infusion drink made with elderberry, ginger, and lemon juice (and some other immune boosting herbs). I may be young almost turning 27 but, not that going the the doctor is a bad thing, I don’t think it even touches the effectiveness of natural way of anything. I am convinced that repeat courses of antibiotics contributed to repeat cases of strep throat. We didn’t know we had it until it was more advanced (for some reason I never even considered that we might have strep until my sore throat was so severe that I finally took a look at it and noticed the telltale signs of strep).

I’ve been battling pneumonia since October, 2 courses of heavy antibiotics and still not gone.
Since most bacterial pneumonia comes from a strain of streptococcus, this may just be what I need instead. I diagnosed myself according to the memory of how strep feels and the way that it looks inside my throat.
I got the antibiotic in case we decided to use it, but wanted to try natural alternatives first.
We started a rigorous program which includes colloidal silver, oil of oregano, our own homemade tonic of ACV, garlic, hot pepper, horseradish, ginger,and onion, and other supplements.
My goal was to get my body to recognize strep and hopefully develop some sort of immunity to it. Unless her tongue got burned from the raw garlic that I’ve been crushing into her food. She also has a rash on her rear, but that came on when the sore throat did (we’re treating her rear with coconut oil mixed with antibacterial essential oils and it seems to be helping also added the epsom salt bath today). Anyway, I’m wondering if a person is getting better, why would the rash be spreading to the tongue? Ever since that happened, if I even get a slight sore throat, I gargle with ACV and water and it takes care of it.
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