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Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body fails to produce enough insulin or when cells in the body do not respond to the insulin produced; this is known as insulin resistance.
Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to maintain a normal blood glucose (sugar) level. Many medical professionals are now of the belief that the natural ways to get rid of type 1 diabetes is better than all the prescription medication. Sometimes, eating food that normalizes blood sugar level can act as a cure to type 1 diabetes cure.
Having meal in reduced quantity for four to five times a day is an interesting type 1 diabetes cure.
Sometimes, avoiding certain stuffs in your diet is just what you need to cure type 1 diabetes. Type 2 also occurs when the body is unable to use the insulin that is produces – this is known as insulin resistance. Therefore, lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating, physical activity and stopping smoking are important steps towards dramatically lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Paying particular attention to the type and amount of food consumed, weight control and stopping smoking cigarettes and shisha are all part of the treatment plan.
Exercising can help to greatly reduce type 1 diabetes and increase the life expectancy of type 1 diabetes sufferers.

Actually, you should start eating such foods when you start feeling type 1 diabetes symptoms. According to studies, cinnamon can help significantly increase the rate of glucose to energy conversion. Taking supplements that have high content of minerals and vitamins can be really helpful in treatment of type 1 diabetes.
In case of type 1 diabetes, the foods that you have to strictly avoid are soft drinks and milk.
The natural remedies and treatments are 100% natural and so you do not need to undergo a medical procedure or consume additional medication to cure your diabetes. Caffeine free tea is also helpful in avoiding certain complications that one may face during the treatment of type 1 diabetes cure. Less quantity of meal taken more times a day keeps the system balanced by keeping the total amount of calorie in check. Specifically, avoiding dairy products can be really helpful in curing type 1 diabetes in children.
When you take protein rich foods, you should strictly avoid foods that contain carbohydrate. Jamun, bitter gourd, gurmaar and even garlic and onion are considered as natural diabetes cure.

The signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes are often less obvious and some people may not know they have the illness. As diabetes is a progressive illness, medication in the form of tablets or injections may become necessary for managing the disease. Magnesium is an important mineral that is very helpful in regulating blood pressure levels.
You have to prevent foods that contain carbohydrate like flour, white bread, white rice, etc.
Magnesium is particularly healthy because they can increase the immune function of the body.
As many as 70% of people, who have taken cinnamon to cure type 1 diabetes, have shown positive results.

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