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Vet’s Best Spray is a homeopathic treatment using all-natural ingredients to protect your dog from fleas before they bite.
Fleas, though common, are a serious problem, which is why Vet’s Best Spray for dogs is such an important part of maintaining good pet health. Obviously you’ll want to take measures to remove fleas and their eggs from bedding, carpets and other areas around your home too, but in addition to those prevention measures, this homeopathic formula for dogs is one of the best weapons you can find in the war on fleas. However, it should not be used if your dog is pregnant or lactating, and, as with any new product, it is a good idea that you test a small area first (caution should be used if applying to puppies or kittens—an immunostimulant is recommended in those instances). Return to top of pageCopyright 2011 Herbal Dog Remedies • All natural, herbal dog remedies are the safest way to treat your dog. Swimmers ear is a type of problem which usually results in a mild irritation and blockage of ears. The problem arises due to the entry of water into the ears resulting in softening of the resistant skin layers of ears.
Entry of bacteria or fungi into the ears through contaminated water can be considered as an important cause for swimmers ear.
A mixture of equal amounts of white vinegar, water and peroxide is also proved excellent in the treatment of swimmers ear. Applying a little of oil inside the ears, before swimming can be helpful in draining out the water and hence preventing the problem of swimmers ear. Do not use sharp objects to clean out the ears as this can create infections, instead you can use a piece of soft cloth for cleaning your ears.
Halifax gardeners have been complaining recently about an abundance of slugs and snails eating their gardens.  In Australia, homeopath Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj pioneered the use of homeopathic remedies to treat common pests and diseases of plants. Helix tosta is a remedy made from toasted snails and has been known to work to repel slugs and snails in the garden for up to 4 months.
Gardeners have experimented with spraying the solution directly on the leaves of the plants versus into the soil surrounding the plants.  Both seem to be effective. Just like with humans, a healthy plant is better able to repel disease and parasites.  It is my understanding that applying Helix tosta to the plants makes them less tasty for slugs and snails and will cause them to move on in search of tastier food. Das Kaviraj in his book Homeopathy for Farm and Garden, The Homeopathic Treatment of Plants suggests a potency of 6X.
We all know that dogs can get fleas from just about anywhere: another animal, a dog park, even just going in the back yard. They cause symptoms like constant scratching and itching, inflammations and redness of the skin, and even small wounds from either the scratching and nibbling or from the flea bites themselves.

And because it’s an all natural flea prevention and treatment product, you can feel comfortable using it around your house. Since it comes in a spray form, all you have to do is lightly dampen your pet’s coat (being careful of course not to get it into the eyes, nose or genital areas), and gently rub it into the fur. They are a leader in all natural pet products and always offer a full 90 day money back guarantee on all their products, plus free overnight shipping. Here you can find the best holistic canine treatments for common dog diseases and conditions. This is not a serious illness but should be treated properly in order to prevent the ailment from being persistent and creating lot more problems like auditory damages. A number of home remedies are available in the case of swimmers ear and some effective remedies among them are mentioned below. A little of white vinegar can be put near the ear canal of both ears and can be left as such for about 5 minutes.
Due to the antibacterial properties of garlic, it is used as a medicine for a variety of diseases. Rinsing the affected ear using a few drops of hydrogen peroxide can be helpful in curing almost all types of ear infections. A cotton ball can be soaked in the alcohol and can be gently scrubbed over the ear canal which is very helpful in curing the problem. This mixture can be used for rubbing inside the affected ear which is helpful in curing as well as preventing further infection. Dragging the ears in many directions after swimming can be helpful in draining out the water.Swimming in polluted water should be completely avoided as this is the main cause for the infection. And the best part is it’s not a toxic mix of hardcore chemicals like those found in insecticides that are associated with liver damage and many other serious health issues for dogs. Moreover, not only is your dog at risk, your dog can spread fleas to your other pets, putting them at risk for disease, and it is even possible for you to end up with fleas yourself, and, therefore at risk of the same health issues. Herbal dog remedies for cancer, Hypothyroidism, pink eye, canine heart disease, dog arthritis, liver disease, kidney disease and more. The person may experience a sharp pain inside the ear which can be considered as a major warning sign for the swimmers ear. Rinsing out the affected ear using a simple saline solution can also cure the problem of swimmers ear.
Application of warm compresses is also proved to be very useful in the treatment of swimmers ear and is one among the commonly used home remedies.

Using an earplug is found to be useful in stopping the entry of water into the ear tract while swimming and hence can prevent infections. Administered twice a day this simple approach will defend your dog against the painful and bothersome itching and scratching, not to mention help ward off disease. Using all natural Vet’s Best Spray for canine fleas gives you a safe, efficient, cost-effective way to keep those annoying bugs at bay. Blocking of ears may result in a decreased hearing which is another main symptom for the problem. Protect your ears from chemicals, dusts, hair sprays and other cosmetics as entry of these may cause infection in the ear tract. Swimming, bathing and some times being in rain may also result in the problem of swimmers ear.
You may get medicines over the counter but before buying them you may use some easily available natural products to cure toenail fungus.
Yellowish fluid discharges from the ears are one of the significant symptoms of swimmers ear.
This can very effectively help in checking further infection of ears and hence is used as a home remedy for the problem. Neem and turmeric is a natural good condition that helps to cure toenail fungus within a few days. Putting two to three drops of heated baby oil can be also considered as a good home remedy in the case of swimmers ear.
This can very effectively help in draining out the water and hence preventing the infection. Infection caused in the middle ear can generate the problem of swimmers ear and hence is a cause for the same.
Heated baby oil can be put by drops using a dropper into both the ears and can be left as such for about 5 minutes.

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