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Stretching your shoes or replacing them with properly fitting shoes can be the best solution to preventing the development of future corns. Feet problems are very common but with proper care and treatment; we can cure these in no time.
Vinegar is one of mostly used and effective ingredient that is used in many health issues including feet care and treatment.
In order to prepare vinegar foot soak, you need to have a large foot basin or bowl, adequate amount of white vinegar, a good moisturizer. All feet problems are caused by poor care and attention to feet like your feet get dry and dead skin of feet, cracked heels, toenail fungus infection, corns, warts and calluses on feet, stinky feet, swelled feet, sore and tired feet and many others. Many of you would be aware of amazing uses and benefits of vinegar and may have practice it to solve many of their problems.

For example, you can prepare foot soak and foot bath recipes to make feet skin look younger, fresh and beautiful along with treating lots of feet skin problems. In fact, vinegar comes in different forms and types hence used in thousands of ways to treat diseases, ailments and discomforts.
Vinegar is effective for its acidic properties and can be said an ultimate treatment for some particular diseases related to feet skin like toenail fungus, athlete feet, diabetic feet, dead and damaged skin of feet, cracked heels and in case of having corns, warts and calluses on feet.
Now add required amount of vinegar in this bowl and let your feet soak in that solution for about 30 minutes.
You can make use of lots of home ingredients as home remedies to better treat all of your feet problems.
When it comes to treat feet skin problems with vinegar, vinegar can be used as single ingredient and can be added to many of other ingredients like essential oils, salts, dried and fresh herbs, water and other products.

Regular use of vinegar foot soak can surely let you get rid of all these feet skin problems.
Now apply healthy amount of any of good hand and body lotion to let your feet soft and smoother.
It is suggested to make use of vinegar foot soak treatment in the night just before you go to bed.

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