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We produce and sell straight and curved beams of fir and spruce (combined and homogeneous) wood quality is first sorted to eliminate defects, the drying process is subject to 12% humidity, following FJ gluing, pressing, planing 4 girls to reach their exact dimensions (mm) and finally setting the required length of client.Se get parts with very good resistance over time compared to solid wood. Il servizio di conto fiduciario Fordaq vi consente di ridurre enormemente i rischi quando eseguite una transazione.
The Abraham Darby Academy Building can be found on our Case Studies page where you will find photographs of the geodesic dome incorporating laminated beams & CLT roof panels. As well as the manufacture and erection of the dome of the Academy building (above), Constructional Timber manufactured the seven 700mm diameter x 15.25m high European Larch glulam columns to the entrance canopy of the Academy (below).

In addition to the Academy building, Constructional Timber (Manufacturers) carried out the manufacture and installation of the structural timbers to both the Primary School & Leisure Centre Buildings. European Larch glulam was used for the external columns on the Leisure Centre, with European Whitewood used internally. We recently received some additional photographs from BDP, who were both the architects and engineers on the project. Hardwood end caps were glued and screwed onto the ends of the rafters going from internal to external.

Die Elemente werden montagefertig geliefert und sind durch ihr geringes Eigengewicht einfach zu handhaben.
All internal glulam members were supplied in GL24h grade European Whitewood, with European Larch used externally.

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