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General Ledger module is the heart of our business accounting solution and is our most powerful module. Every line item that is booked to the decentral account gets sent to the central system separately. The delta for the transaction data is sent to the central system periodically (usually at the end of each accounting period), using the rollup technique from the Special Purpose Ledger module. This allows the communication between systems to be kept to a minimum, since most accounts are not sent as line items.On the other hand, it also guarantees that the transaction data for all the general ledger accounts are sent to the central system. In order to illustrate the processes in a distributed financial accounting scenario, we will now look at the interaction between a decentral logistics system (in this example, purchasing) and a central financial accounting system.
As mentioned above, this coupling is performed in the distribution for financial accounting.

Currently no transaction data is sent from the central system to the decentral system, and in particular no information is sent concerning the outgoing payment to the vendor that was posted in the central system. No confirmation of the payment information is sent from the central system to the decentral system.
In a similar way, changes to the dunning block or to the reference document number are sent from sales to the central system using the FIDCCH message. The control data that has to be distributed for the scenario is described in the ALE Implementation Guide.
The General Ledger Software gives you an accurate image of your business performance as well as your financial reports. With Logisuite, you can rest assured that your crucial accounting information is precise and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

If the flag is not set, then the transaction data deltas are sent.For a subsidiary ledger the method used is determined by the flag belonging to the corresponding reconciliation account. The “open” item in the decentral system is reorganized as part of the FI document reorganization run.

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