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As always, full credit must be given to notpicard who has been able to dig up some fantastic stuff over the past week or so. Those are the shots from the Rise of Cobra toyline – that led directly into The Pursuit of Cobra. Save them and zoom in…the Cobra troops do look generic, because I think Hasbro really did want to go with variations on the classic Cobra troops. Fun stuff, reminds me of the old catalogue art with at least one guy Yo-Joe’ing the viewer.

I think that part of the reason why the characters look so nondescript is because these images were likely created before PoC was fully designed. This awe-inspiring piece of art from Raul Arnaiz will make you wish Disney would buy Hasbro and Mattel too. Only then would there be a possibility of the awesomeness this poster portrays coming to life. They show mostly generic, indistinguishable troops milling around in front of SPECTRE lairs.

And as for the Cobra installations – they look like something Mindbender would have come up with had he been an architect instead of an orthodontist, and was pitching mega projects for Dubai.

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