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Feria de Salud strives to reach thousands of local Latinos with information about diabetes. Bringing the community to gather is among one of the successes this festival brings along with awareness. Through music, dancing, cooking demos and speakers Feria de Salud brings education in a fun way.

Attend one of our Community Education classes and learn more so you can live the most active and healthy life possible.
The League of United Latin American Citizens’ (LULAC) network consists of 135,000 community volunteers and these volunteers focus on reducing health disparities, increasing the ability to access quality and affordable health care for Latinos and they have a special priority on reducing childhood obesity. Throughout the event live entertainment by Aztec Dancers Xipe, Mariachi Alma de Acero, Jose Jose and others will be present.

A farmers market and cooking demos allow you to make healthy food choices while enjoying the rest of the events.

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