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Chapter 2 Making your first trip 4 Making your first trip Planning a route with TomTom NAVIGATOR is very simple. Jul 08, 2015 The new TomTom GO Mobile app is a sleek combination of the latest TomTom car navigation technology and world-class traffic information. Gundam Build Fighters Try (????????????????, Gundam Build Fighters Try?) is a 2014 anime television series. Kazumi Togashi, Yui Makino Lead Gundam Build Fighters Try TV Anime s Cast Jul 17, 2014 New Gundam Build Fighters Series Is Fall TV Anime Jun 11, 2014 Gundam Build. Dengan setting cerita 7 tahun setelah GBF pertama, kini kejuaraan Gunpla Battle dijalankan oleh Yajima Trading (perusahaan milik ayah Caroline dari GBF pertama). But don't worry, there are a couple things you can try: Double-check your spelling and try your search again Looking for a specific product name? Driving View 4 Driving View When your TomTom NAVIGATOR starts, you are shown the Driving View along with detailed information about your current location. Like its predecessor, and in contrast to other Gundam series, Gundam Build Fighters Try features a tournament-based storyline where Gunpla models are built, customized, and battled. Try searching for the brand and category instead ("Canon printers" instead of "Pixma MX870", for example). You can use your TomTom device and all the features straight out of the box, and with TomTom HOME desktop software, you can get even more out of it. The series is directed by Shinya Watada and written by Yousuke Kuroda, who wrote the first series.
Tidak ada cara untuk klub itu untuk bisa mengikuti divisi SMP dan SMA dari All-Japan Gunpla Battle Champhionship di mana pemain harus bermain sebagai satu tim dengan anggota tiga orang. TomTom HOME is FREE and really helps keeping your TomTom device future-proof and cutting-edge. Hingga suatu hari Fumina bertemu dengan murid pindahan, Sekai Kamiki, pemuda yang berlatih bela diri yang berkeliling bersama gurunya. Other Resources: If you bought genuine ELM327 cable from Total Car Diagnostics - then you only need to install DRIVER PACK 3. It also began airing in Hong Kong on TVB starting 17:20 Chinese Standard Time March 16, 2015. The series was officially unveiled by Bandai on May 15, 2014, and began airing on TV Tokyo in Japan while streaming on YouTube in limited areas internationally on October 8, 2014. Bersama dengan Gunpla builder muda bernama Yuuma Kousaka, mereka akhirnya memiliki tiga anggota untuk tim mereka. Seven years have passed since Sei Iori won the 7th Gunpla Battle Championship World Tournament. Seven years after the events of Gundam Build Fighters, the rules of Gunpla have been renewed, and the sport becomes even more popular. If you bought genuine ELM327 cable from Total Car Diagnostics here, then you only need to install DRIVER PACK 3. With new rules and new battle modes, the game's popularity has become even more widespread. However, one academy is left behind in this change, and that was Seiho Academy, which Sei Iori once attended.
The only member of the Gunpla Battle Club remaining is Fumina Hoshino, who befriends Sekai Kamiki, a boy who has been training with his master in martial arts and the young Gunpla builder Yuuma Kousaka, and together, they attempt to secure a place in the world championship as the "Try Fighters" (??????????, Torai Faitazu?).
The only member of the school's Gunpla Battle Club is its president, middle schooler Fumina Hoshino.
Shortly after the Arista that produces Plavsky particles is destroyed in the final episode of the previous season, Plavsky Particle System Engineering (PPSE) is acquired by Yajima Trading while American scientist and Gunpla fighter Nils Nielsen and his girlfriend Caroline Yajima rediscover Plavsky particles aboard the International Space Station. Here are solutions in recommended order: First check that ELM327 is physically working (not defunct).
Currently there is no way the club can participate in the middle and high-school division of the upcoming All-Japan Gunpla Battle Championship, where players fight in teams of three.
In Gundam Build Fighters Try, the one-on-one battle format is replaced by battles between teams of three Gunpla fighters and is divided into two categories: one for players under 19 years old and one for older players. New rules have been added to Gunpla battle: Non-mobile suit support units such as Core Boosters count as one Gunpla unit. Condition of a defunct ELM327 interface: All lights will not initially flash, and only red light will be on.
Together with a young Gunpla builder named Yuuma Kousaka, they finally have three members for their team.
Mobile suits that combine such as the Double Zeta Gundam or Victory Gundam count as one unit, but must be controlled by only one person when separated into multiple units.
15 October 2014 3 Her Name is Gyanko 22 October 2014 4 G-MUSE 29 October 2014 5 Dream and Challenge in Your Heart 5 November 2014 6 Ruler of the Battlefield 12 November 2014 7 Straight-Assembly Shimon 19 November 2014 8 Upon This Shield 26 November 2014 9 Showdown At Solomon 3 December 2014 10 Gunpla Collection 10 December 2014 11 Nielsen Labs 17 December 2014 12 To Fly To the Future 24 December 2014 13 Beyond The Knuckle 7 January 2015 14 Worthy Rivals 14 January 2015 15 Reborn Try Fighters 21 January 2015 16 Magnificent Shia 28 January 2015 17 Haunted Castle Trap 4 February 2015 18 Snibal-Drago-Gira 11 February 2015 19 Fateful Reunion 18 February 2015 20 Unbreakable Heart 25 February 2015 21 Blue Wings 4 March 2015 22 Follow Your Heart 11 March 2015 23 Build Fighter 18 March 2015 24 Final Burst 25 March 2015 25 Our Gunpla 1 April 2015 Within the second box of the Blu-Ray release of 'Gundam Build Fighters released on 20 June 2014 is a 2 minute short titled Six Years Later, depicting a grown up China who has moved to France to study art, this was the first hint of a sequel series. The series is directed by Shinya Watada who previously directed the 2013 short film Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Battle in Three Dimensions. If both teams have the same number of Gunpla left after the time limit expires, the match is declared a draw; each team will select a representative for a one-on-one battle to determine a winner.
If all above solutions fail, then we will help you (only if you are Total Car Diagnostics customer). Gundam Build Fighters Try airs every wednesday at 18:00 Japanese Standard Time on TV Tokyo.
The anime is simulcasted on the GundamInfo YouTube Channel with English, Korean and Traditional Chinese subtitles.
Damage Level C, which inflicts simulated but no physical damage on the Gunpla, is often used in practice rounds. Damage Level B results in simulated damage, but disconnected joints that can easily be fixed. Gundam Build Fighters Try is also the first to air alongside another series, specifically Gundam Reconguista in G.
For Damage Level A, Gunpla destroyed in combat are severely damaged physically and will need either replacement parts or a whole new unit altogether.
The Try Fighters are the main protagonists of the series and are based at Seiho Academy (??????, Shiritsu Seiho Gakuen?), the same alma mater as the core characters of the previous season.
Step 3: Take picture of the screen (Press "Print Screen" key on the keyboard then paste into any graphics program. Initially the underdogs in the sport, the Try Fighters fight their way to become the West Tokyo Champions and secure a spot in the national championship. As far as the episode goes, there are some Gundam series references that classified as "Accidental", which the staff from the anime doesn't realize or actually plan it until the fans mention them. After meeting Fumina Hoshino, he learns about the existence of Gunpla, and begins to gain interest and enjoy it.
The character designs for Daiki Miyaga and Eri Shinoda (while disguised in her glasses) resembles Obright Lorain and Remi Ruth from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and coincidentally both pairs are in love.
Ral as "the second coming of Reiji." During Gunpla battles, Sekai undergoes "assimilation" (??????, ashimireito?) with his Gunpla, which makes it an extension of his martial arts skills.
Consequently, this assimilation has the nocebo effect of Sekai sustaining physical injuries when his Gunpla is damaged.
Growing up with Fumina Hoshino, Yuuma promised her they would enter the Gunpla Battle championships together, but he had lost interest due to a humiliating loss at the hands of Saga Adou on a tournament two years ago. Initially, he teams up with Daiki Miyaga and Eri Shinoda to battle Sekai and Fumina, but upon remembering his promise to Fumina, he betrays and helps defeat Miyaga to become the third member of the Try Fighters. Despite being a team, Yuuma and Sekai are often at odds with each other due to Sekai's inexperience with Gunpla, though Yuuma eventually accepted Sekai as the ace of their team. As the sole member left after her seniors graduated and all other members moved to the Plastic Model Club, she loves Gunpla from the bottom of her heart, and begins rushing around to collect members in order to participate in the middle school section of the national tournament. Aside from Yuuma's childhood promise, Fumina's inspiration to take up Gunpla Battle is Lady Kawaguchi, a female champion from a previous tournament. She also started to develop feelings for Sekai and is jealous when seeing him close with another girl. Ral (????, Raru-san?) is a local resident based on the Zeon character from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. She used to train in Jigen Haoh School martial arts at a young age and just like Sekai, she too can incorporate its moves in Gunpla Battle.
Mirai becomes the official Gunpla Battle image character after Karin, the original candidate, steps down due to her pregnancy before the start of the national tournament. Song Dynasty Vase (??(????)??, Hokuso no Tsubo?) is the Gunpla Battle team representing Saint Odessa Girls' School (???????, Sei Odessa Gakuen?).
The school is named after Odessa, one of the most important battlefields of the One Year War in the Universal Century timeline. Song Dynasty Vase is a reference to M'quve's beloved antique vase; M'quve was the Zeon commander during the battle of Odessa. Upon conceding to Sekai after saving her from being sucked out of the colony in their battle stage, she falls in love with him.
Gyanko sees Fumina as a rival for Sekai's attention (though he is oblivious to Gyanko's advances and both girls' feelings towards him), as well as in Gunpla Battle. She continues to assist and cheer for Team Try Fighters (Sekai in particular) throughout their run for the championship.
As with his older siblings, Tateo is fond of the Gyan mobile suit, which he uses to win the Junior Course trophy in the Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup. G-Master (G????, Ji Masuta?) is the Gunpla Battle team representing Miyazato Institute (????, Miyazato Gakuen?). Years before, he lost to Susumu Sazaki in a Gunpla Battle, but he learned from that defeat by mastering his battle skills to lead his team into a regional championship. After losing the first round of the national championship that year, he realized the limits of his Gunpla building skills and commissioned Minato Sakai to build him the perfect Gunpla for the current tournament. Nicknamed "Speedy Slegger" (????????, Jinsoku no Suregga?), he was part of the team that won the previous year's Gunpla Battle World Championship.
Being an experienced Gunpla Builder, he has extensive knowledge of the sport, from a Gunpla's source of assembly to an opponent's fighting style. Just like Sekai, Akira seems to be a practitioner of martial arts, as he also uses martial arts techniques in Gunpla Battle. Having just acquired his driver's license days before the national tournament, he wrecks his blue Volkswagen Beetle Convertible while driving Junya Inose home; because of this, Junya has a fear of Akira's driving skills. Team SRSC (Seiren Science Club) represents the Science Club of Seiren Technical College (????, Seiren Kosen?) and has won numerous robotic contests - including Gunpla Battles. Because they change their Gunpla every battle, their tactics cannot be predicted by their opponents. All of their Gunpla are built straight out of the box by Shimon's brother Mamoru, without any kind of customization.
The team is named after FAITH (Fast Acting Integrated Tactical Headquarters), an elite division of ZAFT from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.
Though he loses to Sekai, the two quickly become good friends due to their similar personalities and beliefs, and Shimon continues to assist and cheer for the Try Fighters at the national tournament. Mamoru Izuna (???????, Izuna Mamoru?) Voiced by: Miyuki Kobori Shimon's younger brother who is confined to the hospital. As a child, Mamoru is a "straight builder", a person who builds models only with what is provided by the kits themselves, and does not apply any extra touches, such as painting, removing seam lines, and, judging by Shimon's High Grade Destiny Gundam's appearance, he does not even remove all of the nubs from where the parts were originally connected to their runners. Representing Gunpla Academy (??????, Ganpura Gakuen?) of Shizuoka Prefecture, Celestial Sphere (??????????, Soresutaru Sufia?) is the reigning Gunpla Battle World Champion and the dominant national team for six years in a row.
Trained by veteran fighter Julian Mackenzie in England, Wilfrid aims to become the fourth Meijin. He defeated Yuuma in a Gunpia Battle two years ago, mercilessly crushing his Gunpla that caused Yuuma to quit Gunpla Battle. As Saga had injured his right wrist in the previous tournament, his teammates are concerned that he might reinjure it during the national tournament.
Toward the end of the series, Saga has his wrist re-examined, and it is implied that he retires from Gunpla Battle.
She is suspected to hold feelings for Sekai, and often offers to build Sekai a new Gunpla, which appears to be her way of expressing friendship or camaraderie, as she also offers to do the same for her teammates. By episode 25, she had finally followed through in helping Sekai make his own Gunpla: the Kamiki Burning Gundam. Both Fumina and Gyanko are highly suspicious of Shia, and they become jealous when seeing Sekai with her. Allan Adams (????????, Aran Adamusu?) Voiced by: Subaru Kimura A former PPSE designer and coach of Tatsuya, he now coaches Celestial Sphere. Team White Wolf (???????, Howaito Urufu?) of Gabai Institute (????, Gabai Gakuin?) is the current Kagoshima Prefecture Gunpla Battle champion.
Representing Toritsu Academy (????, Toritsu Gakuen?) of Niigata Prefecture, Team SD-R consists of identical triplets whose strategy consists mainly of collecting data from their opponents' previous matches. After being eliminated in the quarterfinals, the triplets help the Try Fighters by sending them their collected data on team Celestial Sphere. After failing to enter Gunpla Academy, he assembles his team to exact his revenge in the national tournament. His favorite drink is "Reiko" (iced coffee) (????(???????), Reiko (aisukohi)?) and he has a crush on Fumina. A disciple of the Gunpla Shingyo School (???????, Ganpura Shingyo-ryu?), Minato arrogantly looks down at Tokyo residents, seeing himself as a superior Gunpla Builder to them.
He accuses Yuuma of running away from their rivalry and urges him to quit Gunpla Battle and concentrate on the upcoming Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup (?????????????? ?????, Ganpura Birudazu Kontesuto Meijin-hai?) instead.

Following the Try Fighters' victory at the West Tokyo qualifiers, Minato persuades Tendaiji Academy's Gunpla Battle team to accept him for a shot at Yuuma in the championships. After the Build Busters lose to the Try Fighters in the semifinals, Minato is challenged by Yuuma at the Meijin Cup, thus continuing their rivalry. Initially, he is reluctant to accept Minato into the team due to his numerous rejections to their invitations in the past, but he gives in after Masaki Kodera steps down as a full-time member. Team Von Braun (???????, Fon Buraun?) represents Granada Academy (??????, Guranada Gakuen?) of Tokushima Prefecture. Both Von Braun and Granada are named after the moon cities in the Universal Century timeline.
He moves to Japan to continue his studies at Granada Academy and enter the national tournament.
During the epilogue of episode 25, he is paid a visit by Wilfrid and Shia Kijima, which implies that he is recruited into Celestial Sphere as Saga Adou's replacement.
It is named after the Titans, an elite Earth Federation division in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
Seeing that their master would not teach him the school's ultimate technique, he abandoned the school to become a stronger fighter by mastering other fighting styles, including Gunpla Battle, but becoming ruthless and cruel.
He joins Tenzan Academy's team in the national tournament, confronting Team Try Fighters in the quarterfinals and challenging Sekai in a one on one match. After being defeated, Junya sees the errors of his ways and reconciles with Sekai, departing to keep improving himself as a martial artist and returning to his master. The company owns Yajima Stadium (????????, Yajima Sutajiamu?), the host of the Gunpla Battle championships and successor to the now demolished PPSE Stadium. Adjacent to the stadium is the PPSE Stadium Monument, honoring the Gunpla Fighters who saved Tokyo from the giant Arista, a Plavsky particle crystal that had reached critical mass at the end of the 7th Gunpla Battle World Championships. He returns with Lady Kawaguchi as spectators in the qualifying tournament before involving himself with the Try Fighters.
Idolized by Fumina, she is the only female Gunpla fighter to be given the prestigious name "Kawaguchi".
Nils Yajima (???????, Yajima Nirusu?) Voiced by: Shinnosuke Tachibana The former American Gunpla Battle Champion, Nils is now a chief engineer at Yajima Trading, having rediscovered Plavsky particles after the 7th Gunpla Battle Championship. In episode 18, she briefly returns to Japan to deliver the original Build Burning Gundam's spare parts to Yuuma to repair the Try Burning Gundam before flying back to France. Sei Iori (??????, Iori Sei?) The former Gunpla Battle World Champion and creator of the Build Burning Gundam. He has China deliver the Gunpla's spare parts to the Try Fighters and hopes to battle Sekai someday. He will do whatever it takes to win, such as promising other women to go on a date with him. Mihoshi (????) Formerly known as Kirara (????), the Gunpla Idol is now a famous celebrity in Hollywood. After winning the Tokyo Gunpla Collection battle, Karin is chosen as the Gunpla Battle Championship's image character, however, when she realizes that she is pregnant with another child, she is forced to resign from that position and give it to Mirai.
BG-011B Build Burning Gundam (????????????, Birudo Baningu Gandamu?) Sekai Kamiki's Gunpla, which is built exclusively for unarmed melee combat. First revealed inside Sekai's destroyed MS-09 Dom during his first Gunpla Battle, the Build Burning Gundam is an improved version of a Gunpla built and entered by Sei Iori during the 11th World Tournament. It possesses a similar system to the Star Build Strike Gundam's Radial General Purpose (RG) System that gives it incredible offensive and defensive power. The overall clear blue parts glow in a burning red color and create flames by manipulating Plavsky particles, allowing Sekai to make use of his Jigen Haoh school martial arts techniques such as the Seiken-Zuki (????(??????)?), Seiso-Geri (????(??????)?), Shippu-Zuki (????(??????)?), Sotenguren-Ken (?????(?????????)?), Senpu Tatsumaki-Geri (??????(??????????)?), Ryusei Rasen-Ken (?????(??????????)?), Dangan Hagan-Ken (?????(?????????)?), Senko Majutsu-Geri (??????(??????????)?), and Hado Reppaku-Ken ((?????????)?). When the Build Burning Gundam and its fighter are both in peak condition, additional fire effects will burst out from its back. During its battle with Wilfrid Kijima's Transient Gundam in episode 13, the Build Burning Gundam executes a Phoenix-like attack that destroys the moon in the playing field before its arms are shattered by the excessive strain of the Plavsky particle emission. It is here that the Try Fighters realize that Sekai's assimilation with the Build Burning Gundam has far exceeded the Gunpla's capabilities; thus the need for an upgrade. Originally built by Sei for his friend Reiji, having his fighting style in mind, Sei eventually entrusts the Gunpla to Sekai upon seeing how similar they are, to the point of providing spare parts for maintenance.
TBG-011B Try Burning Gundam (????????????, Torai Baningu Gandamu?) Sekai's upgraded Build Burning Gundam used in the National Tournament. It is redesigned and redone from the ground up, with reinforced armor parts and clear parts for better emission. It is also equipped with a new system called Burning Burst System (?????????????, Baningu Basuto Shisutemu?), designed by Yuuma Kousaka to maximize the Plavsky particle emission but speeds up the assimilation process to Sekai, causing a Nocebo effect when getting hit or damaged.
During the final round in episode 24, both the Try Burning Gundam and Transient Gundam inflict severe damage on each other until the end of the time limit. Thanks to some extensive modifications to the polycap layout by Yuuma and Minato, the Try Burning Gundam is repaired with parts from the Lightning Gundam Full Burnern and Star Winning Gundam. KBG-011B Kamiki Burning Gundam (????????????, Kamiki Baningu Gandamu?) Sekai's own original Gunpla, based on the Build Burning Gundam. LGZ-91 Lightning Gundam (??????????, Raitoningu Gandamu?) Based on the RGZ-91 Re-GZ from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, this is Yuuma Kousaka’s Gunpla. It is equipped with the Lightning Back Weapon System (?????????????????, Raitoningu Bakku Uepon Shisutemu?), a support unit that docks with it for high speed maneuverability.
LGZ-91Fb Lightning Gundam Full Burnern (?????????? ???????, Raitoningu Gandamu Fufu Banian?) Yuuma upgrades his Lightning Gundam with the new Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-II (?????????????????Mk-II, Raitoningu Bakku Uepon Shisutemu Maku Tsu?), which adds more vernier thrusters for better maneuverability that far exceeds the Trans-Am mode of Mobile Suit Gundam 00-based Gunpla.
The upgraded Gunpla is named after the RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam "Zephyranthes" Full Burnern from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, while the Mk-II designation of the support unit pays homage to the Build Gundam Mk-II from the previous season.
MSZ-006LGT Lightning Zeta Gundam (??????Z(???)????, Raitoningu Zeta Gandamu?) Yuuma's entry into the Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup, based on the titular mobile suit from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
Despite not being transformable like the original model, the Gunpla is exceptionally detailed, indicating that it may be a complete scratch build. Aside from a beam rifle and two beam sabers, it can combine its wing binders with its shield to execute the Phoenix Burst (??????????, Fenikkusu Basuto?), an energy attack similar to one of Sekai's final attacks.
RGM-237C Powered GM Cardigan (????????????, Pawado Jimu Kadigan?) Fumina Hoshino's first Gunpla in the series, it is based on the RGM-79C Powered GM from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.
The Gunpla is upgraded with additional leg armor, shoulder armor that stores two beam sabers, forearm armor with Gatling guns, and a Powered Arms Powerder (?????????????, Pawado Amsu Pawada?) backpack with four control arms that hold two large beam rifles and two shields.
SD-237 Winning Gundam (?????????, Uiningu Gandamu?) An original SD Gundam Gunpla built by Fumina for the All-Japan Gunpla Battle Championship. Intended to be a support unit, it makes full use of its characteristics as an SD Gundam, and is loaded with various gimmicks such as recombining transformation into a Core Booster. During battle, the Winning Gundam is able to separate into component pieces that can combine with other Gunpla to increase their abilities.
For example, the torso links to the Build Burning Gundam's arm to form the Winning Knuckle (?????????, Uiningu Nakkuru?). The Winning Gundam's backpack and legs dock with the Lightning Gundam's beam rifles to each become the Winning Launcher (??????????, Uiningu Rancha?); alternatively, the parts can link with the Winning Gundam's beam machine gun. SD-237S Star Winning Gundam (????????????, Suta Uiningu Gandamu?) Fumina's Winning Gundam is upgraded with new armor parts and a new thruster backpack, which can deploy funnels for additional ranged attacks.
With the concept of being a support unit is kept and using the concepts of both SD and Real-type gunpla, it is also made into a more offensive unit than the former. Though its primary form is that of an SD, Star Winning Gundam can transform into "Real Mode" (??????, Riaru Modo?), a more traditionally scaled "High Grade" design that grants higher performance and a wider variety of attacks and abilities, including a uniquely stylized "Winning Beam" (????????, Uiningu Bimu?) attack from its V-fin. MS-09 Dom (??, Domu?) The Dom is Sekai's first Gunpla, based on the Zeon mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam.
He discovers it hidden inside Sei Iori and Reiji's championship trophy in the Gunpla Battle Club display cabinet. During Sekai's battle with Yuuma, the Dom is destroyed, only to reveal the Build Burning Gundam underneath its armor.
GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster (??????????, Gandamu Eamasuta?) The Gundam Airmaster is a Gunpla previously used by Yuuma, based on the mobile suit from After War Gundam X.
The Gundam Airmaster is destroyed by Saga Adou's Hydra Gundam in a Gundam Battle over a year before the events of this series. Musha Godmaru (?????(????????), Musha Goddomaru?) The Musha Godmaru is an SD Gunpla from the BB Senshi series, built by Sekai. Aside from the Dom's standard armament, the Dom R35 is equipped with two spiked shields, knee claws, and additional thrusters in the torso and backpack.
Ral deploys this Gunpla to prevent Meijin Kawaguchi from interfering with the free-for-all Gunpla Battle during the Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup. KUMA-F Beargguy Family (?????F(?????), Beaggai Famiri?) A customized KUMA-03 Beargguy III (KUMA-02 Beargguy II in the anime), the Beargguy F is Mirai Kamiki's Gunpla for the Tokyo Gunpla Collection (???????, Tokyo Gan Kore?) competition, built with the assistance of Yuuma.
It is painted white and composed of two components: the Mamagguy (?????, Mamaggai?) and the little Petit'gguy (?????, Puchiggai?) support unit attached on the Chair Striker backpack (??????????, Chea Sutoraika?).
When the Mamagguy is destroyed or severely damaged, pilot control is automatically switched over to the Petit'gguy.
As the Mamagguy is designed around the MSN-04 Acguy from Mobile Suit Gundam, it retains that suit's submarine propulsion system. The Petit'gguy lacks those features, but it can blow a bubble and use it to cross water surfaces.
AEU-09T AEU Enact Custom (AEU????????, AEU Inakuto Kastamu?) Daiki Miyaga's custom Gunpla based on the AEU Enact from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is a modified Commander Type Gunpla with parts from the AEU-09Y812 AEU Enact Ali Al-Saachez Custom, resulting in improved mobility and armament.
AEU-MA07013 Agrissa Type 13 (????????13, Agurissa Taipu Ju-san?) Just like the mobile armor seen in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the Agrissa is a support unit that can dock with Miyaga's AEU Enact Custom. The Agrissa and AEU Enact Custom are destroyed by the combined efforts of Sekai's Build Burning Gundam, Fumina's Powered GM Cardigan, and Yuuma's Lightning Gundam in episode 2.
RMS-116H Hobby Hizack (?????????, Hobi Haizakku?) Eri Shinoda's custom Gunpla based on the Neo-Zeon mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.
While the real Hobby Hizack is a downgraded and unarmed civilian mobile suit, Eri's version is armed with a beam rifle.
AMX-104GG R-Gyagya (R?????, R Gyagya?) Kaoruko Sazaki's personal Gunpla based on the AMX-104 R-Jarja from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. It incorporates the dual shield and Gatling gun concept first seen in Susumu Sazaki's YMS-15SS Gyan Vulcan from the previous season. The shields are made of a metal material which is resistant to even the Build Burning Gundam's attacks. The R-Gyagya's shields are attached to shoulder-mounted arms and can be used as melee weapons to pulverize enemy Gunpla. GF13-050NSW Nobel M Gundam (????????, Noberu Gandamu?) Mahiru Shigure's purple Gunpla based on the Neo-Sweden mobile suit from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Aside from its color scheme, it differs from its base design in that the "long blonde hair" of the original Nobel has been replaced by a much shorter purple ponytail that resembles that of its builder, and it has been given a beam bow from a Rising Gundam as a ranged armament. JMF1336R Rising K Gundam (?????????, Raijingu Gandamu?) Keiko Sano's blue Gunpla based on the Neo-Japan mobile suit from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Aside from its color scheme, it bears very few, if any differences from the original Rising Gundam's design.
YMS-15TS Gyan (???, Gyan?) Tateo Sazaki's Gunpla based on the Zeon mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam.
It shares the same upgrades as the original Gunpla built by his elder brother Susumu seven years prior. MSN-001M Mega-Shiki (???(????), Megashiki?) The Mega-Shiki is a custom Gunpla built by Minato Sakai for Shunsuke Sudou, based on the MSN-001 Delta Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn MSV and named after the MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. It is repainted in light blue with an anti-beam coating and equipped with the Mega Ride Launcher (??????????, Mega Raido Rancha?), a backpack that transforms into the Mega Launcher or Mega Rider.
In episode 9, the Mega-Shiki is severely damaged by the Lightning Gundam during battle, but remains functional toward the end of the Try Fighters vs. Its remaining left arm is completely shattered after punching the Build Burning Gundam in the head, rendering the Mega-Shiki unable to fight and giving the victory to the Try Fighters. LM312V04 Amethyst Victory Gundam (???????????????, Amejisuto Vikutori Gandamu?) Yomi Sakashita's custom Gunpla based on the League Militaire mobile suit from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.
Its lower torso is destroyed by the Build Burning Gundam's Winning Knuckle before its upper torso docks with the G-Bomber in episode 9. It can also deploy arms underneath its fuselage for melee attacks, grabbing its opponent and crushing it against its tank treads. Like the original unit, the G-Bomber can dock with the upper body of any mobile suit that uses a Core Block System. In episode 9, after the top portion is destroyed by the Build Burning Gundam's Winning Knuckle, the G-Bomber combines with the Amethyst Victory Gundam's upper body as a last-ditch effort to eliminate the Try Fighters, but the combined mecha is finished off by the Build Burning Gundam combined with the Winning Gundam's Core Fighter and the Lightning Back Weapon System.
GT-9600-dV Gundam Leopard da Vinci (????????????????, Gandam Reoparudo da Vinchi?) Akira's custom Gunpla based on the Gundam Leopard from After War Gundam X.
The Gundam Leopard da Vinci joins the free-for-all Gunpla Battle in episode 25 to duel with Sekai's Kamiki Burning Gundam.
ZZ-999 Zeo Zeong (???????, Jio Jiongu?) Meguta Yasu's custom Gunpla based on an SD version of the NZ-999 Neo Zeong from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, repainted in gray and modeled after the MSN-02 Zeong from Mobile Suit Gundam. It is destroyed by Akira's G-Bomber in a practice battle, resulting in Akira replacing Meguta in G-Master. MSN-02 Perfect Zeong (??????????, Pafekuto Jiongu?) Meguta's second Gunpla, based on the Zeon mobile suit from Mobile Suit Variations. AMS-129M Zee Zulu (??????, Ze Zuru?) Shunsuke Sudou's previous Gunpla based on the Neo-Zeon mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn novel. Team SRSC uses three custom Gunpla based on the RX-79[G]Ez-8 Gundam Ez8 from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. The configuration of these units is a nod to the titular mecha trio of Sunrise's 1987 anime series Metal Armor Dragonar.
ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (??????????, Desutoni Gandamu?) Shimon Izuna's Gunpla based on the ZAFT mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Built by Shimon's younger brother Mamoru, this Gunpla stands out from all of the others seen in the series thus far in that it is a "straight build", meaning that Mamoru snapped it together straight out of the box without any extra touch-ups or modifications whatsoever, such as painting or seam line and nub removal.

Despite its perceived poor performance due to the low quality of its build, Shimon has incorporated his own skills as a boxer into his Gunpla Battles (not unlike how Sekai incorporates his Jigen Haoh kenpo style), which more than makes up for his Destiny's handicap. The Destiny Gundam inflicts severe damage on Sekai's Build Burning Gundam, but is destroyed in the end of their battle in episode 7. He enters it in the Junior Course of the Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup in episode 25, but loses to Tateo Sazaki's Gyan. MVF-M11C Murasame (?????) Gorou Masuda's Gunpla based on the Orb Union mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny and a straight build as well. Despite being heavily damaged, it rams Yuuma's Lightning Gundam out of the battlefield in episode 7, eliminating both Gunpla in the battle. It is eliminated along with Fumina's Winning Gundam in episode 7 after Kouji sends both Gunpla out of the battlefield. GN-9999 Transient Gundam (???????????, Toranjento Gandamu?) Wilfrid Kijima's custom Gunpla, which is based on the GN-001 Gundam Exia from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The entire Gunpla is custom built for all-purpose combat and finely tuned for Wilfred's use. Because of its overall customization, its overall performance is at the same as the Gundam The End, and also can even last through a fight against the Build Burning Gundam. It attacks using the GN Partisan (GN?????, GN Parutezan?), that can generate particle bits and use them as projectiles.
During the final round in episode 24, both the Transient Gundam and Try Burning Gundam inflict severe damage on each other until the end of the time limit. After some quick repairs, both Gunpla engage in a grueling overtime round until the Transient Gundam is destroyed by the Try Burning Gundam. RX-END Gundam The End (????????, Gandamu Ji Endo?) Saga Andou's custom Gunpla, its body is concealed in a mantle similar to the Normal Mode of the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, with gigantic hands that resemble those of the GNMA-0001V Regnant from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
These hands shoot DE Fangs from the fingers and enable the Gunpla's finisher, "Dead End Finger" (???????????, Deddo Endo Finga?), in which each palm can consume an enemy Gunpla. The Gundam The End is also armed with the "Shot The End" (????????, Shotto Ji Endo?) revolver, which resembles a six-shooter from Westerns.
The Gunpla's secret weapon in its abdomen is the Ikkaku (?????) a miniature Gunpla that resembles the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.
The Gundam The End and Gundam Portent are critically damaged by the full power of Fumina's Star Winning Gundam's Winning Beam during the final round of the national tournament in episode 24. Later during the fight, both the Gundam The End and Yuuma's Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-II are eliminated after Yuuma unleashes the last of his missiles in the Gundam The End's midsection.
The Gunpla is equipped with a Particle Transformation Field that allows it not to be hit by projectile and beam attacks.
Due to the peakiness of the suit's build, its overall performance focuses on high speed combat. In the event of sustaining damage, the Gundam Portent can repair itself by deploying Haro-piloted Karel units from the Portent Flyer (??????????, Potanto Furaiya?).
Shia Kijima's customized Gunpla, initially based on the GNW-100A Sakibure from Mobile Suit Gundam 00I 2134.
During the final round in episode 24, both the Gundam Portent and Star Winning Gundam eliminate each other after from direct hits to the chest with their melee weapons. Team White Wolf's Gunpla are based on the MS-06R1-A Zaku II High Mobility Type from Mobile Suit Variations. The team is singlehandedly defeated by Lucas Nemesis' Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth in the quarterfinals of the national tournament in episode 20. MS-06R1-WW1 Zaku Managarmr (?????????, Zaku Managarumu?) Kenshou Matsunaga's custom Gunpla, painted in white with silver accents. In keeping with the White Wolf theme, the Zaku Managarmr's shoulder armor is designed to look like a wolf on the Gunpla's shoulders. MS-06R1-WW2 Zaku Alvaldi (??????????, Zaku Aruvarudi?) Minoru Koshiba's custom Gunpla, painted in the traditional green Zaku II colors. A heavy armor type, the Zaku Alvaldi is equipped with two large tanks on its back and two hand-held shields. MS-06R1-WW3 Zaku Kraken (????????, Zaku Kuraken?) Yoshiki Uzuki's custom Gunpla, painted in black and gray. An assault type mobile suit, the Zaku Kraken is armed with psycommu weaponry such as funnels and wire-guided 5-barrel mega particle guns, similar to the MSN-01 Psycommu Test Type Zaku II from Mobile Suit Variations. It is destroyed by Shia Kijima's Gundam Portent during the first round of the national tournament in episode 16. GN-006 Cherudim Gundam (?????????, Kerudimu Gandamu?) Kei Karima's Gunpla based on the Celestial Being mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Overpowered by the Transient Gundam, the Cherudim Gundam concedes during the four-way battle royal in episode 13. XMA-01 Rafflesia (?????, Rafureshia?) Kei's entry into the Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup, based on the Crossbones Vanguard mobile armor from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Due to its massive size and inability to fit into the regulation display case, the Rafflesia is disqualified from the contest. It is eventually destroyed by everyone else in the free-for-all Gunpla Battle in episode 25.
All three Gunpla can combine into the dragon-like Mobile Armor Snibal-Drago-Gira (????????????, Sunaibaru Dorago Gira?). The Gunpla is destroyed by the combined efforts of the Try Fighters in the second round of the national tournament.
SDG-R1 Snibal Gundam (?????????, Sunaibaru Gandamu?) The customized Gunpla of Toshiya Shiki, it specializes in tactical combat and is equipped with a Pile Bunker for close ranged attacks. SDG-R2 Dragonagel Gundam (???????????, Doragonageru Gandamu?) Nobuya Shiki's Gunpla, which uses the Absorb System similar to the Star Build Strike Gundam.
SDG-R3 Giracanon Gundam (?????????, Girakanon Gandamu?) Kazuya Shiki's personal Gunpla, it uses a long-ranged bazooka for shooting down enemies.
It has been redesigned to pay homage to the Brave series line of mecha, with the ability to separate into three animal mecha: TRY-M1 Riku Tryon (???????, Riku Toraion?) (liger, which forms Gundam Tryon 3's backpack and chest), TRY-M2 Umi Tryon (???????, Umi Toraion?) (manta ray, which forms Gundam Tryon 3's upper torso and arms), and TRY-M3 Sora Tryon (???????, Sora Toraion?) (bird, which forms Gundam Tryon 3's lower torso and legs). Gundam Tryon 3 uses Super Robot attacks such as the "Armed Booster" (?????????, Amudo Busuta?) (a rocket punch attack), "Liger Glare" (???????, Raiga Gurea?) (a beam attack emitting from the liger head's eyes), "Heat Wing" (???????, Hito Uingu?) (a slashing attack using the super heated forearm shields), "Boomerang Stagger" (??????????, Bumeran Sutagga?) (the Tryon 3's V-fin converted into a boomerang), "Raptor Breaker" (?????????, Raputa Bureika?) (a kick using the Sora Tryon's talons to grip the enemy Gunpla for added damage), and "Double Cannonade" (?????????, Daburu Kyanonedo?) (the Tryon 3's twin beam cannons). For its finishing attack, Tryon 3 traps the enemy Gunpla in a barrier before unveiling its sword, the Chohoken Hyper Minovsky (???(???????)??????????, Chohoken Haipa Minofusuki?, lit.
Despite inflicting severe damage on the Try Fighters, Tryon 3 is ultimately defeated by Yuuma's battered Lightning Gundam Full Burnern in the semifinals in episode 22. XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth (???????????X1?????, Kurosubon Gandamu Ekkusu Wan Furu Kurosu?) Lucas Nemesis' custom Gunpla, based on the XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai Kai "Skull Heart" from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Skull Heart.
It is an incredibly versatile unit, featuring high firepower, great mobility, high defense, and has a plethora of weapons allowing Lucas to adapt to nearly any situation. However, such high performance comes at a cost as the Gunpla burns through Plavsky Particles at an accelerated rate when compared to other Gunpla. The Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth is defeated by Wilfrid's Transient Gundam during the semifinal round in episode 21. Both units are assigned to resupply the Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth's Plavsky particles at hidden waypoints during battle.
Rui's unit is destroyed by Adou's Gundam The End and Taiki's unit is sniped by Shia's Gundam Portent during the semifinal round in episode 21. NK-13J Denial Gundam (??????????, Dinaiaru Gandamu?) Junya Inose's custom Gunpla, which specializes in close combat. Originally called Cathedral Gundam (?????????, Katedoraru Gandamu?), it is the Gunpla built by the late 2nd Meijin Kawaguchi, seven years before the events of the series. But due to his health condition and collapsing from an unknown disease, it was left unfinished leaving the model in its current state.
Junya finished the build several years later after receiving it from his coach and became a Build Fighter in order to get the ultimate technique of the Jigen Haoh School martial Arts. Like the Try Burning Gundam, its clear black parts can emit a bright purple glow, while the back of its head is able to create a hair-like apendage by manipulating Plavsky particles while increasing its fighting strength.
Unlike the Try Burning in which Sekai fights fair in the Jigen Haoh School's principle, the Denial Gundam fights like a mad beast and can utilize all of the mixed martial arts style Junya learned. Despite its full capabilities, it is ultimately destroyed by Sekai's Try Burning Gundam in the quarterfinals of the national tournament in episode 20. GNY-003CL Gundam Abulhool Plus (?????????????, Gandamu Aburuhoru Purasu?) Takuya Tajima's custom Gunpla, which is a GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool from Mobile Suit Gundam 00P fitted with the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios' beam submachine guns. In episode 19, despite using the Pugachev's Cobra technique to outmaneuver Yuuma's Lightning Gundam Full Burnern, it only manages to shoot down the Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-II before being sniped by the Lightning Gundam from above.
PF-78-3A Gundam Amazing Red Warrior (??????????????????, Gandamu Ameijingu Reddo Uoria?) A customized Gunpla owned by Tatsuya, it is officially based on the PF-78-3 Perfect Gundam III "Red Warrior" from Plamo Kyoshiro. Personally customized, the Gunpla itself is considered to be improved aesthetically, while retaining the Red Warrior's high performance. The Gundam Amazing Red Warrior's color scheme is also seen as a nod to the titular mecha of Sunrise's 1980 anime series Space Runaway Ideon.
Devil Dragon Blade Zero Gundam (??????????, Maryu Kenshi Zero Gandamu?) A Gunpla owned by Lady Kawaguchi, based on the character of the same name from Shin SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Story. The Gunpla itself is custom built and tuned for Lady's fighting style and attacks using the Thunder Dragon Sword and Falcon Swords. It also can go into its super mode called "Devil Dragon Awakening" to increase its performance and take down enemies. SD-9071A "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing (?????????????????, Kurenai Musha Reddo Uoria Ameijingu?) Lady Kawaguchi's custom Gunpla, which is an SD version of the Gundam Amazing Red Warrior. Lady uses this Gunpla to take on Fumina, Gyanko, and Shia during the free-for-all Gunpla Battle in episode 25. Hi-Mock (?????, Haimokku?) The Hi-Mock is an upgraded variant of the unmanned Mock, which was originally introduced at the end of the 7th Gunpla Battle World Championships. Super Fumina (???????, Supa Fumina?) Minato's entry into the Gunpla Builder's Contest Meijin Cup, this Gunpla is an MS Girl figure modeled after Fumina Hoshino, with weapons and accessories from her Powered GM Cardigan.
Despite his dedication to crafting the Gunpla, Minato does not win the Open Course trophy on the grounds that he used Fumina's likeness without her permission. Upon hearing the protests of Minato over his loss, as well as Fumina's from her embarrassment over the Gunpla's design, Meijin and Lady Kawaguchi decide the only way to settle this issue is for both of Minato and Yuuma's entries to engage in Gunpla Battle. The melee ends up being a free-for-all, with everyone in attendance joining in with their Gunpla. GSX-401FW Stargazer (???????, Sutageiza?) Based on the titular mecha from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. WD-M01 ? Gundam (Taku Custom) (?????(TAKU??), Tan E Gandamu(Taku Shiyo?) Taku's custom Gunpla based on the titular mecha from Turn A Gundam, repainted in black. Title Release Date 1 "The Boy Who Calls the Wind" "Kaze wo Yobu Shonen" (??????) October 8, 2014 After being arrested for scaring a gang at a back alley with his martial arts skills, Sekai Kamiki arrives at Seiho Academy as a second-year transfer student. As the last remaining member of the Gunpla Battle Club struggling to form a team to participate in the upcoming Gunpla Battle Tournament, Fumina Hoshino convinces Sekai to join her club. Torai Faitazu" (??!??????????) October 15, 2014 Sekai is transferred to the same class as Yuuma. Meanwhile, Sekai and Fumina must battle Miyaga, Yuuma, and Eri Hoshino in a two-on-three battle to save the Gunpla Battle Club from being absorbed into the Plamo Club. 3 "Her Name Is Gyanko" "Sono na wa Gyanko" (????????) October 22, 2014 The Try Fighters have their first practice game with a female trio from Saint Odessa Girls' School.
4 "G-Muse" "Ji Myuzu" (G????) October 29, 2014 Word spreads quickly of the Try Fighters' victory over the Song Dynasty Vase team, which has other teams on edge. Meanwhile, as the Try Fighters practice for the West Division qualifiers, Fumina takes Sekai on a date to G-Muse, a Gundam museum and shopping center. 5 "Dream and Challenge in Your Heart" "Akogare to Chosen wo Mune ni" (????????) November 5, 2014 Following his humiliating defeat at the hands of Minato Sakai, Sekai struggles to adapt his Jigen Haoh School techniques in different environments while Yuuma upgrades his Lightning Gundam. Meanwhile, Fumina reveals her inspiration for taking up Gunpla Battle as a hobby, and she completes her latest Gunpla just in time for the qualifying tournament. 6 "Ruler of the Battlefield" "Senjo no Shihai-sha" (??????) November 12, 2014 Shortly after winning their first battle, the Try Fighters face Team SRSC, which is favored to win the championship. Certain that they cannot win in their current condition, Fumina decides to reveal the secret power of the Winning Gundam. 7 "Straight-Assembly Shimon" "Sugomi no Shimon" (???????) November 19, 2014 The Try Fighters make it to the quarterfinals, but have to face a rookie team that relies on straight-builds - Gunpla kits that are built straight out of the box without any touch-ups.
The team's leader is Shimon Izuna, a former boxing champion who proves that a fighter's raw skill can outperform any opponent with a snap-fit Gunpla, and Sekai and his partners' resolve is tested when Shimon's teammates beg them to concede their match for the sake of his younger brother. 8 "Upon This Shield" "Kono Tate ni Chikatte" (???????) November 26, 2014 The time comes for the semifinals and Song Dynasty Vase takes on G-Master.
Gyanko is determined to face against Sekai in the others in the finals, until the West Tokyo champions show their true power. 9 "Showdown at Solomon" "Kessen no Soromon" (???????) December 3, 2014 The Try Fighters face G-Master for a spot at the national tournament. 10 "Gunpla Collection" "Gan Kore" (?????) December 10, 2014 The Try Fighters have won the West Tokyo Division finals and are taking a much-deserved break before the national tournament. Meanwhile, Mirai is selected to represent her talent agency in a Gunpla battle between fashion models.
11 "Nielsen Labs" "Nirusen Rabo" (????????) December 17, 2014 To prepare for the national tournament, Mr.
But just as they prepare for a trial battle, someone from Yuuma's past returns to haunt him.
12 "To Fly to the Future" "Mirai e Habataku Tame ni" (??????????) December 24, 2014 Following the Try Fighters' humiliating defeat at the hands of Saga Adou and the intervention of Meijin Kawaguchi III, Sekai loses consciousness due to continuous assimilation with his Gunpla while Yuuma runs away. The Meijin challenges Yuuma to a Gunpla battle to reveal why Yuuma lost the fight, and Fumina encounters the person who inspired her to take up Gunpla battle. 13 "Beyond the Knuckle" "Biyondo za Nakkuru" (???????????) January 7, 2015 After Sekai wakes up and proceeds to Nielsen Labs' workshop to repair his Build Burning Gundam, he encounters a mysterious girl who admires his Gunpla.

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