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Why is something as bizarre as hormone mimickers found in synthetic products, like a water bottle? This may not seem that drastic, but try and paint a visual image of yourself in a supermarket. Do you remember the shaking news revealed a couple of years ago on plastic products that contain BPA?  Well that just so happens to be an extremely powerful xenoestrogen.
Though oestrogen is a natural hormone we all need in our bodies, this mimicker amplifies the effects in a completely unnatural way. Oestrogen plays a vital role in controlling weight gain, sex-organ health, fertility, immunity and mental health.
So you can only just imagine how serious the damage can be from giving your body far more than you actually need in a synthetic form.
Though these are not synthetic products, commercially-raised livestock are actually fed a diet pumped with xenoestrogens. Not only does it help get them plumper, but it also helps increase the amount of milk and eggs they produce. The dietary nightmare doesn’t end there, all livestock food is sprayed in pesticides, so usually they will ingest a double dose of xenoestrogens on a daily basis. Essential fatty acid, Omega 3 is not only a xenoestrogen inhibitor, but it is incredible at also balancing your oestrogen levels and your metabolism.

Marina Wildt is a writer with a keen interest in both the medical and scientific faculties. Great advice, especially :- Stick to Foods you can pronounce - read labels and educate yourself re the mysterious ingredients!
Each packet of apples you buy, every body soap and even that bottle of vitamins could in actual fact contain xenoestrogens. You may think that oestrogen is a hormone only relevant for women, but this is really not the case. However, there are certain things you can eat to inhibit xenooestrogen’s from being absorbed in your body. They have an antioxidant potential in the body and further protect and enhance your body’s natural balance.
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