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Objective To determine the rate and the primary types of medication dispensing errors detected by pharmacists during implementation of a unit dose drug dispensing system. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Cerner’s automated medication dispensing devices and solutions allow nurses and pharmacists to more safely and efficiently manage medication dispensing and administration. A unified medication management system removes time-consuming tasks from the medication process across multiple venues. By integrating RxStation cabinets with our hospital and pharmacy solutions, you can manage the entire medication process, ensuring a safe Single Source of Truth™ is created in the electronic medical record.
RxStation®, our automated medication dispensing device, enhances the safety and efficiency of the entire closed-loop medication process. Method The check of the unit dose medication cassettes was performed by pharmacists to identify dispensing errors before delivering to the care units.
From April 2006 to December 2006, detected errors were corrected and recorded into seven categories: unauthorized drug, wrong dosage-form, improper dose, omission, wrong time, deteriorated drug, and wrong patient errors.
Main outcome measure Dispensing error rate, calculated by dividing the total of detected errors by the total of filled and omitted doses; classification of recorded dispensing errors. Results During the study, 9,719 unit dose medication cassettes were filled by pharmacy technicians.

Many causes may probably explain the occurrence of dispensing errors, including communication failures, problems related to drug labeling or packaging, distractions, interruptions, heavy workload, and difficulties in reading handwriting prescriptions. Conclusion The results showed that a wide range of errors occurred during the dispensing process. A check performed after the initial medication selection is also necessary to detect and correct dispensing errors. In order to decrease the occurrence of dispensing errors, some practical measures have been implemented in the central pharmacy. But because some dispensing errors may remain undetected, there is a requirement to develop other strategies that reduce or eliminate these errors. Cost comparison of unit dose and traditional drug distribution in a long-term-care facility.
Medication errors in hospitals: computerized unit dose drug dispensing system versus ward stock distribution system. A propos d’une experience d’organisation de dispensation journaliere individuelle nominative (DJIN). Occurrence of dispensing errors and efforts to reduce medication errors at the Central Arkansas Veteran’s Healthcare System. Errors remaining in unit dose carts after checking by pharmacists versus pharmacy technicians.

Evaluating the accuracy of technicians and pharmacists in checking unit dose medication cassettes.
Medication-error reporting and pharmacy resident experience during implementation of computerized prescriber order entry. The epidemiology of prescribing errors: the potential impact of computerized prescriber order entry.
A comparison of the accuracy of unit dose cart fill with the Baxter ATC-212 computerized system and manual filling. Medication dispensing errors and potential adverse drug events before and after implementing bar code technology in the pharmacy. Comparison of methods for detecting medication errors in 36 hospitals and skilled-nursing facilities.

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