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That is pretty much our day for Monday, I will keep you updated on the rest of the week soon!
I just did a quick run through of my entire day, hopefully it informs you more about my journey here at the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant.
To the ones who I unfortunately can’t share my excitement with, pepere Caissie, pepere Blanchard, Elroy, meme and dede Kenny, I wish that I make you proud strutting my stuff on that stage! Finally, thank you to all the people who believes in me, the ones who follow my Facebook fan page, my twitter followers, the Miss Teen Canada-World staff, my community, all of your support is greatly appreciated and I am very proud to represent not only my province, but Tracadie-Sheila with pride and grace! Handa Travel opened in 1976 and they knew that they wanted to share their love for travel, but they had no idea how successful this would be. For the 4th blog assignment, we were given the task to describe our dream vacation with our friends and S-Trip!
I have to be honest, being an athlete growing up, I couldn’t miss a Lakers game at the Staples Center!
Finally, to end my dream vacation, I would love to take dance classes at the Millennium  Dance Complex. In late July 2012, I thought you know, this year is your year, let’s try out and see what happens.
I had so many great opportunities and I really evolved as a person and I would like to thank my friends and family for their support and also the Miss Teen Canada-World staff for believing in me and for giving me such an amazing experience that I will cherish forever. The workout that I will be posting below doesn’t require any extra equipment, however if you have some dumbbells (or even 3 litre water jugs) you can ramp up the intensity. I really recommend that you should this at home, it’s a very easy and simple workout that is fun to you and really works your body and not only one specific area! I remember that when my friends and I were younger, every time there was an intermission, we just jumped up and started dancing to each and every song that played! At 10:00, all the boys and girls were able to play street hockey with the guys from the titans and have a blast with them. During this event, I got to meet great people from the Chaleur region and make new friends from the titan’s hockey team! In 1952, Miss New York USA, Jackie Loughery, was crowned the first ever Miss USA titleholder! There were thirty delegates in the first year of competition, and many states did not compete every year during the first two decades of the pageant’s history.
Utah, Alabama,  Illinois, South Carolina and Connecticut + one more contestant advanced based on viewer’s tweets. She will represent her country very well at the 2013 Miss Universe competition that will be held in Russia in November. As Miss Teen New Brunswick-World 2013, I was able to attend my 10th Relay for Life, but this year, as a reigning provincial titleholder. When I arrived, I immediately attracted people’s attention (having a big shinny crown kind of does that). I am so proud of each and every single person out there who passed through it all and are still here, living, breathing, surviving. Cardiac Kids is a volunteer group who raise much-needed funds for children who are suffering from congenital heart disease. Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner, working both domestically and internationally to empower and enable youth to be agents of change.
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The video shoot was so much fun, I literally felt as if I was in the Miss Universe pageant saying “Shyann Caissie, 16, Tracadie-Sheila New Brunswick!” I answered to basic questions and the man who was filming was so sweet and respectful!
Have you ever heard the quote “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” by John F.
If it weren’t for you supporting me and being there for me when I needed you, I would probably not be on a plane Friday heading for a national competition. I had an awesome time fundraising and educating my community about Free the Children and I wish that people spread the word and donate even more!! Alright, so being a delegate in the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant is already awesome right? Since this is a dream vacation blog post, one of my dreams would be to have court side seats to one of their games. Ever since I first heard of this studio, it has always been a dream of mine to dance there. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends on Grad Trip.
I was literally having a great time and just enjoying myself, no matter what the results might be. I was able to travel across my province, attend numerous events to raise awareness for special causes, etc. Thank you for having faith in me as a provincial titleholder and giving me the chance to represent my hometown and my province on a national level. So I come from a family who has always been active during their teenage years, my mother was a figure skater, my godfather was a bodybuilder, etc. It could have been a slow song like a fast one; we were always having the time of our lives. A group of hockey fans and business people decided to invest in the talented hockey team and to make them a winning team again! It was such an honor to be able to show my support for not only my favorite team, but also for the minor hockey teams of the region. I’ve always been a fan of the Miss Universe organisation and have always looked up to the reigning titleholders (Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA). After fighting through a year against cancer, my grandfather passed away due to intestine cancer which sadly spread through his entire body. It brought me back to amazing memories that I would never forget, but also made me think about how life can be taken back in a matter of seconds. It really was an honor to attend my 10 year “anniversary” as part of the Relay for Life family with my title and helping as much as I could. It gave me the chance to really talk about my personal experiences and how wonderful it was that such a huge crowd was there to support this amazing charity. I really admire and respect the cancer survivor’s and I would also like to say my dearest sympathies to the families who lost family members along the way. Turns out, I did everything in one shot, besides setting the camera for my heights and all that. I am enjoying my time here in Toronto and taking each and every single moment in and embracing the fact that I am representing my province at a national competition.
Not only do they have a variety of stores to suit every taste and budget, but they also have several different types of shopping venues. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Technically, I am on this wonderful journey since last July, but still, I can’t imagine how fast and how amazing this adventure has been.
Well, all of the nerves that I was suppose to have at the beginning of the pageant just hit me!
It really showed me how wearing a sash and crown really gives you a voice and how that voice can be heard by not only hundreds, but by thousands of people! I then get a call from Darlene, a staff member from the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant and she tells me that I qualified for a skype interview with Michelle Weswaldi, the director of the entire pageant! I will never forget this beautiful adventure and can’t wait to see what awaits at nationals!!

I personally like to do it in my living room because I have more space, but it’s your choice. Sometimes, they do games during the intermission and as funny as it may sound, my grandmother was chosen! They also want to attract new supporters and bring back the old ones to encourage our regional hockey team, so they decided to plan a tailgate party to introduce the new players to the public and also raise money for the minor hockey team of the region. Just seeing the kids faces made my day, they were having so much fun playing hockey with guys that they really admire. You know, I always followed their journey on Facebook or Twitter, but I suddenly fell on an article in my local newspaper about the newly crowned Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella, who won the pageant in 2011. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that Nick Jonas (my childhood crush) and Giuliana Rancic was going to host the pageant!
She is such a fantastic role model especially for those who have been raised in a home heavily influenced by alcohol and substance abuse such as herself. It is her goal to help break the cycle of addiction as she plans to be an advocate for children of alcohol and substance abuse. Being three years old, the only thing that I remember was asking questions: Why is pepere sleeping? Being older this time, I can still imagine how hard it was not only for me, but for my family as well. Obviously, cancer affects everyone, not necessarily by being diagnosed with it, but by knowing a family member or a friend that has cancer. The first 5-7 years that I was related to the Relay for Life was because my aunt’s work place (aliant mobility) always had a team, so I always walked with my aunt until I was tired and fell asleep, but one thing that really motivated me was the competitive side of it all.
Funny story, during the 2 minutes of silence, a little girl came up to me and started to yell “A PRINCESS, MOMMY LOOK, A PRINCESS!” At least people laughed about it.
I am most likely going to attend many relay for life’s in the future and continue praying for this horrible disease to finally stop taking away our friends, family, etc. I still can’t believe that I am here, at nationals representing the wonderful province of New Brunswick. After we finished eating, we went back to our room to get all of my luggage and also get my parents luggage so they could check out of the hotel. I know that we have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change our relationships for the world. Even though you aren’t here with us, I know that you are watching and being my guardian angels. S-Trip!, a student travel company, is helping the Miss Teen Canada-World staff to create a Social Media Queen award. I would also love to attend a taping of a TV show such as So You Think You Can Dance or The Ellen DeGeneres Show!
They have malls, shopping districts (such as the Grove and Third Street Promenade) and open-air markets, organized by location. See beaches, movie star homes, downtown and all of the attractions through the eyes of an expert! I would have to bring my father to this one because we are huge sport freaks and we would have so much fun together. I thought why not write a blog post about me, about my journey, how I got here and why I applied this year and not another one, etc. I personally knew one of the girls for a long time and I knew that she have done numerous pageants before so I personally thought that she was going to leave with the crown. I gained so much confidence and self-esteem knowing that I could spread my message threw out my province and give hope to the children who have suffered from medical issues or alcohol and drug abuse. I was so happy that I’ve already got this far, I mean qualify for a skype interview, come on, for a girl that comes from a town with 2 stop lights, that’s pretty amazing!
Make sure that you choose an area that will allow you to lie down and move around WITHOUT hitting the furniture, ouch. I wanted to play when I was younger, but my entire family are figure skaters, so I was stuck with figure skating instead.
The game was that they started on one side of the ice and had to race to the other side while stopping at each line to put on a piece of hockey equipment. You had the chance to win a barbecue sponsored by Canadian Tire and there was also face painting and inflatable games for the children. That is when I started to do my research on the pageant and really admire the titleholders. She spent 20 days in Las Vegas with 50 other beautiful contestants vying for the 2012 Diamond Nexus crown. At the age of 5, I walked in my very first Relay for Life. Each year, more than 4 million people in over 20 countries raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer through the Relay for Life movement. After the CN Tower, we went to the Distillery District in Toronto, a very cute yet elegant place filled with tiny little adorable shops.
They’re was so many options, the service was wonderful and I have to be honest, I put way to many food in my plate because everything looks so yummy!!
This award will be given to the girl with the best blogging skills and her ability to promote posts on Facebook and Twitter. The winner of the award will be going on a Grad Trip! I don’t know why California has always been one of my dream destinations, but there is just something about it that makes me want to jump over the moon!
It includes factory outlets and farmers markets (just like my grandma likes it!) I would probably have to calm down because if not, I would spend all of my money in the stores buying things that I would either not wear or that I would wear it so much that I will be sick of it in a week. If my cousins could come with me on this fantastic trip, I wouldn’t have a choice but to bring them to Disneyland! Hopefully, this will explain why I am so excited and how I became Miss Teen New Brunswick-World 2013! She even judged one of my dancing competitions so it was an honor to learn two of her choreographies.  The second dance has to be one of my favorite moments of the entire pageant. I have only been through the medical part, but my uncle died at the age of 5 because he was hit by a man who made a bad decision to drink and drive. So I can say that I was sort of affected by that issue as well. Michelle then explains to me that the pageant that they will be recruiting girls from this year was from the pageant that I won in 2010! My first game was a titan’s game, the regional hockey team that plays in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The titans have always been one of my favorite hockey teams.
It was simply hilarious, not only because she was wearing high heels, but also because she was wearing a skirt which made it even harder for her!
One thing that really made me smile was the fact that there was this little girl named Emma who just stared at me with these big brown eyes and followed me everywhere!
They became my true role models, I read Alyssa’s blog, became a subscriber on their Youtube channels (Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA) and so on and so forth. Communities across the globe come together to honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against a disease that unfortunately, has already taken too much. I got pretty emotional when the survivors were walking they’re first lap; I couldn’t stop imagining that there might have been a slight chance of my grandfathers being there if something might of went differently.
Rob, the blog judge, organized us a scaventure hunt across the Distillery District and it was really fun! Hi-Tec Canada is giving us great shoes and ps by prettysweet had delicious customized cookies! I wanted to stop thinking about packing and dress fittings and just take the time to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to accomplish this longtime dream of mine. My father on the other hand would probably like to spend the day at the America’s got Talent auditions.
After crowning my successor (one of my best friends since forever) I thought alright, what’s next?

Every year, I try to go at the most games possible, even if the arena where they play is an hour drive from where I live. Unfortunately, she didn’t win (she was only at the first line when the winner won), but it still makes us laugh.
I was honored to have been able to attend this fantastic event as Miss Teen New Brunswick-World 2013 and to show my support for my favorite team! She literally told me that she wanted to be my sister, so we became new bff’s and I adopted her as my new sister because I always wanted a sibling ?? After Emma left, my parents and I were sitting on the sidewalk when this lady came up to me and just started to scream that she wanted my autograph, she loved my smile and that she thought I was beautiful.
They really inspired me to pursue one of my dream which is to be a delegate in the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant! To my four little munchkins, I hope that I was able to inspire you throughout this entire journey and that you live your life to the fullest. They really guide you through the city I know that I feel more comfortable traveling alone without a guide after being told where everything is!
I was only 13 years old at the time and never really been into the pageant world before, besides winning a title from a town that is so small, it’s not even on the map!
We started off with magazines in our faces so the public couldn’t see what awaited them. So she talked with Marc and decided that I was deserving enough of the title of Miss Teen New Brunswick-World 2013! Time is made by simply choosing to stop doing activities that aren’t moving you towards your goals.
If you need even more motivation, you can print a picture of your goal, like I did at first, I printed the Miss Teen Canada-World logo and while I was running on my treadmill and felt like I couldn’t do it anymore, I just looked up and remember why I was doing all this.
They have talented players (handsome too I must say), a very funny mascot and a wonderful crowd that cheers them on every step of the way! Here’s the best part, in December, she represented the USA at the Miss Universe pageant. He would buy me plenty of gifts, make me laugh, dance … Unfortunately, he was just not strong enough and probably tired of feeling terrible because of this horrible medical issue. I also felt taken back by the fact that there were some people who we’re walking with a yellow t-shirt on that I personally knew, but didn’t know that they had cancer!  It is very surprising how many people are affected by this horrible disease, but it’s amazing to see how the communities come together and to their best to raise awareness for this horrible disease.
I am so happy to have Anastasiya Toropova, Miss Teen Port Coquitlam-World 2013 as my roomie for the week! Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! Whether you’re 5 or 55, Disneyland brings you back to some childhood memories and literally turns you into a 5 year old again!
I really loved writing this blog post because it pushes me even harder to pursue my dreams of someday moving to California and visit all of these amazing tourist attractions! Anyway, so finally we spoke on the phone, he asked me a couple of questions and he then told me that I’ve been accepted to represent Tracadie-Sheila at the 2010 Miss Teen New Brunswick Int’l pageant! When the chorus started, we threw away the magazines and revealed ourselves  wearing the geekiest glasses ever on the entire planet!
After being called first in the top 3, I guess I was confident that God will guide me threw the entire process. I was so excited for what this year might unfold and how fun it’s going to be to spend a week in Toronto with 60+ other girls who basically have the same interests as I do! They were 89 contestants and she was the one who came home with the title of Miss Universe 2012!!!!!!
I regret the fact that I don’t remember much despite my age and if I could meet anyone, it would have to be him, hands down. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every day and making me want to work even harder to show you that anything is possible. I was also excited to continue to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness for my platform which is to inform people about how dangerous diabetes might be. I was very lucky to be able to take a picture with him and also get an autograph for my little cousin who is obsessed with hockey.
How can someone as fantastic as her can be so inspiring to us young girls who dream to become a future Miss Universe? She actually speaks Russian, so I might come back home speaking another language, who knows? After answering my final question, I felt good, I smile, pose and walk off stage like a princess from Disney World, but little did I know, I had to stay on stage!!!!!!!!!! First thing I thought was, wow, a small town girl with minimum experience became a provincial titleholder. I then learned that the 2012 national pageant was at the same time of a show that I danced in and unfortunately, I’ve already signed my contract.
I almost lost my mother in February because of this awful disease and so I really want to raise awareness and help the people who have been diagnosed and might have a little trouble with it. She then sits next to me and right before I sign my first autograph, she yells to her husband, Jo, to come and take a picture. I believe that one thing that really helped her during her pageant career is that she is confident in her own way. They say that “safety is key” and they insure that the students are safe and having fun! After the dances, we got to wear our evening gowns and show off our grace and elegance and also answer a basic question for the public to learn a little more about us delegates. So once again, typical Shyann, I decide to tippy toe my way on stage in a big puffy dress laughing it out.
I was devastated, but I told myself that everything happens for a reason and that next year will be my year! Instead of watching your favorite show sitting on your couch, why not spend that hour workout out while watching TV? She is funny, determined, sweet and truly believes in herself and that is why I find that she is very deserving of the titles that she won.
I’m really into the neutral colored smokey-eyed look and she made me look SO beautiful! Last years pageant was broadcasted live on the Miss Teen Canada-World website so I was able to watch the magnificent Megha Sandhu, Miss Teen Canada-World 2012, from Montreal Quebec, get crowned!
I was nervous at first because of what the stereotype towards pageant girls might be, but when I got there, they were sweethearts!! They were so sweet and friendly, I felt so comfortable and so welcomed in the pageant sisterhood.
I really look up to her and try to be as great as her being a provincial titleholder and a national delegate. The next Miss Teen Canada-World titleholder has big shoes to fill and I am sure that any of this years girls will do a fantastic job!
I would also like to mention that this years pageant will also be broadcasted live on the Miss Teen Canada-World website, on July 20th at 8pm, Ontario time.

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