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Before you decide to use a pen or not, you must first determine if the insulin you are using comes in one. The initial outlay for a refillable pen may cost more (around $40), and cartridges or disposable pens cost more per mL than vials. Next you need to determine the pet's average insulin needs, and how precise the dose must be. This 1998 study, [21] aimed at discovering the accuracy of insulin pens to deliver small doses (less than 5 units) of U100 insulin to children, concluded that there can be problems with the accuracy of some pens regarding small insulin dosages.
Not leaving the needle in place for 5-10 seconds after injecting insulin may result in less insulin being delivered than the planned dose. Insulin from any sort of cartridge device (refillable or disposable pens) is dispensed more slowly than when using syringes, because of the necessary compression action of all pens on cartridges. Low-dose insulin patients who switch from using syringes to pens may experience a significant change in insulin dosage. Children are more at risk of receiving accidental intramuscular injections, which results in faster absorption. The availability of U40 insulin would decrease the risks of hypoglycemia, as U40 insulins are able to be given in small doses with more accuracy than U100 insulins. Most pens are now designed to hold 300 units (3ml) of insulin and do not need refrigeration after being started.
All "cloudy" (NPH, NPH Mixes, Analog Mixes) insulins available in pen form need to be re-suspended before use, just like their vialed counterparts. Fill the syringe with air, empty it into the pen, then (with pen above syringe), suck the same amount of insulin back out.

Here's why -- as you remove the insulin from the Flexpen, the pressure inside the cartridge will drop, which will pull on the pen's screw-and-plunger mechanism, which doesn't expect to be pulled. Finally, don't ever try actually using the Flexpen again as a pen once you've begun this process! Both BD [26] and ReliOn [27] produce "universal" pen needles which fit all major brands of pens in the US. The diabetes breakthrough is twice as effective as the leading type 2 drug at normalizing blood sugar, fixing insulin resistance, stopping neuropathy pain, preventing blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems. The OmniPoda„? System is an innovative tubeless insulin pump that is discreet and easy-to-use. If you are a Type 1 Diabetic chances are you have heard doctors, nurses, friends and family rave about how fantastic Insulin Pump Therapy would be for you. Medtronic Diabetes is now offering you an alternative way to purchase your insulin pump accessories and continuous glucose monitoring supplies online. On the other hand, in the case where the insulin is expensive and expires quickly, as with Lantus, you may find yourself throwing away a lot of expired insulin -- it can then be cheaper to use pens, with their small 3ml cartridges.
Novo Nordisk's Flexpen), and need the extra precision of a syringe, things get a little tricker. Do it this way whether you're transferring to a vial, extracting 1ml at a time, or just using the pen every day as a vial. These techniques have been used successfully by tens of thousands of people in over 40 countries and have helped type 2 diabetics eliminate the need for drugs and insulin injections. It is available in prefilled injection pens that provide either 5 or 10 micrograms of exenatide in each dose.

Type 1 diabetics aren't the only ones using these pumps but type 2 diabetics likewise utilize them to manage their blood glucose levels.
The pump is about the size of a pager and can be programmed to deliver insulin based on your lifestyle.
One (blue cap) dispenses insulin doses from 1 to 16 units (IU) per dose in full unit increments. If you decide on a refillable pen, keep in mind that Lilly insulin cartridges don't fit Novo's pens, and so on. Ergebnisse fA?r Bolus, Warnungen und Fehler, Insulin-Gesamtmengen und temporA¤re Basalraten ansehen.
Byetta is given via injection under the skin of the thigh, the abdomen or upper arm using a pen injector. Treatment with Byetta should start with a dose of 5 micrograms twice daily for at least one month. The first dose of the day is administered within one hour prior to the morning meal and the second dose - within one hour before a meal.
Should be given caution when adding Byetta to sulphonylureas, as there is a risk of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).

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