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Some of the common diabetes complications are heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, loss of a toe (or foot), and erectile dysfunction. Diabetes complications begin because of blood vessel and nerve damages, causes due to high-level of glucose in blood (uncontrolled diabetes), prolonged diabetes, high-cholesterol level, and high-pressure. Heart disease, stroke, heart attacks are all caused by blockage of blood vessels causing lack of oxygen in extreme case breakage of blood vessels may happen. Diabetic retinopathy caused due to blood vessel damage in retina causing lack of blood circulation thus lack of oxygen to nourish retina and in extreme cause leakage of blood in the retina. Diabetic Gastroparesis is a disorder of the stomach that takes too long to empty its contents, mostly due to vagus nerve damage. Diabetes kidney diseases are causes due to a small blood vessel of kidney is damage due to long run of high blood-glucose. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is due to over-all nerve damage, and may be nerves in penis.
Urinary incontinence, over active bladder, bladder problems are all cause by nerve damage due to prolonged high blood-glucose. Urinary tract infection is also due to nerve damage, but it is not directly relating with a nerve cause. Then how to safe guard against diabetes complications, it is simple be strict in your diabetes care and maintain your blood-sugar level and A1C near normal. Diabetic neuropathies is a nerve disorder associated with diabetes and are thought to result from diabetic injuries involving small blood vessels that supply nerves, which can culminate in diabetic neuropathy. Common symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include pain in the hands and feet, numbness, electric pain, incontinence, muscle weakness, mouth drooping, difficulty in swallowing, dizziness, heart disorders, digestive problems, vision changes and diarrhea. Alcohol intake increase risk of developing diabetic neuropathy because it increases your blood sugar levels.
This causes difficulty in performing normal everyday movements and results in speech impediments. Diet plays a very important role in preventing form further damage if you are suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

Capsaicin derives from cayenne pepper helping to tag off symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. Exercise increases your strength and your endurance helping to manage your stress, blood glucose as well cholesterol levels that is very beneficial for your diabetic neuropathy. Walking too helps in diabetic neuropathy because it does not put pressure on your joints compared to other activities. Evening primrose oil is rich in fatty acids, which is very effective in treatment of diabetic neuropathy. There are many things you can do at home such as quit smoking, do not walk barefoot, apply warm compress to relieve from pain and allow a podiatrist to cut your toenails helping to improve your diabetic neuropathy. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Kachnaar Guggul, Curcumin and Ashwagandha are the best natural remedies for swollen lymph nodes treatment.
Adhered to authentic textbooks in ayurveda, pure herbal medicines are prepared here, complemented by state-of-the-art technology. Due to Diabetic Gastroparesis, there is a delay in the food emptying, which in-turn starts bacterial growth, and causes urinary tract infection. High blood sugar injures nerve fibers throughout the body, but diabetic neuropathy strikes your feet and legs. The four main types of diabetic neuropathy include peripheral neuropathy, which is the most common form of diabetic neuropathy affecting your feet, hands and legs.
Mono-neuropathy also called focal neuropathy damages specific nerve that includes face or torso.
Alcohol damages your nerves and not only this, but also impairs the body’s ability to detect sensation. Consumption of alcohol also affects the organs of your body such as heart, bladder, digestive systems and sex organ. Consume more of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products because this will help to control your weight as well blood glucose levels. Capsaicin has analgesic effects and therefore helps to relieve you from tingling and numbness of your feet. Activities such as swimming and water running provide an all body workout increasing your endurance level.

Evening primrose oil has gamma linolenic acid helping to reduce pains and inflammation associated with diabetic neuropathy. Our manufacturing facilities are approved by Government of Kerala and have been conferred with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate for quality assurance and we export Ayurvedic Medicines Worldwide. Furthermore, due to long term of diabetes, immune system losses it capacity thereby it is not able to fight the infection. This is more common in adults and causes terrible pain disappearing on their own over few months.
Here we mention few natural home remedies, which are completely safe and effective in dealing with diabetic neuropathy.
Incorporate complex carbohydrates such as cooked beans, lentils and tortillas to absorb their beneficial fiber and vitamins helping to maintain your weight.
Capsaicin stimulates the release of substance P that helps to relieve your pains and tingling. You can also start with chair exercises, as it does not place much stress on your feet and legs. Evening primrose oil is available in form of supplements and is recommendable to consume 5 to 8 grams daily for valuable results.
Following a proper diet will help to ward off symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. She is also Health Writer, Columnist, Editor, Ayurveda Consultant at Herboveda and Holistic Healing Coach. My fatherinlaw having dis prob Hovhannes Danielyan 5pts ara quniq thogiq,verevi 6 prisheechniy pulpit obturiruetsa,etovo dostatochno Dice Close 5pts Jen Jen Ross Kendall Fat Diminisher System 5pts \U0001f4aa Betty Blakley 5pts Interesting! You might need to do this to your knee Anmila Doorgah 5pts Amazing n Good advice thxxx Ayurveda 5pts :) Glad!

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