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Diabetes affects the kidney and the disease termed as diabetic nephropathy will also take place which damages the small blood vessels of the kidney. Diabetes affects the nerves and damages them, so as to cause diarrhoea, constipation and heartburn. Different from the above health problems, uncontrolled or untreated diabetes can cause diabetic acidosis. Hope you have got a good idea of how diabetes affects the body and the damages it causes to the body. About Latest Posts Find Me On -Ravi KochharI write on issues related to various health conditions and fitness here on my blog. People with diabetes must take special care with their feet, since the slightest Scratches, stroke or injury, can trigger an infection if not treated in time can lead to amputation.
The main reason of causing diabetes are obesity, genetic factors, stress, increased cholesterol level, infections caused by viruses, tension, overeating, no physical exercise.
Recent CommentsMarie Watson on Physiotherapy Can Treat More Than You ThinkRohan Singh on What Is Gestational Diabetes? Introduction ? Central diabetes insipidus (CDI) results from any condition that impairs the synthesis, transport, or release of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), also know as arginine vasopressin (AVP). Introduction ? ADH is produced in the hypothalamus and travels along nerve fibers to the posterior pituitary, where it is stored and released. Introduction ? In patients with CDI, lack of water reabsorption in the collecting ducts of the kidneys due to decreased secretion of ADH results in polyuria. Etiology ? Neurosurgery or Trauma: • CDI can be induced by neurosurgery (usually transsphenoidal) or trauma to the hypothalamus or posterior pituitary. Etiology ? Cancer: • CDI can result from primary or metastatic tumors in the brain that involve the hypothalamic-pituitary region. Etiology ? Infiltrative Disorders: • The most common example is Langerhans cell histiocytosis (aka histiocytosis X or eosinophilic granuloma).
Etiology ? Acute fatty liver of pregnancy: • Transient CDI has been associated with it but no mechanism has been identified. Symptoms ? Nocturia is often the first sign of CDI.? This is because urine is usually most concentrated in the morning due to lack of fluid ingestion overnight.
Diagnosis ? Stimulation of thirst does not occur, however, when CDI is due to a central lesion that impairs thirst causing hypodipsia or adipsia. Diagnosis ? Water restriction test: • Not required for the diagnosis of DI, but is helpful in differentiating central DI from nephrogenic DI and primary polydipsia. Water Restriction Test ? In healthy individuals, water deprivation increases plasma osmolality, which stimulates secretion of ADH by the posterior pituitary. Water Restriction Test ? Plasma ADH levels are measured at baseline and after water restriction in order to differential CDI, NDI, and primary polydipsia, in case the water restriction test is equivocal. Treatment ? Treatment is primarily aimed at decreasing the urine output, usually by increasing the activity of ADH. Desmopressin ? Desmopressin is a two-amino acid substitute of ADH that has potent antidiuretic activity but no vasopressor activity.

Desmopressin ? The initial aim of therapy is to reduce nocturia, in order to provide adequate sleep.
Desmopressin ? An oral tablet preparation is also available.? Absorption of the oral form is decreased 40-50% when taken with meals. Risks of Desmopressin ? Potential risks of desmopressin include water retention and the development of hyponatremia. Other Drugs ? For the vast majority of patients with CDI, dDAVP is readily available, safe, and effective. Hace unos dias se celebro en Madrid el II Congreso Nacional de Hidratacion y la conclusion que sacaron es que con solo el 2% de la perdida de la hidratacion es suficiente para que nuestro rendimiento baje y se observen consecuencias inmediatas en la memoria, en la atencion y en la concentracion, ademas de experimentar cansancio, fatiga y somnolencia. Mas de 400 expertos nacionales e internacionales se reunieron para tratar este aspecto de que la hidratacion es fundamental para la salud. Todos hemos oido hablar de la cantidad necesaria de agua que debemos beber en un dia, algunos consiguen beberla, pero otros persisten y no lo logran, ya que afirman que no tienen sed para beber tanto. Even after accounting for other risk factors such as age, sex, obesity and smoking, the researchers found people with diabetes were at increased risk of death from several common cancers, infections,A  mental disorders, and liver, digestive, kidney and lung diseases.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Diabetes can cause blurred vision, thirst, increased urination, weight loss, extreme hunger and fatigue. After this, it is incapable to filter the waste materials from the blood which causes kidney diseases or kidney failure and also accumulate waste products and fluids in the body.
The nutritional foods are not absorbed because the digestive system is not working properly. Slow blood circulation, will lead to slow healing of cuts, dry skins, loss of feeling in the foot, fungal and bacterial infections, diabetic foot ulcers,  burns and wounds. Having known the effects of diabetes it’s always better to prevent diabetes, but in case you are already a victim of diabetes, do take appropriate measures to control diabetes so that it does not cause irreversible damage to the body.
My endeavour is to bring out the most authentic and trusted information on the subject for the readers. One just has to have the determination and follow the recommended guidelines and the right kind of a lifestyle. If you interesting in "Central Diabetes Insipidus" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template.
They are also used to treat frequent passage of urine and increased thirst in people with certain brain injuries, and those who have undergone surgery in the pituitary region of the brain.
Pero aunque no tengamos sed, nuestro cuerpo puede estar deshidratado incluso antes de la sensacion de sed.
About 60 per cent of the reduced life expectancy in people withA  diabetes is attributable to blood vessel diseases a€“ such as heart attacks and strokes. Researchers interviewed 3,200 people aged 75 and over without dementia, who were reassessed after 18 months and three years.Half did not drink at all, while the rest had an average of two drinks a day, including wine, beer and spirits.
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Usually diabetes is caused by high blood sugar (glucose) level and it refers to diabetes mellitus.
If it continues for longer period, then it will affect the whole body and some main organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes and nerves.
Maximum blood vessels will damage and very little amount of blood vessels will develop newly. If the cholesterol level is high, then it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.
When medications are combined with weight control, regular exercises and a proper diabetic diet, only then proper management of diabetes is possible. For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file.
Only a small part of these associations are explained by obesity, blood pressure, or high levels of fat in the blood a€“ conditions which often co-exist with diabetes.The study, involving more than 250 scientists from 25 countries, also suggests people with diabetes may be at increased risk of death from intentional self-harm a€“ a finding which the scientists say requires further study, including investigation of a possible link between diabetes and depression.
In type-2 diabetes, the body can’t respond to insulin properly, which is known as insulin resistance.
If the blood vessels will burst in the eyes, then it causes blindness, blurred vision and glaucoma.
Although extremely rare, there is a possibility of water intoxication, in which reduced sodium levels in the blood can lead to seizures.How should you take Stimate?Use DDAVP exactly as prescribed.
Your response will be judged by how long you are able to sleep without having to get up to urinate and how much urine your kidneys produce.The DDAVP nasal spray pump bottle accurately delivers 50 doses of the medication.
But due to insulin deficiency, the body cells can’t utilize and absorb the glucose properly. After the 50th dose, the amount of medication that comes out with each spray will no longer be a full dose. Due to the high blood sugar level the different organs of the body can affected from various complications because of diabetes. If you take DDAVP more than once a day and it is almost time for the next dose, skip the one you missed and go back to your regular schedule. If you are traveling, they will stay fresh at room temperature for up to 3 weeks.The tablets and nasal spray can be kept at room temperature. Protect the tablets from heat and light.What side effects may occur?Too high a dosage of DDAVP nasal spray or drops may produce headache, nausea, mild abdominal cramps, stuffy nose, irritation of the nose, or flushing. If you continue to experience bleeding after using Stimate nasal spray, contact your doctor.Possible food and drug interactions when taking StimateIf DDAVP is taken with certain other drugs, the effects of either could be increased, decreased, or altered.
One-half the dose should be taken in each nostril.HEMOPHILIAStimate Nasal SprayTo stop bleeding, the usual dose is one 150-microgram spray in each nostril. If you use the spray more frequently than every 48 hours, you may find you are not responding as well as you should to the drug.OverdosageAn overdose of DDAVP may cause abdominal cramps, flushing, headache, or nausea.

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