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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With the recent announcement of the upcoming Health app for iOS 8, people are talking about health and fitness more in the tech world.
This is the perfect app for entering important data relating to diabetes for people on the go who don’t have a whole lot of time. One of the most important thing a diabetic can do to control blood sugar is to eat properly. This diabetes companion app is full of useful tools to help you track, log, and monitor all blood glucose activities and levels to help keep you balanced. If your little one suffers from diabetes, it can be hard to let him or her walk out the door. 2009 practice guidelines has added testing for type2 diabetes should be done in babies small for gestational age birth weight added to list of conditions for association with insulin resistance. Description:This clinical guideline contains recommendations for the management of diabetes and its complications in women who wish to conceive and those who are already pregnant. Controlling your diabetes before and during your pregnancy will help prevent such problems as birth defects, prematurity, miscarriage, and stillbirth. See your doctor before you plan to get pregnant and as often as recommended during your pregnancy. Control your blood sugar before and during pregnancy to reduce your chance of having a baby with a birth defect. Even if you have kept your blood sugar in good control before you get pregnant, it can be harder to keep control during pregnancy.
Criteria: Diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy can be broadly divided into pre-gestational and gestational DM.
Pathophysiology: GDM is similar to DM-2 in that there is increased insulin resistance, rather than decreased secretion by pancreatic beta cells. Preconception counseling should be considered for women with known preexistent diabetes mellitus attempting to become pregnant. Step One:  Patient to take a 50g oral glucose dose (typically hyperosmolar solution), regardless of time of day (random, non-fasting).
Diet: If possible, patients should be referred to a registered dietician for nutritional consultation. Surveillance:  Upon diagnosis of GDM or in pregnancy with overt DM, regular blood glucose monitoring is indicated.
Oral anti-hyperglycemics are an option for patients who can not tolerate injection or who fail insulin therapy. Fitness has always been connected to iOS use, but more and more, we are finding out how users can better interact with their doctors and specialists. This app puts that idea into practice with a charming game-like way to keep track of your data.
You never know what the day will bring, no matter how much you instruct your children and their teachers regarding diet, medication, and blood glucose tracking.
It is so common that I’m sure many of our readers know someone who has experienced the same ailment.
2003 The ADA and the American college of Obstetricians and Gynecologist are not currently recommending oral agent during pregnancy. The guideline builds on existing clinical guidelines for routine care during the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal periods. They could not get me in for several weeks so I asked if I really needed the test being nearly full term. You might have to take medicines or change your current medicines, including those you take for diabetes.

What you eat, how physically active you are, and your growing baby will change your blood sugar many times during the day.
Pre-gestational diabetes may already be diagnosed by the primary care physician or at the first prenatal visit.
Prevalence varies widely between ethnic groups with African Americans and Hispanics among the highest, and Caucasians having the lowest rates. The exact mechanism of GDM is not fully known, however there are proposed mechanisms consistent with current understanding of pregnancy physiology.
Dietary management has the goals of achieving normoglycemia, preventing ketosis,  providing for adequate weight gain during pregnancy, and contributing to fetal and maternal well-being.
Current recommendations are for four times daily glucose measurements, logged and recorded. Additionally, there is controversy regarding the efficacy of diet alone in minimizing macrosomia.
Glyburide has been shown to be effective and has not shown an increase in neonatal hypoglycemia or congenital anomalies.
The date and location based reminders will help you remember to take your insulin and check your blood sugar at specific times or specific places. It features helpful coaching from certified diabetes educators, as well as, a blood glucose tracker, a medication tracker, reminders, and more. It features easy logging for fast data entry, easy-to-read graphs, game-like challenges, feedback that will motivate you and might even make you laugh, and more. This app makes it possible for you to find restaurants in your area for take out and delivery that offer healthy food options. This app features more than 100,000 food items with detailed information on nutrition from 300 restaurants and 500 brands.
This app helps pregnant women who find themselves with symptoms of diabetes that they never had before. The guide covers important medical information for diagnosis and treatment of infections diseases, classification and management information for diabetic care, and up-to-date guidance on diagnosis and management of HIV. Babies with excess insulin become children who are at risk for obesity and adults at risk for type 2 diabetes.
It focuses on areas where additional or different care should be offered to women with diabetes and their newborn babies. The doctor said that because I kept my diabetes under control, I was at the same risk as any other pregnant women. If you don't have glucose tablets, eat or drink a source of quick sugara€”like 4 ounces of fruit juice or soft drink (not diet).
Patients with one or more risk factors (BMI>30, prior GDM, PCOS, history of impaired glucose resistance) should probably be screened early. This resistance is likely mediated by increased adiposity during pregnancy and hormonal products from the placenta like progesterone, cortisol, and human placental lactogen seem to be likely culprits. A positive result, indicating further diagnosis is concentration of 135 or greater in higher risk patients or 140 or greater in lower risk patients. Typical meal plans would have 3 small-moderate sized meals and four snacks throughout the day.
Recordings should be as consistent as possible, one fasting and the recordings with one or two hours after the first bite of each meal. Search an extensive food database for the best nutrition for your diet, including their impact on your blood glucose level. This app contains free recipes every month, curated by a team of registered dietitians and accredited food experts. The tracking tools work like a game, encouraging kids to enter data in order to earn points.

It is specifically designed with tools and information relating to the needs of pregnant women. It is the perfect mobile guide for members of the medical profession, but is also very informative for the average person. Until I went to the fertility doctor who told me, 'You need to be in control of your diabetes. Unlike normal pregnancy, in GDM the beta cell plasticity is inadequate to keep pace with increasing resistance. A low glycemic index is favored, with carbohydrates coming from fruits, vegetables and whole grains favored over flour based foods (white bread, pasta etc), 20% of daily calories coming from proteins, and 40% from fats. There is currently no evidence to suggest benefit to reducing monitoring with demonstration of good glycemic control. The favored approach is to titrate a simpler regimen of intermediate and rapid acting insulin. Additionally, while evidence suggest safety, there are limited long-term studies of the effects on the child. Export data by sending CSV and PDFs through email, or print out your information to bring to your doctor.
Use hands-free voice commands to scroll through preparation instructions, save favorite recipes to your personal recipe book, use the in-app shopping list to get items you need, and take advantage of great cooking tools, like timers, substitution lists, and tag searches. Customize the app to fit your needs with favorites, category trackers, and specialized workout routines.
It is not known why some women are able to overcome this resistance while others are not, but the mechanisms mirror that of Pre-gestational DM; autoimmunity against beta cells, single gene mutations, underlying obesity, etc. Lispro and Aspart are rapid acting preparations with demonstrated safety, and have lower risk of postprandial hypoglycemia. Not only will you little one want to keep track of diabetic data thanks to the playful game, but you’ll know when it happens. Set daily goals, track your carbohydrate intake, and adjust serving sizes based on net carbs in your meal.
According to ADA women with type 2 diabetes need to make transition from oral agents to insulin before conception. I had been trying to have a baby for three years and was hoping to enjoy the happy news for a little while.
Create special exercise routines based on the level of workout you can handle at each stage of pregnancy.
The safety of all currently available oral agents has not been established in pregnancy and may lead to prolonged hypoglycemia in the neonate and therefore not recommended. Older sulfonylureas such as tolbutamide are not recommended due to risk of fetal hyper insulinemia. A study shows with gestational diabetes has found glyburide to be safe and clinically effective. In 2007 large Italian study the women who had the 1 hr elevation was most severe condition. Research indicates that even mild hyperglycemia (below diagnostic levels) should be addressed and is related to perinatal problems which can be reduced by treatment.

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