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I received my kit yesterday (Wednesday) and my experience so far (order, delivery, kit, accuracy) pretty much echoes all that I've read on this topic so far.
Having said that, I grew up in times of checking test strips against colour charts (1-3, 3-7, 7-13, 13-17, 17+!) and my first meter - the Reflolux - was almost heaven even though it took 3 minutes to get a reading and I had to carry cotton balls everywhere!
So in context, I think the Libre is a very useful tool in my kitbag and I really hope it paves the way for a new wave of ever-more accurate devices that work this way. Has anyone tried testing their BG with a meter and waiting 10 minutes before scanning to see if the results are closer?
I used to use Accu-chek Mobile and it was always out and often when I would recheck a result there would be a 2-3 difference on same meter with same finger!! I'm not good at keeping hydrated but have been making a point to drink extra glasses of water today so my results are more accurate too. The Libre, I have tried a few things, testing after a night's sleep, after not eating for a few hours, even rechecked all Libre tests 10 mins later in case it was just lag but still out. As for the sensor fit, I can't really feel mine and it would be easy to forget it is there. I've just used one sensor, it was fairly close to my meter readings after the first day and certainly was excellent at telling me the direction glucose was moving and how quickly.
I have a question re-my sensor readings - they're fine during the days and go inaccurate overnight for some reason. My second sensor is on the back of my arm and my readouts don't seem to drop during the night. Over the next few days you may see a pattern and be able to work out a correction factor to use for the higher readings without having to double check the reading with a finger prick. I know that Er3 373 means that the sensor couldn't be read - this is the code I got when I tried to scan the sensor that had been removed by a door frame. Hi, there are so many symptoms of RH that it's a bit of a lottery what symptoms you get.
You need a food diary, blood glucose monitor, an understanding family and a change of attitude towards food.
By understanding what happens when you eat, you will perhaps understand what the wrong types of food will do to you. Through my experience and the help of a endocrinologist who has done some good work on RH, many endocrinologist wouldn't even know about RH.

I use the freestyle libre gadget, and one of the things i regularly notice is that instead of getting a single smooth rise and fall on my bg readings, carbs will often give me a double peak. Obviously, this is just speculation, but am wondering if something similar happened on your test. Obviously, your circumstances were different, but double peaking is (as i understand it) an RH thing. The reason why RH is unique and why we are all different within the blood glucose disorders is because firstly the spike is singular in its ascent. Then having reached its zenith, it double spikes on the way down and again it is variable and time wise, different in all of us and also differently timed every time we eat, but individual. I spike about half hour after eating, then eventually hypo between 3 and half hour to four to five hours. Correct, apart for the spelling, (lol), glucose from food, glucagon from liver, glycogen from hormonal response and insulin from pancreas.
The fluctuations in blood glucose levels disrupts your body and mind so much and if you have read the list of symptoms you can get, it is a wonder how we function if we didn't treat it. If you have read my story, my endo saved my life, I was in such a mess because of ignorance of my health care team, not many doctors know about RH. You will get resistance to low carbing, but the thing is, low carb works, nothing else does, we've been there and done it.
We will guide you through it, that's why me and Brun, set it up, with contributions from others, we are a growing number of unique people, who are weird because we produce too much insulin. Until you do get your monitor, just eat little and often, to try and not to get the highs and lows. The cheapest I know of is the SD Codefree, available online from Ebay, Amazon and direct from Homehealth the manufacturer.
Sorry to be a pain but going to need my new cyber friends until I see specialist, so I am so so so appreciative of you being here for me. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Now deciding whether to return or just change my high and lower range to off-set everything being 2 lower. It has a 20% error tolerance according to Roche and I think it is far less reliable at higher numbers and my BG has been much higher than usual today.

The touch insensitive screen isn't too good either, I thought the Neo screen was poor but at least that was free.
As you can see in my attachment it got very accurate during Friday daytime already which I was very happy about.
I initially ordered the libre to sort out my overnight levels but if I can't trust it overnight then I can obviously not make any basal adjustments based on its readings so I am really not sure. It was attached between the side and back of my arm and I felt that it was reading lo during the night because I was lying on it. Whilst the right types of food will alleviate symptoms and help with your high blood glucose levels.
My endocrine system was killing me and now because of my diet, the only thing I have is RH. Because of the output of so much insulin, and this being new, Im terrified that i have a pancreatic problem but i should calm down. My meals today, gammon, salad, a bit of fruit, more meat, more salad, Greek full fat yoghurt, a bit of choc and a little bit more fruit (berries) not bad!
I need to relax but I will feel better after seeing the pancreatic specialist - I live in Switzerland and health care is excellent if you know how to pull the strings.
It still seems to be about 1ยท2 out from the Mobile so I think I'll call them tomorrow and see if they can send some test sticks so I can check against their meter. My problem is that I'm producing too much insulin which is making me go RH after one hour then if my research is correct gluagon???
Because, I found I could still enjoy my food but the eating will become so important that it can become a bit obsessive. Results are, 24 hours later I am now out by 3, even made sure I didn't eat for a few hours.

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