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The drug liraglutide, taken at high doses, helps many with type 2 diabetes shed pounds, new research has found. The higher 3-milligram dose, approved as a weight loss drug and sold as Saxenda, produces more weight loss than the lower 1.8 mg. The higher dose drug also produced more lowering of blood sugar than the lower dose did, the researchers found. While the results are considered encouraging, one stumbling block is that the higher dose is not approved for diabetes treatment in the U.S. The finding from the new study that the higher dose produces more weight loss is no surprise, says Maria Pena, MD, director of the Center for Weight Management at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York.
Sign Up for the FREE EndocrineWeb eNewsletter and receive treatment and research updates, news, and helpful tips on managing your condition. After a little more than ten years with Type 1 diabetes, I’ve found that I am one of those people whose blood sugar spikes fast and hard after eating, and then plummets. After talking with my friends at length and doing more research on how the drugs actually work, I was more than game to give them a try. Thanks to some unofficial discussions with a friend who has Type 1 diabetes and is also an endocrinologist, I decided to decrease all of my basal rates by 20% (I am on a pump), and adjusted my carb ratios by one across the board (i.e.
Despite experiencing a few of the side effects described above, I love using Invokana and plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future. Disclaimer: This article is entirely based on my personal experience as a person with Type 1 diabetes.
Christina Roth is the Chief Executive Officer, and Founder, of the College Diabetes Network (CDN). Dan I have tried metformin, it did nothing for me but make me feel tired and very sore muscles. I was put on Invokana in January 2015, after 6 months of use, I developed a horrible case of Ketones and Metabolic Acidosis. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes.
Limited evidence suggests metformin may prevent the cardiovascular and possibly the cancer complications of diabetes. Levemir is used to lower blood glucose and improve diabetes control in adult and pediatric patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus and in adults with type 2 diabetes. The content on this website is for information only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Experts know that a weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of body weight can help those with type 2 diabetes improve their condition and the other risks that accompany it, such as heart disease. For that reason, insurance companies will not cover it when the doctor prescribes the higher dose for diabetes. Because of this, several years ago I began to use Symlin, an injectable drug that slows the rate at which the stomach empties food into the small intestine, which can prevent blood glucose spikes after meals. While I loved that Symlin helped with my post prandial spikes, I found it difficult to use. Given that Invokana is a pill, as opposed to Victoza which is an injection, I decided to start there. I immediately made an appointment with my endo, and me being me, I emailed her ahead of time to give her a heads up that I wanted to discuss going on Invokana. Lastly, something to keep in mind: When my doctor prescribed Invokana at my visit, she happened to have a coupon for it that a local rep had given her. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 14, Christina became an active patient advocate while in college where she started the organization as a campus group in 2009.

After a long vacation I came back to my endocrinologist to find that my a1c was perfect 6.7 but I had gained 5 more pounds.
It is the first-line drug of choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, in particular, in overweight and obese people and those with normal kidney function. It helps reduce LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and is not associated with weight gain; in some people, it promotes weight loss. Over about a year, those on the high dose shed about 14 pounds, on average, while those on the lower dose lost an average of 11 pounds. Novo Nordisk, the drug's maker, funded the trial, known as the SCALE Diabetes Randomized Clinical Trial. He is hopeful that pressure to encourage insurers to cover the medicine will be successful, with the argument to cover them supported by findings from the research.
People respond to the medicine in different ways, with some losing more weight than others. The drug mimics a hormone made in the intestines that tells your brain it is full, experts say.
I got through the initial side effects, which included several weeks of nausea, but had difficulty with the rigidity and routine Symlin required, and the nasty lows that sometimes came with the therapy. Still, one of the perks that comes with attending diabetes conferences is getting to learn about the newest therapies coming to market. Unfortunately, she wasn’t familiar with use of Invokana in Type 1 diabetes, or how insulin should be adjusted when on it. Due to the overwhelming response to the initial group, Christina expanded CDN into a national 501c3 non-profit organization serving young adults with diabetes, and filling the many gaps they currently experience. Christina served as President of CDN until 2013, when she was appointed CEO of the organization. My diabetes was getting under control and doing great until suddenly my kidneys started to shut down. It may be used alone or with other antidiabetic medicines. Glucophage XR extended-release tablets is a biguanide antidiabetic. It is also used in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, and has been investigated for other diseases where insulin resistance may be an important factor.
Metformin is one of only two oral anti-diabetics in the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines (the other being glibenclamide). The men and women administered the drugs and placebo as an injection under the skin, using an insulin pen device. I decided that I couldn’t devote the time to managing it, so I stopped using it several months later. Over the past few years I have been hearing more and more about therapies used for Type 2 diabetes that can also benefit Type 1 diabetics, such as SGLT2s, particularly Invokana and GLP1s (ie.
I sent her all of the research articles I could find related to Type 2 therapies being explored for Type 1.
I wore my CGM as I got started, and made slight adjustments over the course of the first week. CDN’s mission is to empower and improve the lives of students living with Type 1 diabetes through peersupport and access to information and resources.
They have since then put a warning label on Invokana to not take it if you’re a type 1 diabetic. It works by decreasing the amount of sugar that the liver produces and the intestines absorb.

Sinai College of Medicine explains that Invokana, which has been in development for the last 13 years, employs a “novel mechanism of action” to lower blood sugar.
Luckily for me, and much to her credit, she was willing to prescribe it to me off label to give it a try.
I am slightly worried that after this first year is up, my copay will then end up being $100 per month, just for the Invokana. I have fought almost my entire life to get an acceptable a1c reading and finally invoccana has made that possible. I understand that this may not have the same effect on everyone but I thought it would be important to mention that it literally almost killed me.
All groups were advised to reduce their caloric intake by 500 calories a day and to increase their physical activity to 150 minutes a week or more. It works by inhibiting sodium glucose co-transporter2, a carrier that aids in the reabsorption of glucose into the bloodstream through the kidneys, which occurs during the process in which blood is filtered through the kidneys. It decreased my insulin needs, so I was glad that I had cut my basal rate by 20% right from the start. And while I would like to believe the companies producing SGLT2 drugs will move into the Type 1 market and push through FDA quickly, I’m not holding my breath.
Levemir is a basal insulin analog and it is equivalent to human insulin but it has a slower onset (3-4 hours), no pronounced peak (6-8 hours), and longer duration of action (up to 24 hours). The excess glucose is then flushed out of the body, which is why Invokana also acts as a “potent diuretic,” says Bloomgarden. I found that my post prandial spikes weren’t as severe, and I wasn’t seeing the violent swings that I normally did.
I had heard anecdotally that possible Invokana side effects might include excessive urination, yeast infections, dehydration, and low blood sugar. My experience has been that Invokana acts as a “buffer” helping to moderate my blood sugar variability.
I have had type 1 since I was 2 and a half and it has pretty much tortured me my whole life. It lowers blood glucose by stimulating glucose uptake by skeletal muscle and adipose tissue, and also reducing glucose production in the liver.
Some friends taking it also shared that they soon went off of it because the need to urinate so frequently was disruptive to their lives, and one even mentioned muscle soreness as a side effect. It is definitely not a complete fix though, and I still experience highs and lows, just not to the degree that I did before.
Insulin enhances protein production and reduces the breakdown of protein into smaller protein molecules (polypeptides) and breakdown of fats to release fatty acids.
Luckily, I wasn’t running to the bathroom as often as I’d been warned I might be, and after about four months on Invokana I have lost around 15 pounds. Also, I take probiotic, an over the counter dietary supplement, to introduce more good bacteria into my body.

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