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Just take a teaspoon of Black Cumin seed oil mixed with honey for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor as a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice. Through hands-on experience, relentless research and a burning desire for truth, Anya has become a well respected leader and an educator in her field. In addition to the main active ingredients in black cumin, it also hasthymoquinone, beta sitosterol.
Black Cumin and Auto-Immune Diseases.  Nigellone and Thymoquinone in Black Cumin helps fight diseases by increasing the production of immune cells in the body.

It induces cancer cell death and enhances immunity.  Many studies found it to be effective against pancreatic, colon and breast cancer.
It can do wonders for your health and immunity.   This little black seed truly is an outstanding natural panacea. The LA Healthy Living website is an extension of her passion for living healthy in mind, body and spirit in an unhealthy world.
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Black Cumin seeds were found in the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt from 1333 BC to 1324 BC.  Queen Nefertiti used Black Seed oil (here) in her beauty regime to promote healthy hair and beautiful skin.

German research has found that 70% of patients with allergic conditions such as pollen and dust allergies benefit from treatment with Black Cumin seed oil.
Due to the massive amounts of antioxidants, black cumin is able to reduce damage to the pancreas and digestive system which may provide aid with diabetic symptoms. Due to the abundance of vitamin C, vitamin A and essential oils, cumin increases your ability to fight infections.  Black Cumin  stimulates immune cells, protecting them from damaging viruses.

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