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Erythrasma is a bacterial infection caused by Corynebacterium minutissimum (Gram positive bacteria).
Your doctor can easily identify the bacterial infection on physical examination of the skin.
Some complications may arise for patients with low immunity and those who have surgical wounds when they are infected with Erythrasma. Although external treatments for ringworm are effective in overcoming infections of the skin, if the disease affects the nails, oral medications are required. Oral Lamisil and Griseofulvin are common in the treatment for ringworm and they can be successfully used in overcoming infections of the nails. Some oral treatments for ringworm have many side-effects and they aren’t recommended for long-term use. For more information on Ringworm Medicine that are completely safe and non-toxic and yet very effective, look here. Some of the common ringworm symptoms among cats are rough and broken hairs, hair loss especially on head, or paws. That’s the meaning of the name rambutan fruit – and an great description of the fruit as well.
According to popular belief and the origin of its name, rambutan is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The earliest record of rambutan trees show that they were cultivated by the Malayan jungle tribes around their temporary settlements, a practice followed to date.
Rambutan trees grow naturally throughout Southeast Asia, although their precise natural distribution is unknown. It is closely related to several other edible tropical fruits including thelychee, longan, and mamoncillo. It is native to the Indonesian Archipelago, from whence it spread westwards to Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka and India, and northwards to Vietnam and the Philippines. The flesh exposed when the outer skin is peeled off is sweet and sour, slightly grape-like and gummy to the taste.
This fruit is a traditional medicine in Malaysia and Indonesia that is being used for hundreds of years.

It is used in a number of treatments which includes diabetes, hypertension and various other ailments. The carbohydrates and protein content of rambutan help to increase energy and prevent bloating. Rambutan is also rich in water which helps to get back the lost energy and quenches thirst. This compound behaves like a free radical scavenger that protects our body from oxidative damage and is particularly helpful to fight cancer. This fruit contains moderate amounts of copper which is necessary for the creation of white and red blood cells. Phosphorus in rambutan helps to remove the waste in kidneys and is essential for the development, repair, and maintenance of tissues and body cells. Rambutan also contains significant amounts of Calcium which works together with phosphorus to fortify the teeth and strengthens bones. Rambutans are an excellent source of iron which helps to correct the amount of oxygen in the body which controls dizziness and fatigue due to anaemia, an illness caused by iron deficiency. The fruit keeps us full for a long time due to its high fiber and water content and controls irregular hunger pangs. Consuming the fruit can help to kill intestinal parasites and helps to relieve symptoms of diarrhoea and fever.
Due to its ability to scavenge free radicals, Rambutan protects your body from oxidative damages. Bech's Organic Pili Nut Farm copyright 2015 - All rights ReservedChris Bech Sustainable Investments - BEACH LAND ESTATE Inc. Unlike Erythema Nodosum, this is a long term infection in which the area of the skin which remains folded gets infected fast. Doctors are of opinion that people who are obese have more chance to get this infection than others. Topical ointments that contain fusidic acid and imidazole are prescribed for controlling infection. If you have dermatophytosis, it is best to pay a visit to your dermatologist in order to receive the treatment for ringworm that is most appropriate to you.

The part of the skin which overlaps gets this type of bacterial infection and is more prominent in areas like groin, armpits and other skin folds. Some of the predisposing factors that cause Erythrasma are obesity, diabetes, poor hygiene and age.
Again the infection is common in moist areas of the skin since bacteria can easily invade the skin layers that are wet.
Antibacterial drugs and anti-infective medications are given for the patient depending on the intensity of infection and his health condition.
I was prescribed cremes for it, they disappear for about 2 weeks but reappear again somewhere else? People who have low immunity and people who are diabetic have added chance to get this infection. The scaly patches of this infection will be purple initially and as the disease progresses, it turns into dark red or brown colored patches having sharp edges. UV rays of the lamp when passed on to the infected skin layer, makes it coral red and thus your doctor can easily diagnose the infection of the affected skin layer. Erythromycin, Clarithromycin and Miconazole are prescribed for controlling infection and inflammation.
Need to know of any effective oral prescription drug for ringsworms, other than topical cream like lotrisome. Similarly, if you are hyperhidrosis (have excess of sweating) you are likely to get this infection. However, a weak immune system or course of antibiotics can lead to the fungi proliferating and infecting the skin. Never wear fittings that are very tight and not good enough to absorb moisture when you sweat.

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