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Israel was so happy to have Saul as their king and Saul reigned for 42 years without any trouble. Say, For many years Israel was ruled by judges but then the Israelites decided that they wanted a king.
Have the class say the main point, ‘God Say’s Do Not Worry’ in a whisper voice, loud voice, spooky voice, low pitch voice, king’s voice, etc.
For more lesson ideas don’t miss our series of Sunday School lessons on the Kings of Israel. Samuel knew that the Israelites had to put their trust in God if they were going to make it.

Even though Israel was in danger he was supposed to wait for Samuel to come and make an offering to the Lord.
Tell them that whenever they are worried or scared that they should pray and ask God to show them what to do. To make things a little more fun let the class take turns throwing their worries into a bucket from a distance. Once the paint is dry add a little glitter or sequins to the crown for decoration and draw a face on King Saul. He didn’t follow his instructions and God decided that it was time for someone else to be King.

The Philistines decided that they had enough trouble from the Israelites and sent an army to attach. Saul knew that he should wait on Samuel to come and help them but he was afraid so he offered up his own sacrifice.

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