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Let me say straight off that regardless of whether one has diabetes or not, cholesterol has an important role to play in our health. LDL or low density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol builds plaque in the artery walls, narrowing them. HDL or high density lipoproteins or good cholesterol zaps bad cholesterol in the blood, so the more one has of it, the better. When cholesterol builds up in the blood vessels, it can impair or block circulation and that is why one must keep it at safe levels. Type 2 diabetes can be easy to miss, particularly in the early stages, as I did – because I did not feel any different. Here’s a quick road map of diabetes, and where to look for problems: I thought this would be easier to look at than describe it in text. Treating type 2 diabetes focuses on lowering high cholesterol levels, reducing high blood pressure and controlling high blood sugar with diet and exercise.
As you know, I grow our food and one of the reasons I persevered so much on it is that I needed a wide variety of vegetables and fruit on our table without spending too much money, so I can not only help Mma control diabetes, but also help the whole family get healthier.

I too feel excessive thirst but I don’t go to urinate quickly, though I did check my sugar level and it was 73 only so there is no chance to diabetes. Disclaimer"Be Healthy, Be Happy", this blog, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Unhealthy cholesterol levels can increase the risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which is why people with diabetes are advised to get their blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels monitored at least once a year.
Unfortunately, it quietly affects major organs in the body, including the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys. I hear so many conflicting reviews about refined oil, olive oil, coconut oil that I feel going oil-less is better at times. I called Mma over while reading this post and read it out loud to her, while we were also looking at the pic. We already know that diabetes means the risk for heart disease, so keeping cholesterol levels in check is a must. What happens is this: cholesterol is attached to a protein and this is called a lipoprotein, which travels through the blood.

Nevertheless, they are a type of fat that play a role in raising the risk of heart disease, like LDL. With high blood sugar, LDL and the LDL receptors in the liver are coated with sugar (glycosylated) and this gets in the way of the liver’s ability to remove cholesterol from the blood stream. Diabetes also causes hearing impairment, foot damage, skin and mouth problems and affects bone health. The best thing to do is get a regular health check so that any problems can be caught and arrested before they get worse. We took some classes at the hospital on diabetes ( our local hospital offers classes as part of an outpatient programme) but we still needed to know more and to understand how this illness works. This in turn triggers the hardening of the arteries and increases the risk of fatal heart disease.

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