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FOX43’s Evan Forrester and the Junior League of York welcome FOX News’ Dana Perino to the Strand-Capital Performing Arts Center on Sunday, October 25th at 7pm for the “In the Spotlight Speaker Series. As the weeding out process of presidential candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election is in full swing, Dana brings her unique viewpoint to Central PA from her time inside the White House. RTE has already received a number of complaints about the show, but the latest letter received has many in the Donnybrook studios worried. The IRA are the latest group to have expressed concerns over the show and made their opinions known this evening a head of the latest episode. A letter, with an attached brick, was found carefully placed behind a broken window, in the studios main reception area. It should be interesting night to hear what she has to say about the upcoming presidential election and the current news from Washington DC right now.
Two years later, she moved to the White House to do communications work for the Council on Environmental Quality.

Call the Strand-Performing Arts Center Box Office at 717-846-1111 to order your seat ticket. The show has secured a solid fan base, but some people claim that it is glorifying drug dealers and criminal gangs in the city and is not reflecting the true hardship and tragedy that comes with a life of crime.
The show’s preoccupation with IRA members being involved in petty disputes, love triangles and drug running is the furthest thing away from the republican cause. RTE have yet to issue a response to their latest complaint, but are expected to do so early tomorrow. Perino collaborated with fellow Governor Susan McCue to launch Congo Story, a website that shines light on the brutal realities of daily life for women in Africa.
Our members are honorable, honest family men, fighting for a cause much bigger than that expressed in this show. Some are suggesting that they may give up Craig Doyle as a peace offering in light of the complaint.

She is also the founder of Minute Mentoring, an organization focused on giving professional guidance to young women.
Perino worked as a journalist before turning to politics, covering the State Assembly of Illinois for a local CBS. She is a former political commentator at for the Washington Post, POLITICO, and National Review.

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