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A Gallup poll released on Tuesday reveals that for the first time in history, Americans are more in favor of legalizing marijuana than criminalizing it. With the majority of Americans agreeing that marijuana should be legalized, we've gathered up eight reasons why those who are still on the fence about the natural plant should possibly reconsider their feelings. You may think having a large amount of THC in your system will kill you, but you are wrong.
Most polls regarding Americans and their pot use hover around the 40% mark for having tried marijuana at least once. If you are completely fine with alcohol and cigarettes, then there shouldn't be a reason you aren't accepting of marijuana as well. Few things can be more embarrassing for a man than the shame and humiliation of bearing the dreaded man boobs, which in medical terms is referred to as gynecomastia. The two main causes of gynecomastia are either as a normal part of adolescent puberty, or through steroid abuse. In certain cases, gynecomastia that comes on during a cycle of steroids can be reversed if anti-estrogens are used immediately, but in most cases, it is permanent. Men who are extremely overweight will almost always have enlarged breasts or “man boobs”, but this is not always true gynecomastia. If you are overweight, then before you get gynecomastia surgery, it is probably a good idea to first try to lose some weight naturally to see if the condition improves.
If the breast tissue is to be directly excised (cut out) with surgery, the incision will usually follow the natural contour of the areola (nipple) and not be very noticeable. An ideal candidate for the surgery is someone who has tight skin that will be able to conform to the new shape of the chest after surgery, and is a non-smoker (for optimal recovery). Immediately following the gynecomastia treatment, you will be required to wear a compression bandage.
For the first week of the recovery, you will want to take it as easy as possible and let your body heal. Over the next few months, you will likely experience some rather odd changes in your body as you heal. If you do contact sports such as wrestling or any type of martial arts, you will probably be out of training, at least out of full-contact sparring, for at least six months after the surgery. Research released earlier this year, conducted by the University of Illinois Department of Medicine, found cannabis to be a helpful treatment for sleep apnea,  a condition in which an individual’s breathing slows down, or sometimes stops entirely during sleep and immediately after waking from sleep. Vaporizer-info is the #1 source for honest vaporizer reviews and objective information on vaporizing.
The National Drug Treatment Reporting System (NDTRS) is an epidemiological database on treated problem drug use in Ireland.
Figure 1 presents a comparison of the numbers of cases reported to the NDTRS and to the CTL.
Figure 2 presents a comparison of the number of new cases reported to the NDTRS and to the CTL.
2013 has markedly been a successful year for marijuana legalization, with Colorado and Washington both passing laws to decriminalize the drug. Ever since marijuana has been known to mankind, not one single account of death from overdose has been recorded. This is compared to the 16% of Americans who have tried cocaine, which is obviously a significantly lower percentage. As you can see from a 2010 study published in the Lancet and reported on by the Economist, a team of drug experts in the U.K. Having gynecomastia will almost certainly lead to ridicule from peers, especially if it is present in adolescents. As a young boy enters puberty, hormones are often out of balance, which can lead to abnormally high levels of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Pseudo-gynecomastia is when there are in fact large breasts, but it is just soft fat tissue, not hard breast tissue. If it does not improve, or you are not overweight to begin with, then you should meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss surgical treatment for your gynecomastia. If liposuction is used, the cannula will usually be inserted under the armpit on the lateral region of the chest where the incision will not be very noticeable. Also, it is recommended that you have had gynecomastia for some time before getting the surgery. In a procedure such as liposuction, the goal is fairly straight forward, to remove as much fat as possible, although there some challenges to making the fat loss even and smooth. This bandage must stay tightly wrapped around your body as much as possible for first few days, and it will eventually be replaced by a compression garment you will have to wear for up to six weeks. Immediately post op, your chest may appear to be flat, but as your body develops scar tissue, the nipples may puff back out, giving the illusion that not all the breast tissue was removed. This is an all inclusive cost that takes into account the surgeon’s fee, cost of anesthesia, medications, etc. On this basis, we examined the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of dronabinol (?(9)THC), an exogenous Cannabinoid type 1 and type 2 (CB1 and CB2) receptor agonist in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It was established in 1990 in the Greater Dublin Area and was extended in 1995 to cover other areas of the country.
For the purpose of the NDTRS, treatment is broadly defined as ‘any activity which aims to ameliorate the psychological, medical or social state of individuals who seek help for their drug problems’.
225 (Minister for Health and Children 1998) following the Report of the Methadone Treatment Services Review Group 1998.

As expected, the numbers of cases reported to the NDTRS are higher than those reported to the CTL. Marijuana is becoming more and more ubiquitous every year despite being less addictive than coffee. This can cause the young boy shy away from social situations, especially those than involve removing the shirt such as going to the beach, and instead hide in isolation.
If someone is very overweight with pseudo-gynecomastia consisting of just soft fat tissue in the chest region, it is possible to lose this with just regular weight loss via diet and exercise. There are two ways in which gynecomastia surgery is performed: Either direct excision of the breast tissue via surgery, liposuction, or both. Once the excess breast tissue is removed, you will be sutured up and often fixed with temporary drains to help remove any excess fluid.
If you get surgery while the gynecomastia is still growing, there is a chance it can grow back after surgery, although this is extremely rare, there is still the chance. However, with gynecomastia surgery, the doctor must be careful to remove enough breast tissue to correct the condition, but not to remove too much as to create a “dish pan” deformity in which the nipples are actually indented. Most likely, you be fitted with drains for the first few days, although they will be removed a few days post-op.
After about two weeks post-op, a lot of the soreness, bruising and swelling will have subsided, and you can return to very light physical activity, such as going on walks. You doctor will most likely prescribe you some kind of skin cream to fade the scars quicker, and advise you stay out of the sun and not to smoke. To be able to get the point where you can take pressure to your chest just as hard as you could pre-op with no pain can take a full six to twelve months, after all the scar tissue and swelling have a chance to heal. Name Email WebsiteSubmit Comment Recent Posts One Size May Not Fit All on GI Foods Low GI Foods May Help You Sleep What Exactly Is the Glycemic Index Diet? The reporting system was originally developed in line with the Pompidou Group’s Definitive Protocol and subsequently refined in accordance with the Treatment Demand Indicator Protocol.
Treatment options include one or more of the following: brief interventions, addiction counselling, medication-free therapy, alternative therapy, psychiatric treatment, medication (detoxification for problem alcohol, opiate or benzodiazepine use, methadone substitution), and social and occupational reintegration. This list is administered by the Drug Treatment Centre Board on behalf of the Health Service Executive and is a complete register of all patients receiving methadone (as treatment for problem opiate use) in Ireland. Between 1991 and 2003 compliance with the NDTRS required that one form be completed for each person who received treatment for problem drug use at each treatment centre in a calendar year, whereas compliance with the CTL requires forms only for those receiving methadone.
The trend in new cases reported to the CTL is falling, while the trend in new cases reported to the NDTRS is rising. Also, having gynecomastia can have a strong negative affect on a man’s self-confidence in regards to romantic encounters with women, due to the embarrassment and self-consciousness caused by the condition. Young boys may develop gynecomastia in varying degrees during puberty, from none at all, to very mild, to extreme.
However, hard breast tissue will not go away with normal weight loss, at least not completely.
Whichever type will work best for you will depend on your particular case, and only a board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to determine for sure which is the best method for your body.
The procedure is performed under local anesthesia only in most cases, and the entire procedure only takes 45 minutes to an hour. Still, it is probably a good idea to wait at least a year after the onset of the gynecomastia to make sure it is not still growing before you get the surgery done. The most common complaints among patients who are dissatisfied with the results are that either too much or too little breast tissue was removed, more the commonly than too much was removed. You will not experience much pain, but there will be a lot of bruising, swelling and numbness in the chest region.
If you follow these instructions, and the doctor did a good job on the surgery, the scars will fade very nicely.
It is important to realize that $3,500 is a lower end estimate for fairly mild gynecomastia.
The NDTRS is co-ordinated by staff at the Drug Misuse Research Division (DMRD) of the Health Research Board (HRB) on behalf of the Department of Health and Children.
When a person is considered suitable for methadone detoxification or maintenance, the prescribing doctor applies to the CTL for a place on the list and a unique number is allocated to the client. The difference is not as high as expected because the data in Figure 1 presents all cases reported to each system and it is acknowledged that between 1998 and 2003 there was a large increase in the number of  general practitioners providing methadone treatment services in Ireland. The fall in the number of new cases reported to the CTL is influenced by the decrease in opiate use in both the HSE Northern and the HSE South Western Areas (of Dublin), while the increase in new cases reported to the NDTRS is accounted for by an increase in problem cannabis use and, to a much lesser extent, problem cocaine use in Ireland. Having the gynecomastia removed will have amazing psychological effects in improving confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life. One way to tell if you have true gynecomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia is to massage your breasts firmly and feel for any hard lumps. In most cases, however, liposuction is used to suck out the soft fatty tissue, in conjunction with directly cutting out (excising) the hard breast tissue. If the doctor is not careful, he may remove too much breast tissue leaving you with a deformed chest and nipples that actually seem to “sink in”.
If you do experience pain, you can take some pain medication that your doctor will no doubt prescribe you. It takes up to ten months for all the swelling to go away, and a year, possibly even two, for the scar tissue to break down fully. Also, because the scars will follow the natural contour of the areola (nipple), they will be extremely hard to detect, even before it has had a chance to fade.

If you have a severe case of gynecomastia, or the surgeon anticipates a high degree of difficulty with the procedure for any reason, then the cost will go up. Baseline polysomnography (PSG) was performed after a 7-day washout of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure treatment. Between 1991 and 2003 compliance with the NDTRS required that one form be completed for each person who received treatment for problem drug use at each treatment centre in a calendar year.
The number of general practitioners participating in the CTL is high because it is a statutory requirement and payments are calculated per client treated, but the number of general practitioners participating in the NDTRS is still very low. Besides these psychological effects, there is even the risk of breast cancer in men if the condition is not treated. However, in certain cases, the enlarged breasts experienced during puberty will persist on into adulthood.Also, one can get gynecomastia as a result of steroid abuse, as these substances also affect hormone levels.
Hard lumps underneath the nipples that feel like small ping-pong balls are a sign of hard breast tissue that can only be removed via surgery. However, in very severe cases of gynecomastia, it may be performed under general anesthesia and require overnight hospital stay, but again, this is only for very severe cases. This can, however, be fixed in most cases, with a soft tissue filler such as Radiesse or fat transfer, although these revisions are not cheap, they will help the appearance greatly. The doctor may be able to speed this process with kenalog injections, which will break down the scar tissue quicker, however, this must be done with caution.
After a year of proper care, both the scars that follow the contour of the nipple and the liposuction scars under the armpit should fade to the point where they are practically invisible.
Also, the cost of the surgery will also depend on the experience and expertise of the doctor, as well as the location of his office. Since 2004, compliance with the NDTRS requires that the total number of cases in treatment with each treatment provider on 1 January each year is returned to the DMRD and that one form is completed for every case who commences or returns to treatment for problem alcohol or drug use at each treatment centre.
Drug treatment data are viewed as an indirect indicator of drug misuse as well as a direct indicator of demand for treatment services. Each client’s’ name, address, date of birth, gender, date commenced on methadone, type of methadone treatment, prescribing doctor and dispensing pharmacist are recorded on the List. This deficiency in the NDTRS will be rectified at the end of 2005 when all outstanding data for general practitioners’ clients for the period 2001 to 2005 will be returned and included in future publications.
If all you feel is soft fatty tissue, you may just have pseudo-gynecomastia, which will probably (although not always) go away with normal weight loss.
Because gynecomastia surgery can be so touchy and comes down to the individual expertise and skill of the surgeon, it is extremely important to research your plastic surgeon VERY thoroughly. Kenalog injections can also break down fat cells and lead to a “dish pan” deformity, or indented nipples if too much is injected, so proceed with caution.
More experience and prestigious doctors will typically charge more, and the cost will also usually be higher in affluent areas, such as Beverly Hills, as opposed to smaller towns. These data are used at national and European levels to provide information on the characteristics of clients entering treatment, and on patterns of drug misuse, such as types of drugs used and consumption behaviours. The CTL is considered complete with respect to the number of clients who start or recommence methadone treatment because practitioners have a statutory obligation to report the initiation of treatment and, also, they are paid per client in treatment. It is important to note that the number of cases reported to the CTL presented in Figure 1 represents the total number of individuals treated with methadone in the calendar year, rather than the number in treatment at a single point in time. If you are below 20% body fat and have significant fatty tissue around the breasts and protruding (pointy) nipples, you probably have true gynecomastia.
Always ask to look at before and after photos of his work, and ask him how often he performs gynecomastia surgery in a given month.
However, always keep one thing in mind: Shopping around for lowest plastic surgery prices rather than looking at the skill and qualifications of the doctor is a terrible idea. Measurements and Results: Repeat PSG assessments were performed on nights 7, 14, and 21 of dronabinol treatment. Service providers at drug treatment centres throughout Ireland collect and submit this data.
In addition, the data are used to calculate the performance indicators for the addiction services. Once on the List, the current treatment status of the majority of clients can be tracked by means of transfer and exit records.
In addition to not being happy with the procedure, the usual risks that come with any plastic surgery procedure still apply – infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling, and pain, primarily. Always make finding the best possible plastic surgeon who can provide with the best results you primary concern. They collect administrative details, demographic characteristics, parameters to measure access to treatment, treatment status (new versus previously treated cases), problem substance use in the month preceding this treatment contact, risk behaviours (associated with injecting drug use) and initial treatment type.
You can use this body fat estimator to get a quick estimate of what your body fat percentage is.
These findings should be confirmed in a larger study in order to identify sub-populations with OSA that may benefit from cannabimimetic pharmacologic therapy.

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