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Examine the normal rainfall and temperature information for San Francisco Downtown (Mission Dolores) (Note: It's mispelled on the website) and New York, Central Park. To obtain this, get into the website listed above and click on San Franicsco Mission Dolores.
Either print the information, or record the Average Monthly Maximum Temperature and Mean Monthly Total Precipitation on a separate piece of paper for each station.
Which station appears to experience the warmest temperatures in the summer and in the winter? San Francisco is warmer than New York in the winter, and colder than New York during the summer. 21.2% of the annual precipitation at San Francisco falls in January, while only 8% falls at New York. In one or two paragraphs, compare and contrast the aspects of the climates of San Francisco and New York illustrated by the data you plotted in Part I and characterized in Part II.
Data from 1998 US National Arboretum (Web Version) of the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map, USDA Miscellaneous Publication No. Yalta is located on the south shore of the Crimean Peninsula (Crimea Republic), 79 km from Simferopol.
On March 16, 2014, a referendum was held and the results showed that the majority of Crimeans voted for independence of Crimea and joining Russia.
In antique times, the settlement was the part of the Roman Empire, in the Middle Ages - of the Byzantine Empire, Feodoro principality and Genoa colonies. In 1778, the Christian population of Crimea was removed to Azov area according to the Russian government order.

Favorable climate with mild winters and its scenic location between the sea and the mountain made Yalta a popular resort. By the early 20th century, a lot of representatives of the Russian elite, including some members of the emperor’s family and monarchs themselves had dachas and palaces in Yalta or near it.
During the World War II, the city suffered German occupation and deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944.
The average temperature in July is 24 degrees Celsius above zero, the average temperature in January - 4 degrees C above zero. Yalta itself is interesting due to its unique combination of architectural monuments surrounded by mountainous landscape. Expert's answer: Yalta offers a numerous number of attractions for tourists like swimming in the sea, tanning, plentiful number of restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes and wines. July is the warmest month at New York, while September is the warmest month at San Francisco. Although May is the wettest month at New York, there is little variation of rainfall amounts during the year at New York, while there is an extremely large variation in precipitation amounts from summer to winter at San Francisco. San Francisco experiences a distinct dry season, with most rainfall occurring during the core of the winter months, while New York experiences more or less the same amount of precipitation for each month. While both places experience the coldest temperatures in the winter, the average daily maximum temperature chart above, Fig. Crimea became the part of the Russian Empire which caused Crimean Tatars’ massive migration. In February 1945, the three chief Allied leaders met during the conference in Livadiya Palace to plan the final defeat and occupation of Nazi Germany.

It is characterized by mild and rainy winters, cool springs, hot and long summers and long and warm autumns.
There are a lot of beautiful (although, not all of them are in good condition) buildings constructed in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. 2, illustrates that San Francisco's temperatures remain moderate for the whole year, with a much smaller variation from summer to winter than is indicated by the temperature trend for New York. Also there are some casinos, bowling and billiards centers, minigolf, paintball, darts etc. The distinct winter rainfall maximum at San Francisco is borne out by the statistics, which indicates that 21% of the annual precipitation falls in that one month alone.
On the other hand, monthly rainfall at New York is roughly 7-9% of the annual total for each month of the year. 2 shows that the warmest temperatures at San Francisco are displaced from July, the usual month for the warmest temperatures for most places in the world, to September. The profound dry season at San Francisco is reflected in the nearly absent rainfall during the summer months, with less than 1% of the annual precipitation falling in July. This reflects the influence of the sea breeze, which is maximum in July and August, and brings cooler marine air across the San Francisco Bay Region.

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