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Getting timely treatment is one of the best things you can do to ensure a foot ulcer or damage does not become too demanding or threatening in life.
Preventive measures can contribute significantly in eliminating the risks of diabetic complications (as foot problems), though the possibility may not be completely eliminated even with utmost preventive measures.
With diabetes, even a normal ulcer or wound can become overwhelming and lead to complications over time.
Wound dressings are of many types.  The Hydrogel dressings may score more over other types of dressings although there is no concrete evidential testament for the same. Many other types of moist dressings can be implemented including adhesive backing film and silicone coated foam. Being a primary complication of diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot ulcers need prompt and timely intervention lest they become damaging causing amputation.
Failure of wound healing arising out of chronic diabetes can often be treated with the extracellular matrix replacement therapy. In this diabetic ulcer treatment, vacuum is used to remove the extra fluid and cellular waste from a wound. Treating foot ulcers and damages can be a tricky task because what may apparently seem fine may not actually be so.
An index of 0.9 or less indicates that you should consult a vascular surgeon for clarity on medical intervention.
Even when diabetics are on hypoglycemic drugs or insulin, their blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly to prevent hypoglycemia and other side effects of diabetes drugs. Collagenase treatment of diabetes has been developed to provide permanent or long-term relief from diabetes. Diabetes occurs when sufficient insulin is not present in the body to enable the tissues to absorb glucose from the blood.
Transplanting healthy islet cells to the pancreas of a diabetic person can provide a permanent solution to diabetes. Collagenase is a type of enzyme, which is injected into the donor pancreas to dissolve the peptide bonds of the cells. Using collagenase for harvesting islet cells helps to isolate the cells from an organ without affecting the functions of the cells. After transplantation of the islets cells, immunosuppressive medications are used to prevent rejection of the transplanted islets. While use of collagenase for islets transplantation is still in the experimental stage, scientists have found evidence to support the use of collagenase for treating diabetic foot ulcers, a severe diabetes complication. By breaking up the dead cells, the enzyme helps to remove the worn out tissues and skin from the site of the wound, thereby allowing the antibiotic to reach easily the deeper layers of the skin. Thus, nearly all cases in the setting of a diabetic foot infection are chronic osteomyelitis.
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Promotion is for free shipping only; the value of the free shipping may not be applied to your purchase of an expedited shipping option, such as FedEx next day. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please see our 90-day, no-hassle refund policy. Peppermint Oil has been used for centuries to naturally relieve skin soreness, discomfort and itch.
Tea Tree Oil has natural cicatrizant properties, meaning that it may support tissue development.
Beeswax contains Vitamin A, which is known to condition skin and support cell reconstruction.
Terrasil Wound Care features a powerful antiseptic (bacteria-fighting) ingredient, as well as a soothing skin protectant.
Terrasil is the only Wound Care product available that uses patented Activated Minerals, a unique blend of Volcanic Clay (Bentonite), Zinc Oxide and Magnesium Oxide.
Terrasil's natural formulation is free from unnecessary chemicals, artificial scents, parabens and potentially harmful preservatives.
Aidance provides skincare solutions to customers in 150 countries and we’re pleased to share their positive feedback. Diabetic Ulcers are caused by reduced skin moisture, dulled surface sensitivity and insufficient circulation, and one of the skin issues diabetics battle with on a constant basis Dry, malnourished skin on the lower legs and feet can easily crack or tear, providing an entry point for bacteria. Treating diabetic ulcers requires diligent cleaning of the feet throughout the healing process.
Doctor Recommended Terrasil is trusted and recommended by leading physicians with outstanding results treating minor to severe wounds.

I’ve been using Aspiera’s Terrasil Wound Care Ointment for several months and have found it be an outstanding treatment for all types of wounds, including ulcers with and without venous or arterial insufficiency. Terrasil WC is a novel wound ointment that has the potential to provide significant positive impact on one of the primary impediments to healing in chronic wounds: wound bioburden. Terrasil Wound Care Ointment is a new, unique topical cream that has proven to be very effective treating recalcitrant wounds. Below are a series of clinical cases submitted by physicians and nurses at hospitals, wound care centers and medical offices across the US.
Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment guards against bacterial infection and reduces inflammation and discomfort. Clinical studies for Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment in 2010 and 2011 with 192 patients showed that the ointment was able to heal chronic wounds up to 3.7-times (370%) faster than conventional treatment.
Study: An in-vitro study with bacteria (Staph aureus) to determine the kill rate of the Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care compared to Bacitracin and Triple Antibiotic Ointment.
Wash and gently dry the affected area, being careful not to cause unnecessary friction or irritation. Visit our Skin Health FAQs section for more information on skin conditions, exclusive guides, and more.
Aidance®, Terrasil®, and Activated Minerals® are a registered trademarks of Aidance Skincare.
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Active Ingredients: Calendula 1X HPUS as a healing agent and Thuja Occidentalis 6X HPUS for skin eruption relief.
This product is formulated for external (topical) use only, and is not meant to be ingested. We encourage you to visit our page of scientific studies to learn about the efficacy of our ingredients and their ability to support the natural healing process. Diabetes has a strong background of affecting foot in vivid ways and ulcers are one of the several ways. Thereafter, you may cover the part to avoid further damage or infection to the area; for expert advice, a local wound center can be contacted.
A custom-designed boot can be used to provide support and necessary healing to the affected area. About 84% of all lower leg amputations are a result of diabetic foot ulcers which are mainly considered to be an outcome of macro and micro vascular complications. In diabetes, foot care and treatment considerably rests on using techniques like advanced moist wound therapy, skin substitute and negative pressure wound therapy. This treatment requires expert administration and there are some basic guidelines which should be adopted when implementing this therapy for beneficial outcomes in treating ulcers and wounds. It may signify a 50% blockage of an important artery. The doctor may also want to clean the foot sore (debridement) and check the area for bacteria.
The goal of diabetes treatment is to keep the blood sugar level under control with low glycemic diet and diabetes medications. Your doctor may change the dosage or the drug to ensure that your blood sugar level remains in the normal range. Although therapy with collagenase is still in the experimental stage, preliminary evidences from laboratory studies suggest effectiveness of the therapy in treating diabetes.
To ensure sufficient insulin production, about a million islets should be isolated from the pancreas. Poor healing of wounds in diabetics can be resolved by using collagenase as a vehicle for delivering medication. Irritation, redness and pain in the treated area are possible side effects of collagenase ointment. An antibiotic’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties determine its serum, and therefore tissue, levels.
This powerful new FDA-registered formula combines the latest science with the finest organic and natural ingredients for superior results. The unique consistency of jojoba oil allows Terrasil to penetrate deeply in order to quickly deliver treatment to every layer of skin. Together, they form the ultimate barrier against infection, which is the biggest cause of delayed healing in wounds. This technology was developed to facilitate faster, directed delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients to significantly enhance their performance. Although we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, less than 3% of customers request refunds.

Many diabetes patients often experience neuropathy (lasting numbness) in their feet and, therefore, skin cracks or abrasions often go unnoticed and unattended.
Signs of an infected or more severe ulcer are warmth surrounding the sore, a large or deep break in the skin, a moist pus-filled wound, red streaking away from the wound, progressive numbness of the feet, or a fever. In addition, it is important to keep the feet dry, free from unnecessary irritation, such as restrictive footwear, and elevated in order to decrease swelling. It’s easy to use, which increases patient compliance, and there have been no incidents of intolerability. It has provided a dual-prong benefit for our patients, by resolving infections that did not respond to traditional topical silver dressing and by being effective at epithelizing and closing wounds. I only used the product Terrasil Wound Care on the outer wound, as I was scared to apply it into the wound. Thomas Serena, MD initiated a multi-center case study program to document Terrasil’s ability to heal diabetic foot ulcers faster. If the Terrasil Infection-Control Wound Care Ointment kills microbes as efficiently as shown in the graph, it may provide an insight into the ability of Terrasil to support faster healing. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. If for any reason, your condition worsens while using this product, we recommend that you discontinue use and visit a doctor. These boots can be crucial for healing of foot and can considerbly reduce the scope of amputation. For instance, the moist wound therapy is believed to processes as fibroblast proliferation, collagen synthesis, and wound contraction.
Therefore, current diabetes treatment requires diabetics to remain under the observation of doctors and health care providers throughout their lives.
Degeneration of the insulin producing pancreatic cells reduces the insulin level in the body. Once the peptide bonds are digested by the collagenase solution, the islet cells are separated from the pancreas. It also has strong properties that soothe the skin, as well as documented ability to repair cracked skin.
In addition to their drug delivery properties, each of the ingredients that comprise Activated Minerals have specific skin care benefits.
Ulcers most often develop on the leg, the ball of the foot, the bottom of the big toe, or on the sides of the foot.
Terrasil Wound Care guards against bacterial infection while promoting healing and reducing discomfort at the wound site. The ointment also reduces maceration, adheres better than other products when there’s wound drainage, and it keeps wound edges healthy. Terrasil Wound Care Ointment provides the doctor with a new tool effective against both easy-to-treat wounds and complicated, difficult-to-heal wounds. After two months the skin has stayed infection free and the wound is starting to knit together. Aidance Skincare products are protected by numerous US and international patents granted and pending. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
Treatment times vary based on the user's overall health, the age and size of the wound, and the severity of any existing infection. Our formulations have been meticulously balanced to offer skin relief and repair, and to be safe for sensitive skin.
Medications used for improving the blood sugar level work either by introducing insulin to the blood or stimulating the pancreas to increase insulin secretion. Two donor pancreases can provide the large number of islet cells for reducing dependence of the diabetic patient on insulin medications. Terrasil offers the highest potential to heal wounds faster and should be considered a first option for healthcare practitioners and their patients. The surgeon has said that the improvement was unbelievable… We were expecting further amputations.

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