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My 18 month old Border Collie "Bennie" was recently diagnosed with dog eye pannus (see attached photos).
Dr Richard Pitcairn's book, Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, has an excellent section on **Harmful Effects of Vaccinations**. DISCLAIMER: The above should never replace the advice of your local veterinarian, as they have the ability to evaluate your dog in person. Hi Susan,Your ophthalmology veterinarian sounds like all of the 'correct diagnostic tests were done on Bennie.
Hi Susan,May 2, 2013That sounds great, that you have made an appointment with a holistic veterinarian! Disclaimers: The information contained in this web site is provided for general informational purposes only. February 5, 2014 Hi Lindsay, Without a photo I am not sure if the cloudy corneas are due to scar tissue from the cataract surgery, or due to some other ongoing disease.
We cover most types of dog cancer below, including each type’s physical description and common treatment.
Within the last few years, a holistic medicine called Neoplasene has shown extremely promising results in the fight against canine tumors. Review pictures and questions submitted by other visitors in our My Online Vet Ask-A-Vet Library section on Dog Cancer. Pet owners are generally aware that parasites are concern but may not know what the big deal is. Prevention is simple and helps avoid a full-on flea infestation, which is not dealt with quite so easily as prevention would be. Most other internal parasites in dogs are invisible to the human eye, but they do not let their size keep them from wreaking destruction in your fur baby’s insides.
There are medications available that prevent your precious pup from becoming infested with adult heartworms. For more information about internal parasites in dogs, contact Legacy Animal Medical Center today or schedule an appointment online to bring in your dog this month!
Hi Mark,An acute onset of itching that starts on the chest, extends under the front legs and around the nipples, and includes the bottoms of the feet, I suspect is a contact allergy.
My 6-year-old miniature schnauzer was having the exact same symptoms and had to be taken in to the vet a couple of times for skin cultures and given anti-yeast medications and steroid treatments.
We have two dogs with the exact same trouble and they are not on flea medicine and no new furniture or allergens we can think of. My male black 8 year old pitbull mix has a pink lump on his upper left leg one inch below his armpit. April 20, 2014 Hi Allan, From the photos you submitted of this pink lump on your male 8 year old pitbull's left front leg, it does not look like a malignant tumor. My dog is experiencing 2 patches of fur that are eaisly pulled off, and the skin is circular & scaly in apperance. Hi Christine, Thanks for your question about your itchy Pekingese dog. I'm happy to help, but we only accept new questions from subscribers (the original question above was from a subscriber). I have tried Ivermectin, prescription shampoos, home remedies, anything that would help my Shar-Pei and nothing really worked.
About a week after I got my dog, he started to get lumps over his back and rump and the sides of his back legs. Hi Hannah,Thursday Island,Queensland, Australia has no regular veterinarian so I am sure it would be hard to locate a holistic Vet!!
June 17, 2015 Dear Anonymous, At this time, I am no longer consulting for the Organic Pet Digest.
What I can see on the lateral, (8-9 o'clock) aspect is just some pigmented area on the sclera, (white portion), of his eye.
OrthoMolecular Specialties, Mega C Powder A good diet and homeopathic remedies for constitutional treatment are also essential for him to be healthy, whether he has pannus or not.
A holistic veterinarian should be consulted to write an exemption form for Bennie to avoid future vaccinations.
Usually these tests are limited to pollens, molds, trees, food, natural and synthetic materials such as wool or polyester.
Just looking at an out of focus photo, all I can say is that the sclera appears discolored. The veterinarian will not only concentrate on Bennie's eye, but will help improve his entire level of health.Please keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the 'click here to add your own comments' link below.
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Until you can send a photo, I suggest you give her the homeopathic remedy Silicea 12C or 6C.

Through the month of April we are offering a 10% discount off of fecal tests, heartworm tests, deworming meds, and Heartgard.
LAMC, located in Liberty Lake, Washington, carries deworming meds as well as preventative medications. If your dog is doing a lot of vomiting, is lethargic, has lost his appetite, has a distended abdomen or is coughing, he may be harboring an internal pest.
Heartworm is passed along by mosquitoes that have ingested young heartworms from an infected dog. I thought that it was a flea allergy, but she'd been on K9 Advantix every month for the past couple of years since relocating to our current home where fleas are prevalent.
Although, as I am not able to determine how large it is from the photo, I am a bit concerned that it has attained this size in only a few days. He is an overall healthy 6yr old shar-pei.I did try Lotrimin for a couple of days since I used a UV light on him & it seemed to flores around the outer edges of his patches. I have learned that it was better to leave the patches alone and they would eventually heal on their own.
To me it looked like insect bites.I consulted the vet that visits here (there is no resident vet one just visits every 6 weeks or so) and she said it was probably hives, but they did not irritate him at all and I had never seen him scratch (and he didn't have any scratch marks).
Tillman thank you for your quick and informative response. I will follow your advice as much as I can but getting products to such a remote location will take time and I have to find a company that ships them here also! If you know of any companies that you can suggest that ships internationally from the US for the homeopathic remedy please let me know."You should be able to contact a health food store in Port Douglas or Cairns that carries homeopathic remedies for people. Tillman thank you again for your reply. I have managed to locate some Apis online and so am waiting for it to arrive. I am not aware of allergy testing for 'chemicals.' There are some holistic veterinarians that can do Applied Kinesiology, (or AK), testing the patient for unusual sensitivities to chemicals, pesticides, environmental toxins, etc.
Or could it appear to be PANNUS but possibly be something else regarding a Border Collie??
Pannus involves a growth of new blood vessels or capillaries that will grow over the cornea.
Phenylephrine, etc is proscribed at the moment but I think there may be an alternative medication that may clear the problem and give at least limited vision. Since this occurred after or due to surgery it appears to be 'uveitis' or inflammation of the uvea, commonly called 'blue eye'. Treatment is with the homeopathic remedy SULPHUR. They may also depend on other organisms for sustenance or for some sort of amenity including incubating or nurturing their progeny.
Signs that your dog is infected may include the dog’s stomach being distended and he may be lethargic and not hungry. Emily at LAMC (or one of our other dedicated vets) can assist you in choosing the right preventative for your dog(s). Or perhaps, it has been there longer, but you only noticed it a few days ago? It appears to be a benign wart, but other possibilities are histiocytoma or mast cell tumor.
I started to wipe him over in a solution of Teatree oil to keep insects off of him in case that was the problem, but there was no change or improvement.
If you know of any companies that you can suggest that ships internationally from the US for the homeopathic remedy please let me know. I will immediately put into effect what I can from your advice until I have further information to go on from a skin biopsy which I will get done as soon as I can. If it is the disease you suspect, is it possible it can just go away by itself over time?
I have started with coconut oil soaks already, and his skin looked better the day after but then the second day his coat looked dull and moth eaten again and there were a few more bumps on his legs. To find a holistic veterinarian in your area click on the link below Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area. Therefore it does appear discolored, but more specifically, it will appear as if the cornea seems to have tissue starting to cover it.
Simply click here to return to Ask a Vet Online via My Online Vet (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED FOR NEW QUESTIONS). Your dog may insist that she has no stinkin’ fleas, and therefore no flea prevention is necessary. She seems to be licking her front pads as well and trying to scratch her face around her whiskers. I thought it might of been fungal so I applied the Lotrimin upon application the skin turned bright red and then with in about 20 minutes went back to normal color, I'm not sure if this is a negative reaction to the ointment. I am suspicious that the amount of stress he was subjected to plus being recently neutered, vaccinated, (and given boosters too?), using Advocate topical, and moved from Sydney in the south of Australia to the very most northern point of Australia on Thursday Island, may have triggered it.The diet you have him on sounds wonderful! With him getting accustomed to the climate change, with the continuation of a good diet, and with the immune system supplements and treatments you suggest?
There aren't as many swellings as there was on his back, but his hair is still shedding somewhat, and he seems balder on his back legs. I would say that I am NOT sure if this dark circle pigment is toplying on the cornea OR inside the actual Iris.

I suggest you follow the advice of the 'conventional' veterinarian for now, PLUS incorporate some of my suggestions starting Bennie on a NEW diet, and immune system supplements, and NO vaccinations.Also, you should seek out a holistic vet.
You do not need to have it shipped from the USA!You wrote,"Is is possible it can just go away by itself over time?"Of course, that is very possible. Best to wait until you get the supplements I suggested, and work on diet and the bathing at this time.
I had thought that this circle almost looked like a small contact lens that could be lifted off. I have since been giving her Benedryl 2 times every 6 hours and rubbing coconut oil on her.
Also, if he had a recent dog vaccination, exposure to a flea or tick preventive, or fed a new dog food, or changed to a new bedding, it could cause an immediate (within 1-2 days) appearance of welts or papules. You can give homeopathic remedies by dry pellet, pour one pellet into the cap, pull out your dog's lower lip at the corner, and just drop the pellet into the space between his lip and his gum.
Which sounds like he may be showing a bit of improvement!Please keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the 'click here to add your own comments' link below. Again only my visual interpretation.I am unfamiliar with what actual PANNUS should look like. New laundry detergent?Give her a shampoo with baby shampoo or oatmeal shampoo, and use COOL water. But I would not advise any treatment unless you have a diagnosis.I would definitely recommend a visit to a regular or holistic veterinarian for a skin scraping, fungus culture or even biopsy in order to obtain a diagnosis. It is not unusual at all for an autoimmune disease to go into remission.You wrote, "or would his skin only recover if he is moved back to a cooler climate?"No, I think the move was only an additional stress that 'pushed his system over the limit' so that he was unable to cope. I previously owned another Border Collie but she did not have PANNUS.Bennie has come from the same breeder. Utilizing homeopathy means we are using any rare, strange and peculiar symptoms of Bennie in order to choose a specific homeopathic remedy to treat him.
If he does swallow it, that is fine too.Your other option is to dissolve one pellet into a glass eyedropper bottle (1 or 2 oz) and fill with Spring Water. But it is interesting that in the remedy Apis, (which is derived from the stinger of a honey bee), one of the symptoms that calls for the use of Apis is WORSE in hot weather.You wrote,"Am I still able to post in the future to update you on any progress?"Yes, you certainly can. Providing toys like Buster cubes that have food inside but need to be manipulated a certain way so periodically only ONE piece of food falls out, (sort of like a slot machine for dogs), where they are rewarded intermittently, are ideal for this breed.
I also spoke to the breeder recently and Bennies brothers and sisters are all in good health with no eye complications at this time.. NOT just his eye, but his entire body on the physical, emotional and mental levels!Please keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the 'click here to add your own comments' link below.
Rhus tox 6C or 12CUse ONE remedy at a time.Can be given by dry pellet directly into the mouth, or put one pellet into a 1oz glass dropper bottle, and mix with Spring Water.
Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your areaPlease keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the 'click here to add your own comments' link below.
Shake the bottle against the palm of your hand, called 'succussing' the remedy, and give him 1 dropperful of the liquid one time daily for 3 days. Keep us posted by coming back to this page and clicking the 'click here to add your own comments' link below. As I was not present at this time I was not fully informed about his skin condition as attention was directed to healing his wounds.On my return (4 weeks later) his wound had completely healed but his skin had shown no improvement, just more scars where there had been more lumps.
If the oil has completely soaked in, and he is not greasy, then just shampoo with baby shampoo. Coconut oil is useful for DRY skin, with dandruff, not usually helpful for red, inflamed itchy skin. You may need to use DAWN DISH DETERGENT to shampoo her to remove all the greasy coconut oil first, rinse well, followed by the Baby Shampoo or oatmeal shampoo. Thank you!DISCLAIMER: This educational advice is based on the depth of your question and the picture you submitted. Make up Rescue Remedy (use the 'human' drops that are preserved in Brandy NOT the 'animal' drops that contain glycerin): 20 drops added to a 4-6 oz pump spray bottle and fill with Spring Water. It will cool her down, and calm her skin, and calm her down if she licks it.If there is NO response, or she is WORSE, in the next 24-48 hours, I suggest you seek the help of a holistic veterinarian who can do a thorough physical exam!Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area.

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