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The FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System with Flash Glucose monitoring technology helps you and your doctor to personalise your treatment plan.
Assessment of the variance of the Ambulatory Glucose Profile over 3 to 20 days of continuous glucose monitoring. Recommendations for standardizing glucose reporting and analysis to optimize clinical decision making in diabetes: the ambulatory glucose profile.
Optimal sampling intervals to assess long-term glycemic control using continuous glucose monitoring. Flash glucose monitoring is an easy way to generate the dense glucose data needed for a complete glycaemic picture. Another key feature of a flash glucose monitoring system is the small and fully disposable sensor that lasts up to 14 days, requires no calibration, no routine finger pricks*, and automatically measures, captures and stores glucose data. The FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System is a glucose-monitoring device indicated for detecting trends and tracking patterns in persons (age 18 and older) with diabetes.
Readings from the FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System are not made available directly to patients in real time. The FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System aids in the detection of episodes of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia, facilitating therapy adjustments. The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor is factory calibrated and requires no finger prick calibrations during the 14-day wear period. Sensor kit includes a sensor pack (used with the sensor applicator to prepare the sensor), sensor applicator (applies the sensor to the back of the upper arm), alcohol wipe (to clean the application site) and a product insert (provides instructions on how to apply the sensor).
Reader kit includes a FreeStyle Libre Pro reader (used to start the sensor on a patient and gather their glucose readings), USB cable (can connect to a computer to generate reports, and used to charge the reader), power adaptor (use with the USB cable to fully charge the battery), operator’s manual (all of the information required to operate the system) and a quick start guide (a guide to get patients started quickly). Software is intended to aid healthcare professionals in supporting an effective diabetes health management program for their patients, and is available online and on a CD.
The sensor filament is less than 0.4 millimeters thick and is inserted 5 millimeters under the skin surface.
The sensor is applied to the back of the upper arm with a simple, disposable device called an applicator. The disposable sensor is designed to adhere to the back of the upper arm and provide accurate glucose readings for up to 14 days.
The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor measures and stores glucose readings every 15 minutes for up to 14 days of wear. The sensor should be removed prior to exposing it to strong magnetic or electromagnetic radiation, for example an X-ray, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), or CT (Computed tomography) scan. The sensor pack and sensor applicator are packaged as a set (separately from the reader) and have the same sensor code.
Yes, the sensor’s adhesive is designed to stay on the back of the upper arm for 14 days when used as directed. Once touching the Get Sensor Data option on the reader home screen, the reader displays a notification that there is unreported sensor data. The Daily Graph shows the sensor glucose readings by day and the target glucose range that is set on the reader. You must charge the reader when the battery is low (a battery low icon will appear) to keep using the reader. Once a new sensor is started, the reader will prompt you to check the sensor status in 2 minutes.
Once the sensor has been applied to the back of the patient’s upper arm, the only requirement of the patient is to wear the sensor for 14 days. The FreeStyle Libre Pro system is clinically proven to be accurate, stable and consistent over 14 days with no finger prick calibrations. The FreeStyle Libre Pro system is clinically proven to be accurate, stable and consistent over 14 days without the need for finger prick calibration. The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor is factory calibrated and manufactured with minimal sensor-tosensor variation eliminating need for finger prick calibration.
The FreeStyle Libre Pro system delivers an MARD of 11.1% over 14 days with no finger prick calibrations.

Head-to-head studies with other sensor-based glucose monitoring systems have not yet been completed using the FreeStyle Libre Pro system.
A USB cable is provided in the reader kit – the cable can connect the reader to a computer to generate reports, and is also used to charge the reader.
The Daily Glucose Summary report shows daily glucose, time in target, time below target and time above target within the selected timeframe. To create reports, connect the reader to a computer using the USB cable in your reader kit. Report Parameters for Timeframe (date range used for all reports) and Target Glucose Range (displayed on some glucose graphs and used to calculate Time in Target) are used in all reports. When the report parameters are set, you can choose to print reports or view reports while the reader is connected.
This product should be disposed of in accordance with all applicable local regulations related to the disposal of electronic equipment, batteries, sharps, and materials potentially exposed to body fluids. Contact Customer Service for further information on the appropriate disposal of system components. Find out more about our leading-edge glucose monitoring systems and determine which is the best for you and your lifestyle.
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Abbott Freestyle Lancing Device + 100 Freestyle Lancets FreeStyle Lancets are made from very thin, 28 gauge stainless steel for comfort, and sterilized for your protection. FDA posts press releases and other notices from firms as a service to consumers, the media, and other notified parties.
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We stand behind our products 100%, satisfaction or you may return your purchase to us within 6 months of purchase for a replacement or exchange, free of charge. What makes flash glucose monitoring unique is the quick scan of the reader over the sensor to collect glucose data. Interpretation of the FreeStyle Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System readings should be based on the trends and patterns analysed through time using the reports available. It is indicated for measuring interstitial fluid glucose levels in adults aged 18 years and older. The FreeStyle Libre Pro sensor was tested to IP27 standards and can be used while swimming. Patients should follow their routine self-monitoring of blood glucose while using the FreeStyle Libre Pro system. You may clean the reader using a cloth dampened with a mixture of 1 part household bleach to 9 parts water.
In a study conducted by Abbott Diabetes Care, 93.4 % of patients surveyed (n=30) did not feel discomfort under the skin while wearing the sensor.
When the sensor is applied, a small (5mm) filament is inserted just under the skin, and held in place with a small adhesive pad. The effect of these types of procedures on the performance of the system has not been evaluated. You can change the target glucose range by touching the options symbol on the home screen and selecting Target Range. If, after 2 minutes, the sensor status is confirmed on the reader with the Sensor Working display, the patient is not required to do anything else but wear the sensor on their arm for 14 days. The sensor requires no patient interaction and can be worn while bathing, showering, swimming*, and exercising. All traditional continuous glucose monitoring systems that also use sensor-based technology require multiple finger prick calibrations (up to 4 times per day).
It includes an Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP), a graph of the 10th, 25th, 50th (median), 75th, and 90th percentiles of glucose readings.
The FreeStyle Libre Pro software home screen allows you to access the different features of the application for creating reports and changing reader settings.

The sensor should not be taken below 1 metre of water (3 feet), and should not be submerged in water for more than 30 minutes. Sensor packs and sensor applicators with the same sensor code should be used together or sensor glucose readings may be incorrect. If the sensor status does not confirm in 2 minutes, the reader checks the sensor status in 7 additional minutes. FreeStyle Sterilized Lancets are for use with the Freestyle™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System. No coding required means one less step, Proven accuracy,Fewer wasted test strips, Up to 60 seconds to reapply blood, Smallest sample size.
Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement officials to recover one tractor-trailer shipment of blood glucose monitoring products that was reported stolen from a shipping carrier facility in Louisville, Ky. The adhesive is designed to keep the sensor securely and comfortably in place for up to 14 days.
Once the sensor status is confirmed on the reader with the Sensor Working display, the patient is not required to do anything else but wear the sensor on their arm for 14 days. The report includes key parameters for glucose control in the form of red, yellow, green stop lights to assess the risk level. The worlds smallest sample size of just 0.3 is all that is needed to get accurate blood glucose readings. Freestyle Lite Test Strips support Alternate Site Testing, so you can test from your fingertip, palm, forearm, upper arm, thigh, or calf. Of note, promotional material includes the following footnote: “A finger prick test … is required during times of rapidly changing glucose levels when interstitial fluid glucose levels may not accurately reflect blood glucose levels or if hypoglycaemia or impending hypoglycaemia is reported by the System or when symptoms do not match the System readings”Another potential advantage is the need for user intervention to check sugars by waving the receiver over the sensor. Practitioners, pharmacies, and consumers are advised to purchase Abbott Diabetes Care blood glucose monitoring products only from well established, trusted and reputable sources and to be aware that an unusually low price is often an indication that a product has been stolen.
In the age of the Quantified Self, I’m a believer that user intervention involves the patient and makes them more involved with their disease management.However, this need for user intervention is also a significant downside to the Freestyle Libre Flash. Stolen blood glucose monitoring products may be harmful because they may have been stored at the wrong temperature or humidity or other improper conditions, may degrade, become contaminated, or may have been tampered with or handled improperly while outside of the legitimate supply chain. One of the most important indications for Continuous Glucose Monitors in my patients is frequent hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia unawareness (hypoglycemia without symptoms), and the Libre Flash’s lack of an alarm or warning system would render the device less useful for such patients. Customers should always inspect blood glucose monitoring products and labels for the Expiration Date and for signs of tampering before opening. Values that are cut-off on the graph can be obtained using the export feature on the informatics application.
The system has not earned FDA approval for sale in the USA, but Abbott hopes to eventually bring the Libre Flash stateside. Abbott Diabetes Care advises customers not to use any product if the packaging appears to have been disturbed in any way. Almost all test strips from these lots were on the stolen tractor-trailer and the remaining test strips from these lots are in Abbott's control.
Anyone who has information regarding this incident or has received suspicious or unsolicited offers for the product in question after June 19 is advised to contact the U.S. If customers have questions regarding these Abbott Diabetes Care products, please call 1-888-522-5226. Our physician editors lead a team of physicians, allied health professionals, medical trainees, and mHealth analysts in providing reviews, research, and commentary of mobile medical technology. Our publication is heavily based on our own experiences in the hospital and clinic setting.

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