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If you enter a question in the form above, your information will be shared with the nearest authorized Zero Motorcycles dealer to ensure a quick and informative answer. Developed to aggressively take on urban environments while encouraging occasional detours to your favorite stretch of back country twisties, the Zero S integrates revolutionary technology with innovative motorcycle design.
The result is a high performance motorcycle with one of the lowest costs of ownership ever. Whether stealthily accelerating onto the highway or out of the turns, the Zero S is uniquely designed to deliver a sensation unlike any other on the road today. The 2013 Zero S is 93% more powerful, generates 62% more torque and yields 20% greater city range. Accompanying the stunning performance gains is a sleek new look, on-board storage, an improved rider interface and mobile device integration. Using a new optional accessory the Zero S can be charged to 95% at CHAdeMO charging stations in an hour or less.

New contemporary bodywork in the ‘tank’ section of the motorcycle now works in cooperation with a new two-up seat, frame and foot pegs to provide improved comfort and control. Since they're accomplices, the police separate them for questioning, and keep them from communicating. Then, imagine never needing to stop at a gas station or be burdened with any scheduled powertrain maintenance. Able to travel 137 mi (city), or 85 mi (highway), on a single charge, the Zero S is now the longest range production electric motorcycle in history. A detective visits each criminal, and tells them the following: "If neither of you spills the beans, you both get two years. This sequel is more twisted, more brutal and more memorable than that first volume, it's solidified Zero Escape as a series, and it's an experience I recommend to every gamer – if you're over 18, and if you've played 999 first. Offering a new level of personalization, the 2013 Zero S works with mobile devices, via Bluetooth.

If he clams up and you confess, you'll get one year and he'll do fifteen, but if you keep quiet and he gives it up, you'll do fifteen while he does one. Virtue's Last Reward builds an unforgettable story on the dilemma of a choice: Will you ally, or will you betray? Featuring Zero Motorcycles’ completely new Z-Force™ motor and high-voltage power system, the Zero S delivers instant acceleration that is both impressive and incredibly smooth. This allows riders to view a customizable dashboard of detailed riding information and adjust the performance characteristics of the motorcycle. The sophisticatedly simple, zero-shifting, zero-clutching direct drive powertrain operates with such high efficiency that it requires no mechanical cooling systems whatsoever.

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