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The REACTION project is a 4-year research project funded by the European Commission as part of the 7th Framework Programme’s objective on Personal Health Systems. The top layer contributes in building, modifying, deploying and featuring very effective applications.
In-JeT’s role in the project In-JeT’s role in the REACTION project is to lead the requirement engineering process and, with Jesper Thestrup as Vision Owner and Chair of the Technical Board, to secure that the technical implementations align with the overall conceptual vision of the project. Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus You need to make sure that you are able to control your blood sugar, and part of controlling the blood sugar stars with your diet.
Table 1 —list of diabetes prevalence studies by country of study giving sample size, agegroup, and the countries to which the data were extrapolated. Diabetes and pn eumonia: get the facts did you know that a pneumococcal (newmokockal) shot (or pneumonia shot) can be a lifesaver if you have diabetes?. National center for chronic disease prevention and health promotion division of diabetes translation fast facts on diabetes cs217080a national diabetes fact sheet. Diabetes and pn eumonia: get the facts did you know that a pneumococcal (new-mo-koc-kal) shot (or pneumonia shot) can be a lifesaver if you have diabetes?. National center for chronic disease prevention and health promotion division of diabetes translation. 34 diabetes: australian facts 2008 introduction diabetes can result in a range of short- and long-term complications which are the major causes of associated. The project aims at improving long-term management of diabetes by providing a professional service platform for healthcare professionals, patients and carers.
At the service layer, applications are translated into service components where each workflow consists of a series of services.
As Dissemination Manager In-JeT is responsible for coordinating dissemination and exploitation activities. The pancreas produces the insulin hormone, and when there is a problem with the creation of the insulin or the body has a problem in the pancreas, diabetes often rears its head. You need to be eating healthy, and you need to have a blood glucose monitor that checks your blood sugar levels and ensures that they are at the right level.

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The ambition of the REACTION project is to develop an intelligent ICT (Information & Communication Technology) platform with monitoring and feedback services that can assist healthcare professionals, informal carers and patients in managing diabetes insulin treatment, help patients understand their disease, support self-management and offer a safe environment by monitoring potentially life-threatening situations.
The services are structured and implemented by XML schemas through a set of Web Service interfaces. For insulin-dependent diabetes patients algorithms for estimating the insulin dose needed to adjust for short-term variations in activity, diet and stress level will be implemented. In-JeT will also be instrumental in developing business models and cases, involved in mapping of relevant healthcare economics and assisting in training activities and development of some of the training material.
Many people who are unable to produce insulin need to take injections so their body is able to process the food and digest properly. The platform will incorporate wearable, continuous blood glucose monitoring sensors, and for insulin-dependent patients, automated closed-loop delivery of insulin. The data management subset is basically a runtime environment that transforms data into information. Our experience from other projects in the healthcare domain will help bridge the gap between the clinical partners and the ICT specialists. Make sure that you get plenty of exercise, and follow any treatment regimen that your doctor prescribes. The platform will provide integrated management and therapy services, including self-management support, to diabetes patients in different healthcare regimes across Europe.
It also provides more advanced querying functionality hardcoded in specific Web Service methods. Together with partner CNET, In-JeT additionally contributes knowledge gained from the Hydra project. The media tends to take this type of research out of context, distort it, blow it out of proportions, or down right write inaccurate facts. I am hopeful that these results will be translatable into humans, hopefully in the not-too-distant future,” lead author Len Harrison said.

Type 1 disease is an autoimmune disorder characterised by diminished insulin production resulting from the loss of beta cells in the pancreas.
Disease management entails administration of insulin in combination with careful blood glucose monitoring.
Type 2 diabetes sufferers in contrast exhibit both reduced insulin production and resistance or reduced sensitivity to insulin.
Type 2 diabetes is very closely linked to the emerging epidemic of obesity and lifestyle, which is now a major cause of preventable health problems.
However, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 is that there is a way to prevent and in some instances reverse Type 2. Though the incidence in the rest of the world is lower, the expected growth rates are even higher. On a global scale the number of diabetes sufferers is predicted to rise from 194 million in 2003 to 333 million in 2025. Type 2 diabetic patients are typically over 50 years old with additional health problems, especially cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Management principally involves the adjustment of diet and exercise level and the use of oral anti-diabetic drugs (OADs) and insulin to control blood sugar. Hence, self-management of diabetes is an area that offers exceptionally good prospects, both in clinical terms and in economical terms.
This will be entirely in line with present trends in chronic care towards patient empowerment, personalised care plans and 90 - 95% self-management.
Some of the LinkSmart components can be reused directly, others must be modified, and some must be developed specifically for REACTION.

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