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Introduction (Cont’d)In Figure 6, you can see the top panel from Element S, which features a 230 mm fan. On the top panel we have the traditional audio and USB connectors, and this case comes with one eSATA port, which is great.
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Element S (VK6000) – это качественный компьютерный корпус класса «mid-tower» от компании Thermaltake, выполненный из стали. The Disk Drive Bays (Cont’d )After you insert the hard disk drive to a bay, the screw installed on its last hole will be used to lock the drive to the bay through a plastic latch (see Figure 16). We were really impressed by the quality of the material used both inside and outside this case. All fans that come with this case have only two wires and use standard peripheral power plugs, so you can’t monitor their speed.
The hard disk drive cage can be removed from the case to make it easier for you to install several hard disk drives.

Even though the mechanism used to install hard disk drives isn’t screwless, it is a very good one. What immediately caught our eye was the fact that it is painted black, giving it a very good appearance. He started his online career in 1996, when he launched Clube do Hardware, which is one of the oldest and largest websites about technology in Brazil.
The hard disk drive will be very tight on the bay, but if you want you can add a screw to the last hole on the right side of the drive (Figure 17). We also liked the very serious look from this case, making it a product that will please the eyes from both enthusiast and professional users.
The bottom six covers are used only for aesthetic reasons and also to improve the internal airflow, as all covers are meshed featuring dust filters, which is terrific. This case comes with one 120 mm frontal fan (1,300 rpm) and a space for installing another 120 mm fan, which doesn’t come with the product. A case with this construction quality deserved one FireWire port and two extra USB ports, in our opinion.

One bay is available on the top part of the panel and the other is available right below it, upside down. Notice that on the left side of the hard disk drive you need to install a screw to the first and last holes, but on the right side of the drive you need to use the first and middle holes. Each side panel is attached to the chassis using three black thumbscrews and there is space for installing two optional 60-mm fans above the expansion slots. Another interesting accessory that comes with this case is a cable holder for the mouse and keyboard cables, in order to prevent them from being stolen.

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