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Vindictus is the first physics-based F2P MMORPG that combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat. Recently, Riot Games revealed a new hero EEkko for their famous MOBA game League of Legends at MSI 2015.
As Warlords of Draenor approaches, more and more game-related contents started to be unveiled. According to the FatbossTV showed, Blizzard has made a big change for old world lower level dungeons in Warlords of Draenor.
Recently, the development team behind Vindictus unveiled a new developer diary for fans to introducing 5 upcoming heroes. Kiva: With vigorous posture, Kiva is a passionate fighter wearing a set of well-made metal knuckle.

Lu Zhang has ever participated in last year’s Blizzard Heroes Cosplay show, played as the female Monk of Diablo III. The game Vindictus takes place in the same setting used in Mabinogi, but is placed chronologically several hundred years prior to the first game during a period of war and strife. It will support cross-platform, browser gamers and Android gamers will be able to battle against each other on the same server.
I've also included some tips on fighting the monster and a weakness analysis of the monster so as to help new hunters to better understand the monsters in the game. As contains violent action with blades and axes against human beings along with red blood effect, it was rated the adult. And in this year’s ChinaJoy, Hao Lu is going to dress up the set to participate in the Cosplay competition.

It is worth mentioning that Rage Winterchill Cosplay is also the first appearance in the world. Note that there may be missing drops and not all monsters are added yet (for this post, only monsters from level 1 - 40).
Of course, except for the violent contents, the half-naked characters are also not suitable for young children. After intense preliminary contests, 16 Cosplayers, as follow, got the chance to China final in this year’s ChinaJoy, which will be held in ShangHai during July 31th to August 3rd, 2014.

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