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The Samsung Galaxy S3 managed to generate a lot of hype before and after its announcement thanks to a great spec sheet along with a slew of new features. On the left side is the volume rocker placed almost-perfectly for your left thumb or right middle finger, depending on which hand you hold the phone with.
Around back, at the top-middle is the camera, with the LED flash to the left of it and the speaker to the right. On the front, above the screen, is a multi-coloured notification LED, speaker, some sensors, and the front facing camera. Samsung has decided to stick with their old configuration of hardware buttons instead of going for software buttons, or changing to the more Android 4.0-friendly (Ice Cream Sandwich and henceforth ICS) layout like HTC has with the One X, which is a shame.
For one, the Menu button isn’t always useful in ICS and is, as demonstrated by the One X, unnecessary. The S3 packs the Exynos 4212 Quad chipset, with a 1.4GHz quad-core Cortex A9 CPU and a Mali-400MP GPU. In our benchmarking tests, the S3 did very well, but failed to topple the HTC One X as the reigning champion. As can be expected from a Super AMOLED, the colours are bright and vibrant, while blacks are deep.
Up to 10 touch points can be detected, and touches and gestures were recognised with ease and few issues. The bundled headphones were good, but ours sounded a little hollow and the left earphone sat a bit loose and had a tendency to fall out when we moved around. The Galaxy S3 has an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera capable of taking 3264×2448 still shots and 1080p video recordings at 30fps.
Without beating around the bush, it takes amazing, high-detail photos and remarkably good videos.
As can be expected from a smartphone camera, it does suffer in low light, but the flash is bright enough to light up everything within a few metres of the phone.
The front side 1.9 megapixel camera can take 720p video at 30fps and is great for video calling, though it does suffer from noise in anything except brightly lit situations.
In our video looping test (720p video at 65% brightness with WiFi and sync on) it managed to get around 6 hours before crying for its charger. To say that there are lots of changes and additions to the software on the Galaxy S3 is probably understating it.
A second problem is that the rippling water effect can be laggy at times, which is not a good way to start off a person’s interaction with the device. The home screen has been customised to include up to seven screens, while the “Apps” launcher icon has been moved to the right of the bottom dock (which retains the ability to place any four icons or folders on it), and Samsung has seen fit to replace the default ICS folders with their own implementation of ugly manilla folders. The launcher adds the ability to manually sort your apps (over just sorting them alphabetically) and also allows you to add folders to the launcher.
The notifications pulldown has been customised to include the quick settings we’ve come to expect from TouchWiz. One of the more useful “Smart” features, is “Smart stay”, which disables the screen timeout if it detects that you’re still looking at the screen.
Naturally, Samsung have made changes to the stock applications, and even added some of their own. Samsung have removed the stock calendar app and added their own, though instead of naming it something sensible, like “Calendar”, they’ve called it S Planner.
Our review would be incomplete without at least mentioning S Voice – a feature which many are calling “Samsung’s Siri competitor”.
S Voice’s recognition is good – it managed to make sense of some complicated queries, set alarms, and even opened up Google Navigation when asked to navigate somewhere, but there were occasions where we had to switch to a bad American accent for it to understand us. The Galaxy S3 is available on a number of contracts, and carries a standalone RRP of R7,999, though prices are understood to be significantly lower.
I have no doubt that the Galaxy S3 will sell well and that many people will be very happy with it.
The Federal Communications Commission has a plan to bring much-needed competition and consumer choice to the market for set-top boxes and television-viewing apps – but major entertainment companies are trying to derail this effort.

Smartphones are a status symbol for many people, but owning the top phone does not come cheap. The world’s first public website went live 25 years ago, with 6 August marking its quarter-century anniversary.
Just as Galaxy S5 pre-orders begin on major US carriers, we’re finally starting to see official software builds from the device arrive. Ready for a Samsung Galaxy S4  system dump and a chance to play with all of the goodies it contains?
After the Galaxy SIII’s S Voice leaked over the weekend, user experiences were quickly halted as the servers that powered the service seemed to have been shut down or blocked. An initial test version of S Voice which was found online has been blocked as Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version. After enjoying Samsung’s new S Voice service that had been pulled from the Galaxy SIII, users started to notice a network error appear often enough to assume that Samsung had blocked the service.
The S Voice app from the Galaxy SIII is available for any rooted device running Ice Cream Sandwich to try at this time, thanks to a leaked full ROM from yesterday.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. I’ve mentioned before that I prefer having the jack on the bottom, but let’s not make mountains out of molehills. It’s raised enough for you to easily find it and has a soft, but satisfying click when pressed. It doesn’t strike us as the best candidate for the job of protecting the delicate internals and it was a little overly fond of collecting micro scratches, fingerprints, and scuff marks. For another, pressing and holding the Home button to trigger the multitasking list feels slow and clunky when compared to the implementation on the Galaxy Nexus. Putting aside the arguments for and against the Pentile display for the moment, it is a great screen. It happened on more than one occasion that we thought it hadn’t detected the press, pressed the button again, and then irately watched as the screen flashed on and off.
One other complaint about the home screen is that it reloads often when returning to it from within an app.
One other nifty feature we came across is that when headphones are plugged in, a quick menu pops up in the notification pulldown giving you access to some apps that may be useful, such as the music or video player. For those who put their phones face down or have them in their pockets, meaning that they won’t be able to see the flashing LED, there’s “Smart Alert”, which vibrates when you pick it up if you have missed notifications. In stock ICS, when you click on the “Tabs” icon, you are presented with a scrollable vertical list of tabs that can be closed with a swipe (similar to the multi-tasking menu). Swipe input is still available, but it has to be activated manually in the keyboard settings (check “Continuous Input”) and it doesn’t seem to always work. However, when asked questions like “What is the best smartphone”, it gave a message that it didn’t understand the query. They’ve bundled so many extra features with the Galaxy S3 that just about everyone will find something useful, but unfortunately the rest of it will most like range from pointless to annoying.
Samsung have clearly put a lot of work into bringing a number of great features to the Galaxy S3, but there are also a number of issues.
I also have no problems with recommending the Galaxy S3 as one of your top considerations for your next smartphone. Aber: Auch wenn ihr euch fur Google Now entscheidet, ist S-Voice immer noch im System verankert. The folks over at SamMobile received one and have already begun pulling out apps for you to install.
I’ll admit that they are probably more useful than 3D was, but how many people are going to find something like this useful on a daily or even hourly basis?
For me personally though, I’m still struggling to find a way to fit it into my daily schedule, however, over time it could grow on me (assuming Samsung has plans to add in sports, movie and restaurant features). Developers over at XDA are on a mission to do just that, and with the release of these overlay files, I think they have completed the task.

Some guessed that Samsung was behind it and sure enough today, they admitted that they were. When the product is launched, users of GALAXY S III will be able to fully experience S Voice. Usually these leaked ROMs are indeed test builds, so it’s hard to argue with that reasoning. If you were running into this issue and can’t live without S Voice on your phone, there are a couple of fixes out there for you to try. For those not familiar, this is Samsung’s attempt to put a Siri-like voice-actions system on their newest flagship device.
Doch nach der anfanglichen Euphorie kam dann die Ernuchterung, denn plotzlich antwortet S-Voice nur noch mit einem Netzwerk Fehler. Macht Samsung das, um den User keine Betaversion zu prasentieren oder um das Galaxy S3 exklusiv zu halten? Samsung have changed this to a scrollable horizontal list, ditched any swipe action, and added a “Close” button to the top right corner of each tab. One noticeably irritating change is that the punctuation selector in the bottom right displays a popup that stays open even after a punctuation mark has been selected.
Asking certain location questions, like “Where is the nearest petrol station” produced a result in New York. Eine durchgehende Nutzung von Google Now, ohne Zwischendurch wieder auf S-Voice zu treffen, ist somit leider nicht moglich. First up is the newest version of S Voice, the Siri-like voice actions application that was first introduced with the Galaxy S3.
At this point, it’s only slightly better than some of the Android options and has a long way to go to become an ultra-powerful tool.
Once you flash the add-on files, you will have the sounds, wallpapers, applications, and other tidbits that seperate the SGSIII from every other phone on the planet. Doesn’t part of you think that they did it so that one of the exclusive features to the GS3 was preserved, though? Does it live up to the hype as being better than Siri or is it just another player in the game that already has too many? Und das ist wohl auch der wichtigste Satz, denn S-Voice ist eins der Hauptargumente fur den Kauf eines Galaxy S3.
At the bottom are four customisable icons that, when swiped, unlock the screen and directly launch the app. Mit einem kleinen Fix kann dieses Problem jetzt gelost und damit S-Voice vollstandig durch Google Now ersetzt werden.Der kleine Fix kommt ursprunglich aus dem XDA-Forum und sollte auf allen Samsung Galaxy S3 Geraten funktionieren bzw. You will be able to utilize S-Voice, S-Memos, and some other neat little things Samsung have developed.
But hey, if you like talking to your phone and found older versions of S Voice to be of use, feel free to give this new one a shot.
Auch wenn es dafur einen einfach Workaround gab, hat Samsung sich jetzt dennoch gemeldet und zugegeben, dass sie tatsachlich den Service blockieren. Das ist eigentlich auch nur ein logischer Schritt von Samsung, denn wenn die Masse merkt, dass man fur das Feature eigentlich gar kein neues Telefon braucht, konnten die Verkaufszahlen schlechter ausfallen. Das Prozedere ist auch recht einfach in drei Schritten erledigt, setzt allerdings Root-Zugriff und einen entsprechenden Dateibrowser voraus.Zunachst muss Google now installiert und aktiviert werden. Danach werden schlie?lich alle Instanzen, die eigentlich S-Voice nutzen durch Google Now ersetzt. Zum Aufruf von Google Now kann dann noch die App „home2 shortcut“ installiert werden, danach reicht ein Doppelklick auf den Home-Button um Google Now zu starten.Alle weitere Details um S-Voice durch Google Now zu ersetzen findet ihr hier im passenden XDA-Thread.Was nutzt ihr lieber auf eurem Galaxy S3?

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