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The Riviera Maya Is Safe, Spotless, and Eco-ConsciousAlthough Quintana Roo is Mexico's most prosperous state, the Riviera Maya feels sleepy. Riviera Maya Luxury Travelers Have Many Marvelous Hotels to Choose FromThe Riviera Maya is not a one-size-fits-all destination. Most Riviera Maya hotel guests stay at their resorts, which are designed to furnish complete vacations. The Riviera Maya Was the Most Sacred Part of the Mayan EmpireMayan traditions and pride thrive on the Riviera Maya, the heart of the Mayan Empire. Great Golf on the Riviera MayaThe region has become known for its lushly green and challenging Riviera Maya championship golf courses, where resident iguanas silently appraise players' swings.

These days, Riviera Maya visitors plan their vacations not just around the weather but around the region's annual festivals. But hotel guests who venture beyond their resort gates will find a range of interesting local activities.
It refers to a flaming cocktail, and you should try it!But the Mayans are most celebrated for their spectacular constructions.
Riviera Maya restaurant meals are ultra-fresh and lovingly prepared, and hotel spa treatments are deservedly renowned.
Riviera Maya visitors can undertake tours of local Mayan temples such as Coba and the closer Tulum.

This reef runs hundreds of miles down the Caribbean coast all the way down past the Mexican border, into Belize, down to Honduras.

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